Each hair type and texture has its own unique annoyances. Those with thin hair crave more volume. Those with curly hair have always struggled with frizz. And for those with a full head of hair, a nice cut may prove harder to achieve. People always have a bad feeling about thick hair, especially in summer. So what's the best hairstyle for thick hair? Can girls with thick hair have a short haircut? Don't worry, I'll give you the answer you want.

What is the best hairstyle for thick hair?

Do you get bored with the maintenance your long, thick hair requires every once in a while? So why not retire your thick hair and replace it with something a little comfortable? According to my research, a short hairstyle is the best choice for women who with thick hair. One of the best parts of having short hair is how fast it styles time! After the shower, the hair dries instantly, and it is very smooth, I'm sure it won't knot. If you like makeup, the short hairstyle will highlight your face. the short hairstyle will highlight your face.
To be honest, Do you know your hair type? Someone may ask: How do you know your hair type? Thick or thin? If you have the following questions, believe me, you probably have thick hair.
• You need to unclog the shower drain frequently because when you wash your hair or brush your hair in front of the mirror, you lose a lot of hair, and often too much hair builds up.
• Your combs often break because they cannot withstand the force of your hair.
• You need to buy shampoo and conditioner usually because they burn off so quickly.
• If you don't dry your hair in time, your hair won't dry for a long time.
• You can use your lost hair to knit an opinion sweater.
• If you don't have a hair dryer, your hair will freeze in winter.

If you don't have a hair dryer, your hair will freeze in winter.

How to deal with thick hair?

The trouble with thick hair is that sometimes it's so much you don't even know what to do with it. If you can't seem to control your hair. There are several ways to handle your thick hair well.

1. Trim your hair regularly

Trim your hair regularly

If you were born with thick hair and you feel heavy in the head, ask your hairdresser to take some of the weight off. You can also choose a design, such as a pixie cut, curly bob, and so on.

2. Use hair products wisely

Use hair products wisely

Avoid using sulfate products, which can leave a buildup on your hair and make it heavier. There is a product that will add volume to your hair and promote the growth of your hair, but you mustn't use it.

3. Braid your hair regularly

Braid your hair regularly

If your hair is too heavy, just braid it! Braids look amazing on thick hair, so make this style as your first choice when your hair is really giving you trouble.

4. Cut your wash time

Cut your wash time

It's no secret that healthy hair is easier to manage than damaged hair. But how can you achieve healthy hair in the first place? Firstly, cut your wash time, daily shampooing can cause you to lose health and dry out your hair. Try to leave at least a day between shampoos, this will make it easier for your hair to work.

What is the best short hairstyle for thick hair?

Should people with thick hair only try long hair? Of course, is not. The best styles for thick hair include pixie cuts, curly bobs, and so on. Next, I will introduce you to the popular short hairstyles for thick hair.

1. An undercut bob

Shorter styles tend to look uncomfortable if you have thick hair, but an undercut bob is a great way to remove weight and volume. An undercut bob gives you the option to wear a shorter look that works well for most face shapes but sometimes accentuates a round face.

2. Pixie cut for thick curly hair

Pixie hair is a great way to tame your thick hair. The pixie cut means that your thick hair will easily sit where they naturally fall, without getting all over the place. We know that short hair can be especially tricky when you have a full head of hair, however, the key to achieving this look is layers.

3. An a-line shape

This hairstyle is usually short in the back and long in the front. Even with an overall shorter cut, longer hair at the front doesn't look overly bloated, and it works especially well for round and square faces because it elongates the face and neck.

4. Short shaggy hairstyles for thick hair

Thick hair is very good because it makes the hair look rich and complete. However, it can also be challenging in style and can feel heavy and bulky. A good way to eliminate this is to choose a layered hairstyle, such as a bouffant hairstyle. Shaggy hair is defined by layers that maintain thickness on top of the head but are thin in the finish. It is incredibly versatile and great for providing hair movement. It's also great for women of all ages.
Don't let thick hair stop you from fashion, I hope you can have a wonderful hairstyle through my tutorial.