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What is Sew In Hair Weaves?

Sew in Weaves are a kind of hair extensions that can be sewed in own hair to add length or volume. They are supposed to look natural, so they can be expensive. Both the attachment method and the hair are supposed to help the weave look like your own.

What is sew in hair extensions?

Sew In hair extensions means sew in hair weave, they are all made of human hair. Just only called different. So here they can be understood as the same products here if you are searching for sew in human hair extensions.

What is the best brand for sew in weave?

There are many brands for sew in hair weaves. Because it will be sewed in on your real hair, you must make sure the weft is double and strong, No shedding. The best hair for a sew in weave must be made of virgin human hair, comes from one single donor, hair ends and tops runs in the right direction, no tangles, no sheds.

We can not say Nadula is the best brand of sew in hair weaving, but we can confirm our quality. If you are searching for sew in long hair, curly hair sew in, wet and wavy hair sew in, click Nadula.com.We have over 300 works here ready to serve you good and cheap sew in hair.

How to braid hair for a sew in?

1. Start by leaving out a small section of hair around the sides and back to blend for a more natural look.

2. Create two perimeter braids (each one going to the temple of your head). Braid them both toward the back of your head. Create one braid (make sure to leave some hair out) that is going to go across the back nape area of the head. This braid will be your anchor braid for your back wefts.

3. Separate hair into three sections and slide down about a quarter of an inch to half an inch before you start to your braid. Braiding this way helps to reduce tension on your scalp.

4. Braid the rest of your hair and keep your braids small and neat. Small braids provide you with a flat and smooth look when your sew-in is finished and helps it to last longer. These braids should be braided straight to the back. You can add synthetic hair to each braid. It helps your braids last longer.

Sewing Into The Braids

1. Take the braids and start to sew them down by placing your remaining loose braids in between other cornrows to ensure you get a flat base. Make sure you knot your thread a couple of times to make sure it’s secure.

2. Take your threaded needle underneath all three braids. Loop your thread twice and pull straight through. Create a knot and continue the stitching process until you secure the entire braid.

3. Continue the process above for each braid. Apply oil to your scalp but don’t saturate the hair or scalp. Remember! A little goes a long way!

4. Take the braids and start to sew them down. Place your remaining loose braids in between other cornrows to ensure you get a flat base. Make sure you knot your thread a couple of times to make sure it’s secure.


Someone doesn’t know clearly about the sew in hair weave, so you can read the article to learn more about it: Sew-in hair weave mistakes you should know.

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