In summer, a great short cut hairstyle looks cool as you will not have hair on your shoulders. And it is easy to take care of in daily life. Yes, there are so many positive to short hair. For many women, especially for the black girls, The short black bob wigs can change the style and vibe completely in several minutes. That is also the reason why so many African American women are trying to shop wigs online.

Here at, we are fans of short bob wigs. Wear them sleek, sophisticated, textured, tousled, or whichever way you like! Short wigs are perfect for any age with layers that compliment any face shape. So, let's break down our favorite short styles. Now we are introducing you 3 short black bob wigs that are hot-selling recently.

short bob wig

1. Classic black bob wigs human hair

The black bob wig human hair are classic styles that have been coming into our life these years, you haven’t tried it, yet, it is a pity. There are so many superstars and celebrities have tried it when you pay attention to them. The black bob cut wig is made of 100% Remy human hair and with front lace cap or full lace cap. Lace wigs are suitable for summer because they are breathable and light. And with real human hair texture, no one will know you are wearing a lace wig as it can blend well with your natural hair. The color is natural black and you can dye it by yourself if you want any other colors.

short black bob wigs

Customer Reviews:

Beautiful wig the hair is soft in looks like my natural hair. I'll be right back when I get them up. Thank you seller

REVIEW BY N*****A / (POSTED ON 12/21/2020)

Very fine. worth the amount. I highly recommend this seller and the hair.

REVIEW BY K***** / (POSTED ON 12/18/2020)

2. black bob wig with bangs

This black bob wig is designed with bangs. Bob with bangs is popular recently as it can make you look younger, lovely, and fashionable. It has pre-plucked the hairline. We have different densities of black bob wig with fringe: 130%, 150%, and 180% density, and the different densities represent different thicknesses and volumes. The higher the density, the thicker the wig. This kind of human hair black bob wig with bangs is suitable for various face shapes.

black bob wig with bangs

Customer Reviews:

It's soft and seems Like good quality. Fast shipping!!!AND Communication with the seller is great!

REVIEW BY A*******E / (POSTED ON 5/31/2020)

Loved it. I have nothing negative to say about this wig, it was perfect. Very minimal shedding and full. Did cut the bang slightly so it wouldn't be in my eyes, but other than that I will be ordering again.

REVIEW BY L********S / (POSTED ON 5/30/2020)

I love the hair ️ No smell, no shedding! Great hair for a great price.

REVIEW BY J****************E / (POSTED ON 5/24/2020)

3. black curly bob wig

Jerry curly bob wigs for black women are very popular in African Americans. They like any length of Jerry curly hair, especially form the 10-20 inches. The curly bob wigs for black women are is from 8 inches to 14 inches, which is also called shoulder-length hair wig. It is also made of Remy hair that can hold the curls good. It is welcomed by most of the customers. Check the reviews below:

curly bob wigs for black women

Customer Reviews:

Excellent hair, soft and beautiful. Customer service. 100%. Good quality as well.

REVIEW BY F****E / (POSTED ON 4/29/2020)

How To Keep Your Black bob wigs looking fresh?

A timeless classic black bob wig highlights your best features and is one of the easiest styles to wear. Now, do you know how I keep your beautiful bob wigs in daily life? Keep reading and we will share with you methods of maintaining a human hair bob wig properly.

1.  Choose the right shampoo

1. It is important to choose the right shampoo, good quality shampoo can extend the life of our wigs and make them look fresh. Choose the special shampoo for real human hair wigs. This shampoo is usually mild and sulfate-free. Use it to clean our human hair bob wigs and protect them as well.

2. Good Condition

Also, to use good moisturizing wigs, our wigs are easy to dry, especially in spring and autumn, when we choose shampoo products, we must choose products with good moisturizing effect, take good care of our black bob wigs, it will also bring you surprises.

3. Wash with warm water

4. Besides, wash your wig with warm water regularly is very important. It brings us beauty and protects our hair. We need to take it seriously. We need to wash and nurse it regularly. The cleaning cycle is about 15 days to one month. Too frequent cleaning will do great harm to the wig also. Warm water is the best way to wash it so that it is cleaner and less harmful to the Remy hair wig.

5. Storing

If you don't wear it in the next 1-month o longer time, you’d better store it in boxes or directly in bags. If you don't have boxes, you can pack them in silk bags, which can also protect wigs. For curly and wavy hair wigs you need to fix these texture then package them.

No matter it is expensive or cheap black bob wig, it should me took good care to increase service life and keep fresh. Nadula has best real virgin human hair short bob wigs for sale.Just buy a short bob wig for yourself this summer to show a new image now.