Do you want to get the best human hair wig for free? In recent days, nadula hair is launching an interesting activity to meet the wishes for girls who want to get a free human hair wig. This activity is called the “3s Wear Go Challenge”, just post a short video on your social media account of wearing a wig for 3s, and you will have a chance to win a free wig.

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What is nadula 3s wear go challenge?

3s wear go challenge is a campaign to help users get wigs for free, the activity time is 28th Apr. 2023, by the way, there is no fixed end time, the event ended when all of our 100 free wigs were given away.
At the beginning, you need to record a video, which includes wearing a wig in 3s, the wig you're wearing has to be in the condition you need to leave the house right away. When your video is finished, you need to post this video to your Instagram or TikTok, and you need to attach the following copy: Join @nadula weargo chanllenge get free wig. #nadula3sweargo #nadulawig #nadulahair. 
After the video is posted, how do you know if you'll get a free wig? Don't worry, The staff at nadula hair will review your video, and once approved, they will send you a link to a landing page where you can choose a wig for free.

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What kind of wig can be worn in less than three seconds?

In the 3s wear go challenge activity, participants have to wear a wig in less than three seconds, so the question is, what kind of wig can be worn in less than three seconds? As we all know, since the inception of nadula hair has insisted on providing different styles of wigs for the majority of users. In order to meet the personalized needs of global women, nadula hair provides a variety of different fashion wigs, mainly including highlight wigs, lace front wigs, V-part wigs, headband wigs, pre-cut lace wigs, and so on. Among them, a V-part wig, headband wig, and pre-cut lace wig can meet the requirements of 3s wear go. Users only need to wear one of these three wigs to go out within 3s without glue or gel, so it is also a kind of glue-free human hair wig.

1. Pre-cut lace wigs

pre-cut lace 4c kinky curly honey blonde highlight wigs

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With the changing fashion trends, pre-cut lace wigs have become the first choice of more and more people. Pre-cut wigs are already pre-cut with excess lace, so you don't have to trim them yourself when installing the wig. You can wear the wig within 3s.

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To be honest, pre-cut lace wigs are the most convenient and quick wigs available. Because the wig is extremely simple to wear, you don't need to trim lace or use glue, and the whole process takes just three seconds to complete. Wigs are worn in the same way as hats. You just need to put the wig on your head, and then, adjust the strap carefully, you can really put it on and go put the house, the pre-cut lace wigs are perfect for women who don't have much time.

2. Headband wigs

Nadula Straight Hair Wig Headband Wig

A headband wig is a type of human hair wig with a head hop-like material on the front that covers the hairline. When you wear a headband wig, it perfectly covers your hairline for a more natural look. And you can change the headband at any time, in order to match your different clothing styles, and show a different styles. At the same time, the headband wig does not need lace, so it is easy to use and very popular with women.

3. V-part wigs

How to install body wave v part wig?

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As people put forward new requirements for the comfort and convenience of human hair wigs, some glue-free wigs that can meet people's pursuit of beauty and are easy to wear emerge at the right moment. A V-part wig is a different kind of wig that can be clipped to the head, leaving a small V-shaped opening at the top so that the hair can be fused into the wig. For V-part wigs, since they're easy to wear, you can take them off every night before you go to bed, giving your scalp plenty of time to breathe and relax without spending too much time putting them on in the morning.


V-part wigs 、headband wigs and pre-cut lace wigs have become the alternative to lace front wigs for many girls due to their ease of installation and low price, especially in hot weather. People can put on and take off these pre-cut wigs anytime, anywhere, and these wigs will not only save you time on grooming but also allow your natural hair and scalp to breathe and relax.