Are you looking for an elegant wig for summer and autumn? And it can make you stand out from the crowd, easy to install, save time and effort, then this gorgeous blonde highlight wig is definitely suitable for you. Read on to find out what it's all about.

1. What Does The Gorgeous Blonde Highlight Wig Look Like?

Welcome back guys, so I'm here with the Nadula here once more guys, you can see this is everything that I got. I got this cute little box before we get to the box. I got this cute little bag, like how cute is this, this is gonna come in so handy to be like storage and it's branded Nadula as you can see, so I really love that. And then let's get into the box to see what we're working with today. The first thing I'm seeing is the goodie bag, and I got a pair of wig caps, HD wig caps, a elastic band, a pair of lashes and a brush, I also got this little thing here, place this branded Nadula drawstring bag in the box and then is the beautiful highlight human hair wig and a nadula branded elastic band, it's perfect for melting in these once you apply it.

This is the gorgeous highlighted curly wig, so gorgeous, it's a 13x4 lace front wig and it's medium brown on the lace, so this is a 13x4 as I said transparent lace front wig, the hair is 22 inches long, 22 inches when stretched, and it's highlighted, this is some Brazilian curly hair.

blonde highlight curly wig

I love the highlighted portions, like the color job, it is really nice, and the fact that it's curly, it's a nice curly texture, it's gorgeous, love that now in the front it comes nicely pre-plucked. The hair feels very silky and soft, so I love that, and the construction of the cap looks like great, it's a total of three combs, two are on the sides and one in the back, and adjustable straps as well in the back of the cap, they also added some adjustable straps on the inside for more security, if you need it you can also remove it, if you don't want it, to be in the cap. You know this is gorgeous guys, so now that I show you guys how the wig looks. It's very full by the way, very nice and full, very realistic luster, and I love the curl definition a lot, so now that I've showed you guys what we're working with and jump into installing it.

2. How To Install The Blonde Highlight Curly Human Hair Wig?

The wig looks so good, I love this voluminous curly vibe, it's really pretty. So all right I need to cut some extra lace on the sides because we need this, like have to be sitting comfortably on the head, so this is giving the perfect glueless style, and how nice the cap is, because I do have a lot of security on the inside of the cap and I love that. And I'm gonna go ahead and just cut off the entire portion where there's no hair on the lace, so I'm just taking my time to do this. That's how that looks, so what I really want to go in and do is secure the sides and I know you're seeing a little bit of castlines, but nothing, a little powder can take care of. So that's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna make sure that the sides are not flubbing like this, but it looks so good. This is how we're looking, it's still very much cooler, next I'm gonna go ahead and take some of my face powder to kind of just eliminate the casty to eliminate the cast, and the very front of the lace.

jerry curly highlight wig

To me, there is something about this. I just love the messy like curly vibe is giving Beyonce's and you see November here is needed, it looks so good, I love the volume on this wig, the goods were really nice, flip over vibe with this is so nice. Look at that, no baby hairs, no soups like and it's glueless, I made it completely viewless.

3. The Gorgeous Wet State Hair Look and Real Review

I'm also want to show you guys this in its wet state actually, I'm definitely gonna just go ahead and wait it up a little bit. So I still want it to be able to get back the same level of volume pretty easily, so I'm gonna just Spritz it with water and brush it out so you guys can see the curls even more defined and by the way I forgot to specify but this is actually a Jerry curly texture. There is I'm getting minimal shedding from the wig, just so you know what let me chilling on is minimal. So this is how it looks, wet is still very voluminous in comparison to the side that's dry, so I'm just gonna go ahead get the next side wet and then I'll come back you see how good this looks.

wet hair style

This is it after I have Spritz it with water, it looks so good, you see how nice and defined and full these curls are, the highlighted portions really added a pop to the entire look, let me know what you guys think. I made the part in a little bit more precise, and I'm loving it, very nice and voluminous and juicy curls, so Nadula did their thing, the front is really nicely pre-plucked and the fact that I didn't have to do any baby hairs or anything, really nice and as well glueless. This was a gorgeous glueless install, this is my wig look for today, let me know how you guys could have bought it, very convenient, very easy install is giving.


gorgeous jerry curly wig

I love how they added combs elastic band adjustable straps in the back of the cap and it's all just really helps with the security even more, that's a plus. That's it for today's wig look, if you're interested in getting this wig for yourself, click here to get all the specifications, check it out and get it.

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