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abundant stock, strong production capacity,

Deligent and experienced workers--Well-finished products

Expanding R & D department--Cutomized products and packing

Strict and programmed pre-shipping checks--Only qualified products can be shipped out

Fast shipping, overnight express available in U.S

Considerate after sales service to end users

Responsible reselling status tracking-- Dedicated to wholesalers business developing

Nadula, the combination of natural, durable and luxurious, demonstrates our ultimate principle is to provide natural, durable and luxurious hair products to each of our customers at reasonable price. Nadula is located in Xuchang, China, the largest human hair manufacture center in the world with modern and with diverse transportation convenience. Besides, established in 2003, 14 years time not only enriches Nadula's experience and scale in human hair manufacture and export, but also consolidate Nadula's enthusiasm for hair beauty industry and sense of responsibility for every Nadula hair products end consumers and distributors. All of these guarantee Nadula's possibility of trust-able high quality, strong production capacity, short lead time, fast delivery and lower price.

Factory direct

  1. 10s of years hair manufacturing experience, abundant stock, strong production capacity,
  2. Factory to customer, no middle charge but exw price
  3. Strict quality control, unqualified products can't get out of the workshop
  4. Exclusive benefits to wholesale buyers, customized products; customized packing; exclusive price


 Customer first

  1. Quality keeps the first for ever and after
  2. Experienced & completed service team, gives you considerate answers and advice
  3. Fast & safe shipping, provide most reasonable shipping methods comprehensively considering price, speed and custom clearance
  4. Cooperative spirit, a supportative hand is always here for you to work on your business bloom

 Wholesale process

 Nadula hair is commited to provide the most cost-effective natural root-to-tip human hair products  to everyone all over the world.

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