In today's video, we're about to do an install, using nadula hair, so this is nadula V part wig, I got this wig in 24 inches, it is nadula glueless jury curl wig, and straight out of the package, and the curls are just popping, it's really shiny, really bouncy and just overall luscious, so I'm running my fingers through it trying to do a little shed test, and I absolutely love a V part wig because I love how easy it is to install, and also how it lays on your head nice and flat, and I love this wig that it is breathable.

nadula v part wigs

How to style a v part wig?

I'm going to do is to comb out the curls in this hair, and I'm going to do this just to redefine the hair, I want to take out that straight out of the package type of curl. I'm going to go in with some water to drench it and what you could do is just to wash the wig beforehand.

I'm just going to wet it, and then I'm going to take this white teeth comb and just comb out the curls, and also this is just to show you how easy it is to comb out this hair, and also doing the shade test again to make sure that you know the hair is not super shady that is really good quality, and I am loving how easy it was to detangle the hair wet it again. And then define it with some mousse, so I wanted the hair to have a lot of volume.

How to style a v part wig?

2 best ways to style a v part wig

I'm going to go in with mousse that I use on practically all my curly hair, and it does the definition of the hair without it being crunchy, it's still nice and soft, so I'm going to be showing you two methods of installing and styling your V part wig.

How to style a v part wig?

1. Crochet method

The first method we're gonna do is the crochet method, so first what you want to do is create a little square parting space in the middle, or on the side wherever you want to wear your hair. I'm gonna do a middle part, so I just did two big braids in the back, it doesn't have to be super flat and that's one of the things I love about curly hair, your cornrows don't have to be super flat, so what I'm going to create is four braids in the middle, I'm gonna create two big ones on the side, and then in the direct middle for the center part, I'm going to create two small braids going back, so this is the braiding pattern for braids, and it doesn't have to be super neat. I just did the best that I could and inside the wig, you have a couple of combs to attach to your hair.nadula v part wigs
So that it is nice and secured and snug. I'm just going to install the hair, make sure I get the hooks and the combs in the back to make sure everything is aligned, and make sure that also it is very secure, you want to make sure that we can secure hence why all of them combs and clips are in there, and make sure you utilize the clips at the very front of the V part, and what you're going to do is anchor the wig to the braids the two braids at the very end, and we're going to leave the two in the middle untouched for no, so you just attach the wig to the two ends. nadula v part wigs
Now for the crochet method, we are going to take your crochet hook to push it under your braid, and just grab little pieces of the curly hair to pull through, and what this is going to do is hide the weft of the V part, so you're going to use as much hair as you can, but you want to do little pieces at a time just to make sure it looks neat as opposed to bulky and not so well put together, so I'm just going to demonstrate for you guys a couple of times more because it's really easy to do, and also better for me to show you than for me to explain. How to style a v part wig?
So the same thing I did with the ones that I did with the other, and until I am satisfied with the wefts being fully covered then because I did separate some of the curly pieces it did look a little bit, what would you call that it did a little bit undefined, so I went in with the mousse, and then I went with scissors to shape. How to style a v part wig?
I always shape my wigs whether it be layering in the front, especially with curly hair, you don't want it to just fall flat, you want it to be layered, especially to frame your face in the front, so what I end up doing is I created a little bang situation by accident, and I actually was in love with it, this is really cute like I'm loving how it's framing my face, so I went ahead and trimmed the wig a bit make sure that it's all together. How to style a v part wig?
I did the layering in the front, creating a little bang bang bang situation, and then I went in with my diffuser, and with the diffuser, it's gonna volumize the curls instead of it laying flat you need it to be volume, especially with the cut that I decided to do with the hair with the diffuser. How to style a v part wig?
It is giving me life, and this is what the hair is looking like, once it's 90 dry. I am loving this cut. I didn't even do this on purpose, but the cut is absolutely giving loving it, now what I like about the cut and the method of doing the V part like this is that I could go back to being a center part.

How to style a v part wig?

2. Flip-over method

I could flip the hair to one side, so it's almost giving like a flip-over method type of situation, so it is super versatile and that's one of the reasons why I love a V part wig, now for our second installation, I'm gonna do a half up half done with the V part, yes we're about to do a half up half down chop, so I make sure that I have the combs hooked in the front.

How to style a v part wig?

Another idea that you could do that I didn't even think of is that you could put a braid right in the center of the part right there, but if you need that extra security, you can create a braid, and then put the hooks of the comb onto the braid, and then what I do is the little piece of my hair that I left in the front.How to style a v part wig?
I'm just gonna bring that back, brush it back, and drag some of the curly hair from the back, in the front to make that half of half done type of situation, so I'm trying to get the hair as snug as possible, so don't worry about your hair in the front like we're gonna disguise that in a second, so I'm just removing some of my hair in the front, because I'm gonna do some little soup to do the type of situation in the front, so I just want to separate that first, and then we're gonna go in with some spray, this is what I use if I'm doing a sleek ponytail if I don't want to use gel or other products, so I just swoop that in, and once I do that I go in with the blow dryer to dry and it dries instantly there are minimal flyaways the hair stays in place, and you also do this without using a boatload a product on your hair, and your hair lasts longer, so then I go in with a little bit of edge control you know we got to do the soup, you don't have to do the soup.


If you don't want to but I like a little soup, soup type of situation in the front, now this is how you're going to disguise your hair, you're going to grab your hair that's in the on, and then you're gonna wrap it around the base of your ponytail, and then you can use a bobby pin to just stick that in, and then you're going to take a piece of the curly hair and wrap it around your hair so that you wrapped around the base of the ponytail, and then that is it. I didn't even have to use the spray on it because it wraps so securely, and I use the hairpin to stick it down, and that is basically let me know what you guys think about the different styles that would you try the half or would you stick with the traditional V part let me know all the details will be in the description box down below.