Festivals should be enjoyed with freedom; hence, people should be free to express themselves in the kind of dress code they adopt when attending the festivals. This could be either because they are dancing to their favorite band or because they just feel the intense aura of a festival spirit. Here is the list of ten picturesque festival hair types that can suit an array of moods, ranging from the wandering spirit to bold neon-rave vixen.

Top 10 Stunning Festival Hairstyles

Boho Braids

boho braids

Freewheeling, fun, and probably straight out of a festival look, Boho braids are the real deal. They are reliable, durable, and can proactively style hair and keep it in fantastic condition for some hours. Sweep two Dutch braids on both sides of your head and then braid together into one braid along the nape of your neck. A few hair rings, stones, or blossoms need to be incorporated to augment the appearance of the boho style.

Glitter Roots

glitter roots

Daring white glitter roots look perfect for those planning to attend the festival and pack a lot of fun during the celebration. Rub a hair gel on your parting, dip a comb over it, and sprinkle some glitter of your choice. Here, one can align a color to the type of cloth you are putting on or several colors that will add fervor to the picture.

Space Buns

space buns

Decorating your hair into some adorable space buns will surely make it look playful and will effectively serve as a hair tie. Take the two sections on top of your head and gather each section separately, forming two buns or ponytails on different sides of your head. Braids and pins are used to secure the hair in the desired position.

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid Waves

The appearance of mermaid waves is somewhat bohemian and easily associated with sunny beaches, which is why it seems most appropriate for outdoor festivals. Section your hair with your hands and use a curling wand to get a natural wave going through the hair. To increase the volume as well as for texturization, spray your hair and scrunch with your hands.


Rainbow Hair

rainbow hair

Having a rainbow is adventurous and fashionable; you can be sure you will be easily spotted among festivalgoers. If you are not willing to risk using permanent hair dye, then you can find temporary hair chalks or sprays that will assure you of the same results. To create this hairstyle, you should section your hair and then apply the different hair colors to the particular sections.

Flower Crown

flower crown

A flower crown is an accessory that has proved essential during most festivals, giving the hairstyle a natural and romantic look. It can be worn with loose waves or plaits, which may be very suitable for simple hair such as a ponytail. Use real flowers if you prefer a sweet, natural touch of petals and their scent, or go with the artificial types if you prefer a long-lasting flowery sensation.

Faux Hawk

faux hawk hairstyle for girls

If you are interested in slightly bolder styling, then the Faux Hawk is ideal for you. Gather more volume at the crown area: take the hair on the top of your head, comb it upwards, and apply a hair mousse with a firm hold. Take a handful of hair and gather them at the back of your head, then use a hairpin to pin most of the hair so they will form a Mohawk style without cutting hair.

Braided Headband

braided headband highlight wig

The concept of a braided headband is another fashionable bow that helps to collect hair and will not interfere when walking or doing sports. Section some hair just below the back of your ear and take a small braid, then pull it across your forehead like a band. Cinch up the other side of the head with bobby pins and allow the rest of the hair to remain loose.


Neon Highlights

blonde and red color highlight wig

Neon notes are shiny as hell and are recommended for lovers of bright colors and those who wish to transform their hair into a light source at a festival. To start the process, you can use neon hair dye only on the tips of your hair so that it appears to be temporarily painted on. You can simply highlight tips, highlight them in a few places, or even opt for the Neo Chrome look.

Wrapped Ponytail

honey blonde wrapped ponytail

A wrapped ponytail is a conservative but sexy hairdo that can be worn for parties, offices, and almost any formal occasion. Part your hair at the top of your head and gather it together into a ponytail high on top of your head. The final step is to take a small portion of hair from the ponytail, weave it over the elastic, and pin it with another bobby pin.



One of the best ways, and perhaps the most effective, is to explore the festival look, even if it means having some different hair looks that you wouldn’t usually wear every day. As you look forward to donning some fabulous festival wear, let me guide you to brighten up your hair, whether you are a bohemian spirit, a rave color lover, or a romantic beauty. This just gives you a basic guideline on how you can style your hair for the festival without losing your sanity.