Wearing a wig in the summer is a big challenge for many wig wearers. In fact, different types of wigs in summer can make you feel hot, sweaty, and heavy. However, there's no need to throw away the wigs in the summer. In summer, you need a wig that is fashionable, flattering, and comfortable in the hot weather. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best summer long hair wigs, as well as the precautions to be taken when wearing a wig in summer.

wearing a wig in summer

What are the things you need to pay attention to when wearing a wig in summer?

As the weather gets hotter, it becomes difficult to wear a wig. Choosing the right wigs to get rid of all the heaviness, stickiness, heat, and perspiration is crucial. Before choosing a long wig for summer, there are a few important points you need to pay attention to, including the color, texture, and the way you wear it.

1. Choose a lighter color wig

Choose a lighter color wig

There's nothing better for summer than beautiful light hair or highlights in the sun. When wearing a wig in the summer, it is best to choose a lighter color. Light colors don't absorb as much heat as dark colors. If you want to stay cool in the sun, keep that in mind when choosing a summer wig color.

2. It's best to opt for synthetic wigs

opt for synthetic wigs

In summer, compared with human hair wigs, synthetic wigs were overall winners. This is due to the fact that the fibers of synthetic hair are 2-3 times lighter than human hair, making it lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable. Another benefit of using synthetic wigs in summer is that they don't lose their shape like human hair wigs, and the shape of synthetic wigs can stay in style for longer.

3. It is best to wear a wig cap when wearing a wig

wear a wig cap when wearing a wig

A moisture-absorbing layer between your scalp and your wig can help combat the summer heat. You should consider wearing a wig cap, or alternating between a wig and a light headpiece when the weather warms up to give your scalp regular breaks. Wig caps are an effective way to help you reduce sweating while wearing a wig in summer. Especially in summer, bamboo wig caps/padding are recommended. The wig cap's material transfers sweat to the outer surface of the fabric and dries quickly, which helps avoid excessive sweating.

4. If you can, choose a glueless wig

choose a glueless wig

In summer, choose a wig without glue! Such as headband wigs, they are so easy to install that you can just put them on and go. The glueless wigs are also easy to take off so you can clean your scalp whenever you want. Glue-free wigs allow your scalp to breathe freely, keeping your scalp in a good state of maintenance. In summer, the heat and sunlight cause the scalp to sweat and produce oil. When the scalp is not thoroughly cleaned, it can lead to an itchy scalp, hair loss, and deterioration. A wig without glue can help you avoid this risk.

2023 summer long wig recommendation

What kind of long-hair wig is best for summer? Some people say that long hair should not be worn at all in summer, and short human hair wigs are a good choice for hot summer days. That's not the case, and I'm going to recommend 3 of the best summer long hair wigs from nadula hair.

1. 13x4 HD Body Wave Wig

13x4 HD Body Wave Wig

This is a 13x4 HD lace wig with 6 different lengths to choose from. As we all know, summer sweat more, and wearing a wig will make you feel your scalp hot and uncomfortable, such HD lace wig is better breathable, because HD lace is made of the finest material, it is softer than ordinary lace, almost invisible, and lighter. On the other hand, an HD lace wig blends perfectly with your skin to create an imperceptible hairline. Therefore, even if your forehead sweats, it won't take it away from your forehead and save you from embarrassment.

2. Kinky Straight Highlight Wig With Baby Hair

Kinky Straight Highlight Wig With Baby Hair

We all know that dark colors attract more heat than light colors in summer, so what better excuse than choosing light colors to blend your hair and make your life more comfortable? This kinky straight highlight wig with baby hair will help you absorb less heat, helping you stay cool in summer weather.

3. Jerry Curly Headband Glueless Wig

Jerry Curly Headband Glueless Wig

Headband wigs are not only cheap, but they are also a great choice for hot weather. In addition, this jerry curly headband glueless wig in nadula with a free scarf as a gift, there are 14-26 inch long and thick wigs you can choose from, no sew-in and no glue, it is easy to put on easy to take off. The jerry curly headband glueless wig is best for lazy girls. The lushly styled wig became one of the nadula best-selling summer wigs. It's cute, casual, and simple. Wrap mini scarves or silk scarves around black bands to get a different look and match each outfit.


One of the best things about long hair is that it can be worn with all kinds of clothes in all kinds of situations. In addition, long hair wigs come in a wide range of colors and lengths, so you'll no doubt find one that matches your preferences and enhances your look. Dear, don't give up your beautiful fantasy of long hair because of the hot summer, the above 3 kinds of long hair wigs are the standard match of summer, come and see nadula!