In any season, braided hair is very popular, especially for black women, braid hair is almost their favorite. Box braid, corn braid, and fried dough twist braid always rank first. Because braid hairstyle can express their unique style and show their personality in a very interesting and creative way and can also be used to protect hair from breakage and damage.

Braided buns are available in various styles, suitable for various occasions and activities. These braided buns can be elegant, messy, fun, girly, or sporty. Whether loose and messy or tight and elegant, you can choose the type you like according to your own mood. Braided buns can not only make your hair look neat and fashionable but also can last for several weeks with little maintenance. Do you want to know more about the braided hairstyle of black girls? Here are some of the best choices for braid hairstyles!

1. Cornrow Bun

Cornrow Bun

This cornrow bun looks very beautiful. All the hair has been turned into small fried dough twist braids, wrapped around the top of the head, and fixed into a beautiful bun. The hairstyle looks very simply, the hair is very tight, it looks very fresh and clean, and it sets off the whole person with a sense of decency and temperament. This is a beautiful, braided bun hairstyle, which is very suitable for special occasions.

2. Heart-Shaped Cornrows Braids

Heart-Shaped Cornrows Braids

The heart-shaped cornrows braids are really amazing. The black hair looks more exquisite, very fashionable, and personalized. Looking at the complex lines of this hairstyle is enough to prove its originality of this hairstyle. This is an absolutely outstanding hairstyle that cannot be easily imitated.

3. Mohawk with Side Braids

Mohawk with Side Braids

If your hair curls naturally, that's great. This is a great braid hairstyle for you. You just need to create some corn chops on the side of the hair, with no braids in the middle and the rest. This will help create the Mohawk style. This braid hairstyle is very easy to do and looks very cool.

4. Mini Box Braids Bun with Curls

Mini Box Braids Bun with Curls

This hairstyle consists of many small braids, which are not rare. But a few random loose curls on the back make this hairstyle take on a new style, which looks delicate and relaxing.

5.Cornrow Braids with Curly Top

Cornrow Braids with Curly Top

The bun is the perfect style to show these gorgeous corn chops on the back. This hairstyle makes the bun into a curly top. The loose hair on the top of the head is combined with the delicate corn chops, forming a strong contrast. It gives a great visual impact and is a cool new hairstyle.

6. Half Updo with Box Braids

Half Updo with Box Braids

Use black hair to make long and thick braids, and then make part of the braids into an updo hairstyle. This style is easy to achieve, and it looks especially amazing, full of youth and vitality. This style applies to both micro braids and thicker braids.

7. Skinny Braids

Skinny Braids

This hairstyle is easy to create. It looks youthful and energetic. It is a relatively young hairstyle. But this hairstyle needs to add hair extensions and your natural hair to make fine braids. This may take a long time, but it can last for a long time after the hairstyle is finished.

8. Braided Bun with Ponytail

Braided Bun with Ponytail

This braided bun combs all the hair and looks very energetic. Tie the braid into a ponytail, and then fix part of the hair around the rubber band to form a bun. This simple design makes the whole hairstyle very special. And this hairstyle is not easy to deform. It is the perfect hairstyle for parties.

9. Double Cornrow Buns

Double Cornrow Buns

This shiny black hairstyle is very energetic, and the bun and braid give off a healthy and energetic luster. You can add this black hairstyle to your hairstyle collection list.

10. Elegant Braided Bun

Elegant Braided Bun

If you like elegant braid hairstyles, then this hairstyle is your ideal style. You can take part in various formal activities or as a professional woman's office hairstyle.

11. Low Braided Bun

Low Braided Bun

This corn bun looks simple and sweet. The thin braids and thick braids are interwoven, which looks unique. In addition, some decorations are added to the braids, which can add some personality to the hair bun.

12. Accessorized Braided Bun

Accessorized Braided Bun

This hairstyle is a personalized hairstyle created by using accessories. The small box braids are decorated with lovely and colorful accessories to add color to black hair. This is a very interesting and amazing style, and it is also a great hairstyle of braid hair, which can be added to your creative list of braids.


Have you been deeply attracted by these amazing braided bun hairstyles? These fashionable braid hairstyles can be created on romantic dates, evenings with friends, proms, and even weddings. Now share it with your good sisters and try these styles together.