The wet mop hairstyle, a modified bowl cut also known as the TikTok hairstyle. The wet mop haircut is a 2022 men's hair trend that has been making the rounds on the Internet. This style is characterized by longer hair on the top of the head and shorter hair on the sides and back. Whether you have smooth, straight hair or curly or wavy hair, the TikTok wet mop haircut can work on any man. If your hair is already long on the top and short on the sides, then you may be able to achieve this effect through styling alone. Read on for my top 5 wet mop hairstyles for guys.

1. Modified mop top haircut

Modified mop top haircut

A wet mop is a fluffy hairstyle with longer, more square layers to help maintain the look. If you don't like the traditional wet mop haircut, then you must try this modified mop top haircut. This hairstyle gives the perfect elegance, full of texture and depth. Adding vintage tips to modern trends is all you need to maintain a stylish look.

2. Undercut wet mop haircuts

Undercut wet mop haircuts

This version of the wet mop haircut maintains the long bangs similar to the original, but with a down cut. In addition, if you want to stand out from the crowd, this hairstyle is for you. With a light cut, a bit of bad boy charm will make people crazy about your hair. However, before you get this hairstyle, be sure to consult your hairstylist to see if the cut fits your face shape.
This will be an amazing look, especially for curly hair. Therefore, make sure to use the appropriate styling products specifically for your curls for more moisturizing and clear curls.

3. Colorful wet mop haircuts

Colorful wet mop haircuts

Do you like colored hair? In a world where colored hair is acceptable for almost every occasion, why would you settle for that? You can dye your mop and remember to be creative. Mix and match contrasting unique dyes to create an enviable composition! You can drastically change your overall look with colorful wet mop haircuts! You can drastically change your overall look with this hairstyle. Your unruly mane, no matter how you shape it, will look very flying. You can air dry your hair and look very chic. With this hairstyle, you can easily surpass the status of a fashion person in your circle of friends.

4. Layered wet mop haircuts

Layered wet mop haircuts

If you have thin hair, you can try the layered wet mop haircut, this style provides a lot of texture in your hair. It will make everyone want to run their fingers through your hair. The maximum volume this hairstyle provides is its greatest feature.
This hairstyle is the simplest when it comes to styling. It's also a good look for fine hair. The volume and texture it offers are enough to make everyone go crazy. You'll feel like you're the subject of a Netflix teen movie. The charm of this hairstyle is hard to resist.

5. Rock star mop wet hairstyle

Rock star mop wet hairstyle

Have you ever thought that it's time for you to make a fashion statement with your hairstyle? Then now is your best time. This rock star mop wet hairstyle has the right retro vibe to go with trends while making your style stand out.
For this hairstyle, all you have to do is spike out the back and that's it. You can pair it with edgy clothes to cater to the aesthetic. This will undoubtedly create a cool look and exude attractive masculinity.


If your hair is long enough, you might want to try the wet mop haircuts at home. If you're looking to get a haircut, though, it's probably best to approach a professional with some image you'd like to emulate. When designing the TikTok wet mop haircut, the main thing is to make sure that the longer hair is on top of the head and that it looks artfully messy rather than neat or combed.
This haircut is enough to make a good first impression. You will look the brightest in any situation. You'll look stylish and comfortable and make everyone in the room want to be like you. It provides the maximum cold look that makes everyone focus only on you. An effortless casual style will also give you a cute, stylish feel.