Hey girls! on my head is from Nadula hair. Now Nadula hair and I have worked together before on a similar wig to this one. But nothing can compare to it. Y'all see me trying to put my booty out. Okay, look how ignorantly long this 5x5 curly closure wig is. That is 32 inches of hair this is a lot of hair and the great thing about this 5x5 wig is, it's not a lace frontal wig, it's a lace closure wig. Let me go ahead and give you the details about this wig.

what is a 5x5 closure wig?

This wig is a 5x5 lace closure wig, I like to tell y'all where the lace stops. The lace goes from here to here, from temple to temple, from receding hairline to receding hairline. The lace stops right there. So your part goes all the way back which is great. You know I love a long crack. This is a long crack wig from right here to right here as you can see. I created a little hairline for it.

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That's the 5x5 closure. For the length of the hair, I already told you it is a full 32 inches long, it's 180 density. Not only long but thick. The texture of this hair is jerry curly. So this is a jerry curly lace closure wig in 32 inches boom. This hair does go up to 36 inches. 

What's going on? As far as the interior of the cap, I think we have three combs and adjustable straps in the back. You have two on the side and one in the back actually. Let me show you all the back of the hair. 

That's all the details on the 5x5 transparent lace closure wig. For this unit.I did have to do a couple of things to make this wig look a little bit more like me to get her customized. If y'all want to see how I customize this wig, how I cut this wig, I put little layers in her all sorts of stuff, please keep on watching.

Wig Grip Gift

Nadula gave me a wig grip for gifts. Oh, it fits my little teeny tiny head.  That is cute. Okay, we're gonna take our wig cap. Let's go ahead and move on to putting on the wig. This hair is so long. We aren't going to be focusing on the ends of the hair quite yet. What we're going to be focusing on is getting this part together right at the top. 

Swiss Lace Base

This is swiss lace, it is pre-plucked and they give you like a pre-plucked middle part. I’ve already bleached the knots on this wig. All we need to do is pluck it a little bit. I don't think it needs to be plucked a whole lot more,  but y'all know I like a good pluck. I feel like this 5x5 frontal wig is big head-friendly. It is pretty big on my head.  

 Pluck The 5x5 Curly Closure Wig

First, We need to pluck it. When I pluck, I like to pluck behind the hairline and then move forward. Because it looks a lot more natural. We're just gonna take our tweezers. I'm just gonna use this to pluck away. We do need to be careful because right in here is where we'll be covering up the tracks.

Let me go ahead and go back behind the hairline. We're just going to keep plucking...Okay, so we fluff the hairline. I'm excited we've over-plucked as we usually do. We need to go ahead and mold the hairline.

Make the hairline Of The 5x5 Lace Closure Wig

I just going to add it to the hairline. I like to also get in the part. We can start to mold that down as well. Next, I'm going to take my baby's hairbrush. and I'm going to put a little bit more flattening souffle on there.  I'm just going to brush it into the hairline.

I'm really trying to get these hairs pushed back. You see that it's giving a tight ponytail. Now that's done. 

 I keep rapid strips on hand. You could also use a scarf. But I don't like using a scarf. Pulling all this hair into a ponytail is too much. I'm gonna fold it in half and plop it right here. Then we're just going to tie it up in the back. I like to tie it up real tight.

Blow try the hairline

So I'm going to use this blow dryer and we're going to blow dry it. Maybe a few minutes it takes, like 10-15 minutes to blow dry the hairline. Once that is blow-dried then we can tint the lace. Let's go ahead and blow-dry. 

Let's go ahead and take this off and see what the hairline is looking like. This is my favorite part, this is the big reveal. it's Christmas time girl open your present.  You can literally see I need to fix it. The lace is a mess.  let's go ahead tinting my lace right now. 

Tinting the lace 

We're going to go ahead and take the lace. This is our late lace tint spray. If you don't know anything about my favorite lace tint in the whole wide world. It is the flawless illusion by Kellon derrick lace tint spray. this is not sponsored, I bought it myself. 

Use this to tint our lace. We're going to pull the wig off and I'm going to spray the lace tint onto this pan and then I'm going to swirl the brush in it and then apply it onto the lace. 

The lace tint was applied. Once the lace tint is applied, we need to use our blow dryer and set it in the directions. We're just gonna blast it real quick set the color in. It blends right into the skin. It's a teeny tiny hot comb. That's really good for hairlines and getting right into the thick of it. I'm just gonna let this heat up this takes a long time to heat up it.  

Cut the lace

 Let's go ahead and pull this up because we need to cut our lace. when I cut my lace I like to use my little Annie shears. You have to be careful. The 5x5 closure track usually comes ahead of the closure. So I'll cut here and then follow along the hairline. 

Next, we need to go ahead and just lay down this hairline. This time I just feel like it plus. this 5x5 closure wig human hair is so heavy. We're going to use my other favorite product. This is the wig dealer melting spray. I like to take my wig dealer melting spray and I just spray the 5x5 curly closure wig on top of the hairline.

Lay down baby hair

We can go ahead and get into laying down our baby hairs. We're gonna take a  rat tail comb and we're going to go ahead and do the baby hairs. I usually do my baby hairs in this area. Let's start on this side where I usually do them. I think I should do a little bit more to help cover-up.

Just trying to play hide and go seek there we go. I think this is good. so I'm gonna take these baby hairs and we're just gonna lay them down. I love using got to be glue gel for my baby hairs. It keeps the baby hairs down and they don't move around. I need my baby hairs to stay in place.

Trim The 5x5 curly closure wig

We're going to cut it or just trim it. I don't want to cut the hair because I want to keep the length. I'm going to take a hair tie and put it on. I'm actually not going to cut a lot off. I just want to get rid of those bad ends right here. Because these ends are getting on my nerves.  

Bring curls back

What I'm going to do is add some moisturizer to the hair and bring it back to life. bring those curls back. We're trying to get these curls defined. We're going to start with one-half of the hair. This side I'm gonna section away. I roll it up into a little bun because this is too much to be reckoned with.

We're going to throw the hair tie on it. Let's keep her in place and on this side we're going to take all of this beautiful hair. I'm going to use my favorite product. This is a coconut and hibiscus shea moisture product. I got two bottles...Then blow try it. This will take all day to dry. This is the finished look. 

Summary Reviews Of Nadula 5x5 lace closure wig

This 5x5 transparent lace closure wig is just gorgeous. I did not think that this wig would end up looking. It looks beautiful. You can stop in the street and guess.  It's perfect for fall. It'll keep you warm at night. I said I have the link for this hair down below. We also have a coupon code. The coupon code is nadulatb for 10USD off. You can go ahead and get the coupon code. Thank you so much for watching.