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Code: Last15 | Nadula 50% Off Kinky Straight Affordable U Part Human Hair Wigs
$79 $158
Sold:269+ Na*******ns Just Bought It

Yea I think this is my favorite one . It blended with my hair perfectly. There was very little shedding and it responded well to heat

Sold:269+ Ni*ki Just Bought It

It's a nice wig. Everyone thinks it's my hair which is what I want. It's not super kinky though, I have to flat iron my hair straight in order to blend it. I was hoping to just blow it out. The U-part section of the wig is a little to big for me, but so is the rest of the wig. I feel like they put too much hair in the back because it is especially thick.

Sold:269+ Oy***********po Just Bought It


Sold:269+ ne*******nt Just Bought It

Absolutely love it! I got it in 18 inches. I decided to cut some face framing layers in it and it looks like it’s my real hair! It is a tad bit big on me but I still works great.

Sold:269+ Ve************ae Just Bought It

Hair came super quick. It is extremely soft and blends beautifully with my relaxed hair. Flat irons beautifully and texture comes back when washed again. My head circumference is 21.5 and this fits only slightly big, not enough to complain about. Ends are very thin and had to to cut about an inch and a half but it was slightly over 18 inches ( what I ordered). Hate that it only comes in jet black and not that natural brown/black color. Still the best quality and cheapest wigs I have bought. Hardly tangles at all and literally no shedding! Idk how they do it! 1st and 2nd photo, washed and air dried, 3rd photo, flat ironed.

Sold:269+ ne****er Just Bought It


Sold:269+ ne****er Just Bought It

Long true to length

Sold:269+ ne****er Just Bought It

Very soft true to length washable

Sold:269+ ne****er Just Bought It


Code: Last15 | Nadula 50% Off Body Wave 6x4.5 And 7x5 Bye Bye Knots Put On and Go Wig Natural Hairline
Lace Type
$105 $210
Sold:596+ Ka********ns Just Bought It

best wig i’ve ever bought !!!! it’s true to length!!! the lace is really soft, natural looking. I’d buy again.

Sold:596+ Ce***** D Just Bought It

The hair is great ! I absolutely love it and it’s so soft and doesn’t tangle up at all ! It’s very much worth buying.

Sold:596+ Ch*ki Just Bought It

Great! This is really beautiful hair. Soft and silky and looks natural.

Sold:596+ El*****th Just Bought It

this glueless wig is TOP TIERRRR! 1000/10000. the knots don’t need to be bleached but for people who like the more scalp look go ahead and bleach it! go purchase this you won’t regret

Sold:596+ Na*******ns Just Bought It

Love the wig can’t wait to install!. Definitely great for a beginner like myself.

Sold:596+ Da*ra Just Bought It

The hair is so beautiful, and has so much volume, glueless wig is a game changer, definitely buy it you won’t regret

Sold:596+ Ja**********or Just Bought It

This hair is so soft! The shedding is minimum basically this became my everyday good wig , no kinks no tangles ! Will be buying again

Sold:596+ As*****T. Just Bought It

Looking for a glueless wig? You found IT! This hair is soft, thick, and does not need much manipulation to make it beautiful. Easy for beginners like myself to throw on and go. It’s easy to make them look natural and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of gluing it down I can’t wait to order another wig from this seller!

Sold:596+ Jo*******er Just Bought It

WOW!!!! Perfect for experts or beginners! Hope this helps some whos indecisive... JUST DO IT!

Sold:596+ Ad**an Just Bought It

I looooovvve this hair and will be ordering again. It’s soo soft and easy to manage. Holds curls real well.

Code: Last15 | Nadula 50% Off Piano Honey Blonde Body Wave 6x4.5 And 7x5 Lace Put on And Go Wig
Lace Type
$137 $274
Sold:162+ ne*******nt Just Bought It

Love it!!! Beautiful and soft! True to lengths

Sold:162+ An***********ao Just Bought It

Beautiful and that’s 3/22

Sold:162+ Na*******ns Just Bought It

Very satisfied

Sold:162+ Ha**es Just Bought It

I absolutely love love this hair, I got it really fast within a week even though it Was shipped out of China, it still made it here really fast.This HAIR Is Everything I Highly RECOMMEND Thanks SELLER For Always Communicating YOU'RE THE BEST!

Sold:162+ Pi*******is Just Bought It

HEY LADIES! I would most definitely recommend this hair i love it !! It’s soft the color is correct ! The seller was really good communicating i would most def recommend!

Sold:162+ F*****an Just Bought It

Very quick shipping and the quality is amazing.Very impressed with this wig, it’s soft and true to length!!I would 100% recommend this company. You won’t regret purchasing this lace front wig highlights human hair it so silky!

Sold:162+ Li*******ps Just Bought It

The wig is pretty and the hair quality is very good.I love the wig, the highlights are perfect and hair is extremely soft. This is my third time shopping with ur beauty hair,I’m happy with it I’ve had so many compliments on this wig.

Sold:162+ Du*****on Just Bought It

This wig is incredible that's exactly what I wanted. The parcel arrived in five days it was super fast I did not expect it, and the seller communicates a lot so thank you to him. Do not hesitate to order.

Sold:162+ Al*****er Just Bought It

I so love this wig. The hair is very soft and great quality, right length and right size, so beautiful.came really fast with shipping also would reccomend .Reallly really love the hair Definitely buying again.

Sold:162+ To*ps Just Bought It

This wig is 1,000% what it promised!Very happy with purchase. very little shedding, and true to length. I definitely will be buying more weeks from this seller.

Code: Last15 | Nadula 50% Off Kinky Straight T Part Wig Hand Tied Lace Wigs Pre-Plucked Natural Hairline
Lace Type
$79 $158
Sold:369+ Al************ee Just Bought It

I haven't had a kinky straight wig in so long and I'm glad I decided to get this one. The hair is so soft, easy to starighten and curl. The cap fits nice and snug even without the elastic band but i will be using the elastic band. And another thing I'm happy about is I don't have to worry about those annoying ear tabs that tend to irritate my ears. I will definitely be ordering again and trying other wigs by Nadula.

Sold:369+ ch***********ey Just Bought It

This yaki textured wig has been a game-changer for me. Its realistic texture and versatile styling make it a standout choice. The color and shine are stunning, and it feels incredibly natural. However, I did notice some shedding over time. Despite this, the wig's overall quality and appearance make it a worthwhile investment. It's transformed my look and boosted my confidence. Highly recommended!

Sold:369+ Ba*****la Just Bought It

I am absolutely out of words about the quality of this hair. When you read reviews you always have a bit of reservation until you buy the hair yourself. The hair is soft, and the quality is great and the supplier kept me up to date with the product. Delivery was very very quick. I must say this is the best hair I have bought. Definitely will be buying the hair again

Sold:369+ K*** Just Bought It

Everything was great with the hair it actually came a few days early I loved it and always look out for the discount codes! It looks great on everybody even a GUY like me!!

Sold:369+ Ma************at Just Bought It

I’ve never ordered a wig like this before, I’ve usually ordered 13x4 wigs. But this is my first 7x5 and I don’t think I’ll be going back to the others. I don’t have a big head, and most of those other wigs while very pretty always needed some heavy adjustments to fit correctly. But this one was actually SUPER easy and nearly glueless for me!! I put on the elastic band and it fits like a glove. I’m so Happy I could cry.

Sold:369+ Ta*******ls Just Bought It

"I recently purchased this unit online, and I must say, I'm absolutely delighted with my choice. The texture is simply beautiful, and it perfectly matches the product I had in mind. It not only looks fantastic but also feels incredibly soft and luxurious. This purchase has exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier. It's clear that the quality of this hair is top-notch, and it has instantly become my go-to choice for any future hair needs. Thank you for providing such an exceptional product!"

Sold:369+ Mo**************re Just Bought It

I purchased the Bye-Bye Knots Yaki Wave unit! I took this unit to my stylist for customization, my stylist did not have to bleach the knots nor pluck the hairline! This unit is exactly as described on the Nadula site! There are so many things that I love about this unit! I love that the Bye-Bye Knots units have invisible pre-bleached knots, the hairline is pre-plucked, the lace is pre-cut, I am so happy with this unit and can't wait to purchase another Bye-Bye Knots unit! I definitely give this baby a 10!

Sold:369+ Sa**********or Just Bought It

Hey everybody this was my 6th lace closure purchase from Nadula !! I absolutely love their wigs ! They’re so natural and comfortable! I started wearing them when I had my Brittany spears moment.

Sold:369+ Di*******es Just Bought It

This hair is so worth every penny very minimal shedding not so tangling and perfect and luxurious when styled correctly and the curls are so defined and tight will purchase again really good hair for every day I wish the density was high but overall perfect

Sold:369+ Ki********dd Just Bought It

My 1st wig purchase and I am very satisfied with this natural look. I loved the hair so much the lace was definitely very easy to melt and it blended very nicely the knots is invisible and the hair had no nasty smell no shedding would recommend 10/10!!

Code: Last15 | Nadula 50% Off Jerry Curly Pre-Cut Lace Wig Reddish Brown Color Deep Part Wig Pre Bleached
Lace Type
$127.81 $255.62
Sold:965+ ne*******nt Just Bought It

Loveeeee this wig

Sold:965+ Q*** Just Bought It

This is the most beautiful hair I've ever bought, it's actually the first wig I've ever bought! ...really worth all of you.. barely shedding, hair looks wet and dry, but personally I love big hair lollipops, btw One thing, the lace wasn't even laid, I just kept this wig for occasional awesomeness. I also only waited no more than 4 days! Absolutely shocked! ! ! recommend !

Sold:965+ J*** Just Bought It

This wig has become one of my faves. Ppl think its my real hair. You have to tweek a little. I cut layers and finger coiled mine.

Sold:965+ F***Pg Just Bought It

This Hair Is Absolutely Amazing!!! The Quality Of This Hair Is Unbelievable!!! The Hair Is So Pretty... Very Soft...

Sold:965+ R***Gb Just Bought It

This hair is the truth. I just got it installed today, it is very soft and the curl pattern is beautiful.

Sold:965+ G***Fs Just Bought It

Very nice hair. Very soft! odorless. This is a great choice! The seller is great and always keeps me up to date with tracking information. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Sold:965+ K*** Just Bought It

I got this wig really fast and way before it was supposed to get to me. The hair is thick and fluffy. I was skeptical because I’ve never tried a glueless wig but it definitely wasn’t coming off my head! I will say that there was a little bit of shedding but it wasn’t overbearing at all. If y’all know what I know, y’all better get this wig. I can’t wait for my birthday because I’m going to be the baddest thing walking on my birthday!!

Sold:965+ Z*** Just Bought It

This hair is AMAZING . You just have to know how to take care of curly hair. I ombre'd the hair and it still looks and feels amazing . It gets a little dry but I have naturally curly hair and I can tell you that it does that in real life anyways lol. Second time purchasing and It's amazing !

Sold:965+ T***Mi Just Bought It

Came super quick ( just on time for my birthday), had 3 gifts come with (all very cute), and the quality and colour is exactly how I was hoping and more!

Sold:965+ P*** Just Bought It

I am very satisfied with my order, very easy to wear, real high-definition lace, blends very well with my skin, very comfortable to wear. The quality of the hair is very good, the delivery is very fast, the seller is very friendly and communicates well, this is my second order from this supplier, I will order more, girls you will be satisfied

Code: Last15 | Nadula 50% Off Balayage Body Wave T Part And 7x5 Bye bye Knots Lace Put On And Go Wig
Lace Type
$85 $170
Sold:189+ G***Lu Just Bought It

This wig is my absolute fave! It's a total breeze to install it. Took it out, and got tons of compliments C invisible knots, and no glue needed. Love it!

Sold:189+ G*** Just Bought It

I’m happy again with this seller. I absolutely love this color and will be ordering from them for the third time. The seller always has the answer to my questions and this time my parcel came in time. Thanks again

Sold:189+ C*** Just Bought It

I'm seriously impressed by this wig! The texture and length are just what I was looking for. It's glueless and melted skin.

Sold:189+ B*** Just Bought It

This wig is real human hair. Soft and full density. I received a lot of compliments. I will buy again from this seller.

Sold:189+ I***Mv Just Bought It

This hair is absolutely amazing definitely buying again and the vendor is super nice and easy to work with

Sold:189+ J***Ec Just Bought It

every nice seller hair very good quality very nice I recommend 100%

Sold:189+ Q*** Just Bought It

love the quality, super soft and silky...just love it

Sold:189+ G*** Just Bought It

The best seller here, amazing communication and hair came so fast. The hair is so soft and not shedding, I love how smooth it is. Wow

Sold:189+ M*** Just Bought It

The hair is perfect. I’ll buy again.

Sold:189+ H*** Just Bought It

The quality of the hair is great. Overall great communication and great quality. Will be buying from here again.

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