Christmas is coming soon! It means the end of the year and the arrival of a new year. We are also about to usher in the holidays! Finally, we have the opportunity to put down my daily work and take a good rest! Many people choose to take this opportunity to go on vacation.

During the vacation, we still want to keep beautiful, so a wig is one of the essential items we need to carry. To help you solve some of the problems you may encounter during travel, What we are going to discuss today is how to travel with a wig.

How do I pack my wig for travel?

When we plan to travel with our wigs, the first thing we need to do is to package the wig properly. But how to pack a wig for travel will be a problem for the girls without experience.

If you don’t plan to take many things with you and there is enough space in your suitcase, you can consider putting your wigs into a storage box, which can help protect against knots and prevent your wig from being squeezed and deformed.

If you don’t have a wig travel case or enough space for a wig travel box, you can try to stuff the wig cap with scrunched-up tissue paper, which can support the wig cap and maintain the wig caps shape. Then you should detangle your wig and use a large hair net to catch the entire wig to limit tangling. For the last step, put your wig into a plastic bag (that will be better if you have a silk bag). Remember to keep some air in the bag and seal it up to prevent it from getting squished.

package wig

How Many Wigs to Package for a Travel?

Generally, it is up to the days of your vacation. If you just travel for one or two days, maybe you only need to pack a wig. But if you plan to go to a distant place for more than three days, then your wig is destined to spend a long time with you. I advise you to take at least two wigs.

Because you can change your style by wearing different wigs easily during travel. They can be used to match different styles of clothes, which can also save the time of styling your wigs. Besides, you have to prevent accidents. If your wig suffers the damage of rain, sun exposure, squeezing, or cracking, you have to change one. So to ensure that you can keep happy and beautiful during your holiday, at least 2 wigs should be taken with you.

What Tools to Take for Your Wigs?

As you know, wigs are delicate and easily damaged, so we have to care for them in our daily life. While when we are traveling, we will encounter more uncertain factors, so we should take care of it more carefully. We will list some necessities in the following part.

1. A portable wig stand

I believe it is not your first time using a wig. We often put a wig on a mannequin head to keep the wig cap shape. But it is too heavy and there is not enough space to take a mannequin head with us. A portable travel wig stand is a good option. You can put it in your suitcase.

When you arrive at your hotel, you can take out your wig stand and your wigs. You can put your wigs on it so that your wig can hold its shape and will not get creased or tangled, which is really a convenient and economical way to preserve your wig during travel.

portable wig stand

2. A small rat-tail comb and paddle brush

We always need combs to remove knots and detangle hair. A paddle brush can help you comb out any tangles in the hair. And a small rat-tail comb is a good tool to part and style hair.

A small rat-tail comb and paddle brush

3. Wig shampoo and conditioner

Remember to bring some wig shampoo and conditioner with you because your wig may get dirty or wet. Don't try to use the regular shampoo in the hotel. Harsh chemicals in regular shampoo and conditioners will cause irreversible damage to your wigs. I believe you don’t want your wigs to be throwaway but hope that they can be used for a longer time.

It is inconvenient to take the whole bottle of shampoo and conditioner. You can subpackage them in small bottles so that you can take them in your suitcase.

Wig shampoo and conditioner

4. A silk scarf or silk pillowcase

If you think it is too complex to take off your wigs before sleep, we advise you to take a silk scarf or a silk pillowcase to reduce friction on your wig and protect and retain the moisture in your hair while you’re sleeping.

A silk scarf or silk pillowcase

5. A flat or curly iron

When we go to travel, many new fashion hairstyle ideas may occur in your mind. Therefore, you can take a flat or curly iron to finish your hairstyles. Besides, if your hairstyle is not perfect enough after wearing it for a day, you can use it to get a new hairstyle.

Will I Have To Take Off My Wig For Airport Security?

NO! Actually, we all know that wigs are just like our clothes, generally, TSA security will not ask you to remove your wig. But to avoid the attention of the sensor, it is best to avoid wearing too many metal bobby pins under the wig.

If you are asked to take off your wig, you can tell them you need a private room so that you don’t have to take off it in public and feel stressed.


Today we mainly discuss some questions about how to travel with a wig, we hope this blog can help you solve your confusion. Wish you all a smooth and wonderful journey.