The wearing of wigs has a very long history. Especially with the development of the current era, wigs are more and more popular, and it is no secret that wearing wigs to change hairstyles and appearances thanks to social media and the celebrity set rocking them without shame. The convenience that wigs bring to people is definitely unique compared to styling your natural hair. You can change your hairstyle and hair color, and choose what type of wig to wear according to your clothes every day.

But for some wig beginners, there are many notes for you. Today we will list some mistakes to avoid when wearing wigs for you. If you have the same behavior, then you need to pay attention! This is of course a good opportunity to compare and check whether the process of wearing the wig is correct. After all, everyone wants their wig to look perfect.

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1. Choose the wrong size wig

For beginners, some people may tend to buy a larger size, thinking that it will reduce the pressure on your scalp and give your hair more room to breathe. But this will cause your wig to slip, which is definitely not the embarrassment you want to experience. And some people will choose a wig with a slightly smaller size, thinking that it will make the wig more stable. But this can also cause poor blood flow, which can cause stress and damage to your scalp. To know the size of your head, you can check the blog How To Measure Head For Wig?

2. Cutting off too much lace

Front lace wigs are designed to enhance the natural look as the lace conforms to your skin for a natural hairline and scalp. But a common mistake with front lace wigs is cutting too much lace, which can ruin the wig's lines. If you want a front lace wig but are not confident in cutting the lace yourself, you can cut a small section first. Remember - you can always cut more, but you can't put back what you've cut!

3. Not securing the wig

No one wants to experience the embarrassing situation of the wig suddenly slipping off, especially when you attend some important occasions, it is extremely important to stabilize your wig. So when putting on the wig in the morning, it's important to make sure your wig is fully secured on the head. We recommend using adhesive to avoid slipping.

4. Using the wrong adhesive

It takes time to hold the wig in place with glue or other adhesives, so don't be in a hurry when applying glue. You must make sure they are dry completely. If they don't dry out naturally, they will leave an unnatural-looking residue or shine, which will draw attention to your wig. I'm sure unnatural looks and weird looks from other people are not what you want.

5. Not braiding hair underneath the wig

The key to ensuring a wig is secure is how to prepare the hair underneath. Before putting the wig on your head, you should braid your hair into the ears of corn first. Some people are used to ignoring this step because it's a complicated process. They just put the wig on after putting their hair in a ponytail or bun. This is a mistake you should avoid because if your hair is not flat under the wig, it will look bumpy and unnatural.

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6. Not moisturizing your wig

Although human hair wigs look the same as your natural hair in appearance, they do not produce oil like your natural hair. So if you want them to stay shiny and smooth, you need to oil, comb, and style them. If you ignore these steps, not only will your wig look ugly, but it can easily cause knots and shorten its lifespan.

7. Using too high heat

When styling wigs, some people choose to use heat, and they think that high heat is more conducive to styling the hairstyle. The truth is, too high heat can cause your wig to be dry and frizzy. But don't worry; we're not going to outlaw heat on wigs altogether! Heat can be useful, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you have a human hair or heat-resistant wig, use low temperatures and be careful.

8. Not washing your wig regularly

Wigs require careful care. You should take care of your wig like your natural hair to prolong its lifespan. It is always recommended to wash the wig after every 10 times to remove grease and dirt buildup. When shampooing, untie your hair first, then rinse gently with cold running water, and remember to apply conditioner and rinse off as well. After that, let your wig dry completely.

9. Using wrong hair conditioners

When it comes to the most common wig mistakes, one of the mistakes we often make is using the wrong type of wig care product for your wig. This is a very common and simple mistake, so it's important to double-check any products you use on your wig. If you have a wig, do not use synthetic wig products, vice versa. In a word, you need to choose those care products that are exclusively designed for your wig.

10. Rubbing to dry

This is one of those wig mistakes that we cringe at every time we see it. Wigs, whether synthetic or human, should never be towel-dried, which can cause permanent damage to the wig. Instead, after washing your wig, place it between two layers of towels and press lightly to remove excess moisture. Once you've done this, place it on a wig stand and let it dry out in direct sunlight.

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Today we have listed 10 common mistakes when wearing wigs. Hope they can give you some references. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, these can help you better understand how to wear your wig more perfectly. Do you know any other common wig mistakes? please share them with us in the comment area.