Summer is always best matched with cool hairstyles, which remind us of summer short bob hairstyles. The simple and clean look is very suitable for a cool spring and hot summer. Let's take a look at how this Internet celebrity installed summer short bob and her real evaluation.

Hey love guys, today we'll be doing a start-to-finish beginner-friendly install. We're rocking with Nadula today, and they sent this gorgeous Bob over. So if you're interested in all of it, keep on reading. So for starters, I'll show you all the packaging in this box and leave a nice quick motivational situation. I wanted to share it with you, this is the wig straight out of the box and as you guys can see she looks so good, she's nice and healthy. This is a 100% human hair super soft lace wig, it's 10 inches and we are working with a 13 x 4 lace wig. So this is what she looks like, and that elastic band is definitely giving us a little extra support.

1. Remove The Excess Lace And Thin Out The Hairline

I'm gonna pull the hair back and begin the process of removing the excess lace. I'm going to start with the lace around the ears, and I'm also just trying to find the perfect location for my wig to sit. you can bring it forward, you can move it back, that is the beauty of wigs, you can really do whatever you like. So before we bond the wig down or even remove the rest of the lace, let's go thin out the hairline. I highly recommend that you always customize your wigs to your liking, whether it be plucking or tweezing the hairline, whether it be giving it a custom cut, bleaching the knots whatever you see fit. I highly recommend you do so. I just wanted to open up the hairline just a little bit more, I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to do baby hair at this point, but I just knew I wanted the hairline to be super snatched.

2. Melt The Lace Into Skin

Now I'm going to begin the process of bonding the wig down, I'm going to use the yellow jar, I'm gonna apply a generous amount around the entire hairline and secure that with my melt belt, and then allow that to air dry.

3. Use A Hot Comb To Style Hair

While we work on the rest of the hair. Next, we're doing in the dynamic duo, I love to use a good wag stick around my parting, this is just going to help to flatten the lace, especially when you pair it with a hot tool, like a hot comb. And I have it on a 500-degree setting, which is very very hot. I highly recommend that you do this process before you even bond the wig down. You can remove the wig and put it on a wig head, and that will make it a lot easier to just really really press and get in there with that heat, and it definitely won't burn you. It's just a lot more safe that way if you do do this, I highly recommend also using a heat protectant to protect your hair. Of course, this is a wig, so you can get away with adding heat. Next, we're ready to remove the melt belt. I blow dry the hair in a cool setting just to help it dry a little bit faster, because of course, the customization and styling process was very fast, so I didn't give it enough time to dry naturally. I love the lace on this one again, I did go ahead and tweeze out the hairline. Once you remove the lace, you go in with a nice light layer of that same product and this is just going to make sure that wherever you cut the lace is also still bonded down, and we went ahead and fixed that to make sure it's perfect.

4. Make The Baby Hair

This is my favorite type of baby hair. I use the arch of my eyebrow and Beyond as my marker because I don't want baby hair too close together. And I find this little indent was the perfect section. I section out the hair, I wanted to use, and then I went in and just pressed out that hairline really well. I want it to be really straight, really neat, really sleek, and slick down, for a really good like growing out of the scalp. now I'm going to curl the baby hair, you will with a pencil flat iron away from my face, and then I'm going to add a little bit of edge control at the base, you don't want to apply it all the way throughout if you want it to be wispy. Then I decided to cut it down, a little bit more for a perfect look. Then we just swoop, it was very simple and easy to do. The hot comb definitely helps to make sure the area around the baby hair is flawless.

short bob wig


Look, how flat the hairline looks and it's just like really really melted and blended in, so I really love that for me, and it just shows how great Nadula hair is! I'm going into tint delays, and I'm just using a foundation powder and a shade similar to my complexion. I believe this one is a little bit darker, but close enough. I like it to go darker versus lighter. Obviously, we like it to be a little bit more cool tone, you never want to use something. Then we went in with a concealer along the parting, this is really really gonna make it pop and we're pretty much done. I love the way it came out, I love the length, and the texture, everything about this one was amazing. Bobs are perfect for the spring and summer seasons, I personally love them all year around though. And then this is the packaging I wanted to show you, this is a robe and a melt belt and as well as the dust bag, and then they give us this goodie pack that has all kind of goodies, like your melt belt, the little brush, wig caps, all of the above and don't forget those lashes in there. This one comes in 130% density or 150%, you can get it as a T part or a 13x4 lace wig. If you want to get it, click here to buy it, or click nadula hair to find more affordable wigs.