Many girls own more than one wig, how do you store them when you have a collection of wonderful wigs that you like? Do you know what is the best way to store human hair wigs? Storing your wig is absolutely key to maintaining its longevity.  

The last step is can not be ignored, or you will likely lose all your efforts in caring for wigs in the early stage. Wigs that haven't been stored correctly are more likely to become tangled, dry, and dull. Therefore, whether you wear a wig because of hair loss or maybe you just want to try a new look; to keep your wig in tip-top condition its important to know how to store your wigs. Nadula will tell you some best ways to store wigs in this blog.

How To Store Your Wigs?

Whether it is a human hair wig or a synthetic wig, the storage methods are the same. You can decide how to store them based on the number and usage frequency of your wigs, and the amount of available storage space you have. In the following part, we will provide you with several storage methods.

1. Wig Heads

Wig heads are definitely one of the best ways to store your wigs, which can help maintain the original shape and style of the wigs, thereby avoiding tangles. In addition, it is also more convenient for you to choose and take. In the morning when you are in a hurry to go out, you can quickly scan the wig heads on display to choose the one you most want to wear today.

The choice of the type of wig head can be based on your personal preferences, such as portable options, cork and canvas heads, and classic styrofoam mannequins. At the same time, you can decide to get how many wig heads according to your available space. You can only put some of your favorite and frequently used wigs on the wig heads.

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2. Silk Or Satin Bags

If you have many wigs and do not have enough space to put so many wig heads in your room, here is another way to store wigs, which can save you a lot of space, that is, put your wigs in silk or satin bags. This is a great way to keep your wigs soft and hydrated, as well as prevent static and tangles in the long run..

Affordable silk or satin bags can be easily found online. At the same time, if you are planning to travel, it will definitely be the best way to store your wigs during the travel, which will save much space for your suitcase.


3. Shoe Boxes

Make sure your wig is completely dry, then use a comb to remove all tangles and knots. After that, you can put it on a shoebox lined with soft tissue paper. If you don't have a shoebox at home, there are many other alternatives. You can put your wig in the original packaging if you have still kept it. A suitable airtight plastic container and other clean plastic zip or grip lock bags are OK.


Some Storing Tips For You

After learning how to store your wigs, we have some small tips for you to store your wigs better.

1. Wash Your Wig Before Storing

To prolong the lifespan of your wigs, you should take care of your wigs as your natural hair. Typically, we wear a wig for many days, and by the time we take them off, they've got a lot of dust and grease. Therefore, it is essential to wash your wig before putting it away. Make sure they're clean before storing so that they won't get moldy because of bacteria and dust buildup.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Store your wig in a cool and dry place. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause wigs to fade and be damaged. Also, be sure to store your wig away from curious children or pets. Your delicate wigs can be easily damaged.

3. Ensure Wigs Are Completely Dry

When washing your wig, be sure to wash off any hair care products and allow the wig to air dry thoroughly. Storing damp wigs encourages the growth of bacteria that can make your wigs moldy.

4. Organize Wigs According To Color And Usage Frequency

I believe most women own more than one wig. In order to better store your wigs, you can also tag each wig based on length, color, and style, and then organize the wigs according to color and usage frequency for easy access. You can also put the wigs you wear regularly on the wig heads and put the rest in the silk bags, which also maximizes storage space.


After purchasing a wig, you want to make sure you can wear it for a long time so in-between you have to store your wig correctly. Actually, storing your wig is a super easy and super necessary step for keeping your wigs soft, hydrated, and tangle-free. Today we share some methods and tips for you to store your wigs. Do you know other methods of storing wigs? If you have something more to share, add your comments. And if you like ours, share it!