Since it is the golden autumn season, when we talk about autumn, we can always think of the sunset and dusk. This bright yellow gives us a very beautiful and warm feeling. Hair is one of the important elements of fashion. Of course, you can't miss the orange wig suitable for autumn.

This fall, Nadula provided an orange ginger body wave wig for you. The bright orange and big wave curls will make you look gorgeous. It has also been welcomed and loved by many people.

Today we will share with you a comment from a YouTube celebrity who has 56.9K subscribers on her channel. Now let's take a look at how she evaluates this hair.

Orange Ginger T Part Body Wave Wig Review by Dizastrous Beauty

How to Style the Orange Ginger Wig?

At the beginning of the video content, she firstly show us how she styled this wig. Let us review it together.

1. Do some preparations

Firstly, she showed us this wig. There are two combs in front, one comb in back, and adjustable straps inside the cap. Then she fixed the wig on the mannequin head and sprayed some Tigi bed head spray on the hairline. After that, use an electric heating comb to smooth the hair on the top of the head.

2. Make some baby hair

After putting it on, spray some Tigi bed head spray on the hairline again and blow it with a hairdryer. Take some hair from the hairline, cut it short, and curl it up with a small curling iron. Then apply some edge control on the short hair to make your baby hair. You can dip some concealer with a small brush and brush it on the seam of the middle part, which will make it look more natural.

3. Curl the hair

The next step is to divide the hair on both sides of the head into three parts. First, take a strand of hair and trim it slightly. Take out a bigger curling iron and wrap the hair around the curling iron, and then repeat this step. You can use some bobby pins to fix the top layer of hair for a while so that the curls can be held for a longer time. Last, Spray some creme of natural argan oil mousse on the top of the head, and then take out the comb to distribute them evenly on the hair.

Introduce Some Basic Information

This unit that I am rocking was sent to me by Nadula, shout out to Nadula for sending me this unit and sponsoring this video, I truly do appreciate it. So the unit that I am wearing is the Nadula colored orange ginger lace part wig human hair 4 by 0.75 t part body way wig with baby hair. the lengths that they have on here are 14 to 24 inches. It only comes in average capsize. 

It is a T part lace wig, and by T part that means you have the laces going all the way across, but this is all of your part space here. You can shift the wig elsewhere. If you want to wear a side part, you don't have to wear a middle part like I am wearing. You can definitely shift it, but as far as you pardon it elsewhere, you cannot. So keep that in mind. The density is 150. It is 100% human hair and it is a body wave texture.

1. The Waves Are Pretty Thick

With this wig, it did come as a body wave and these waves were pretty thick. SI only added curls to the top part, and the rest I just left in its natural state. Down here where it's more so wavy instead of curly. I loved all curls and just ran my finger through them. I didn't want to run a brush or anything, because I wanted to preserve the curls or the waves as much as possible.

2. The Hairline Was Decent

With this wig, in my opinion, I felt like the hairline was really decent. Because, you know, with most T parts, they don't give you enough room to tweeze even if you wanted to. Because it goes straight to the weft, but it did have a little bit of space, so I was able to push the hairline back to have the hair sorted out of my face. And I feel like the hairline looks really good now.

3. No Shedding or Tangling

Now as far as shedding and tangling, I honestly have not experienced shedding or tangling surprising. You know with this color, I expected it to shed a little bit but so far it has not, so shout out to you and Nadula for that. 

4. Big Head Friendly

As far as the details and space go, now I feel like this unit is big head friendly. I am an average capsize, and I did have to adjust the strap.

5. She Likes This Unit

All right, believe it or not, I like this unit. When I took it out, I really like it. Once I put it on and started playing with it and adding the curls. And all of that, I really do like this unit. I don't even think juicy would be too mad at this wig. I feel like it's a really cute wig. It's not super bright, it is orange but it's more of a ginger orange. It's more of a safe orange.


If you are interested in this unit, I will have a direct link to it down below in the description box for your convenience. Once again shout out to you Nadula hair for sending me this unit and sponsoring this video. Yeah, girl, that's all. If you like this video, give me a thumb up and subscribe to my channel. I will see you next time, bye.