If you have a diamond face shape, how lucky you are! You have the same points with many famous women, such as Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, and Rosario Dawson. As we all know, finding the perfect hairstyle for a diamond face may seem like a difficult task, but today we'll see what happens when you pair a diamond face with a jaw-length bob haircut.

diamond face shape

The features of diamond face shapes

There are no two identical leaves in the world, let alone the shape of a human face. Different people have different face shapes, and if you have a diamond face shape, you'll notice the following features: The features of diamond face shapes
•Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face
•Your jawline is more pointed than angular. This is the difference between a diamond face and an oval face
•You have a narrow chin line and forehead, about the same width
•Your hairline is narrower and tapers like your chin line.
•Your cheekbones are high and sharp
•You have a long forehead and jawline
•The length of your face is longer than the width

The features of jaw-length bob haircuts

The jaw-length bob haircut is a short hairstyle that grazes the chin line. It looks cute in a diamond face. The design of a jaw-length bob haircut combines layers around the cheeks to capture attention while accentuating the cheekbones. It can even be paired with effortless waves to create a stylish and feminine look that is very interesting. In addition, short hair, such as textured bobs, lobs, and pixie cuts, looks gorgeous on diamond faces because they soften the jawline.

jaw-length bob haircuts

5 jaw-length bob haircuts for black women with diamond face shape

If you have a diamond shaped face, you may wish to correct it by significantly reducing high cheekbones and increasing the width of your chin area. At the same time, avoid accentuating sharp and sometimes uneven hairlines. Here are 5 jaw-length bob haircuts for black women with diamond face shapes to try.

1. Wavy bob with side bangs

Compared to other hairstyles, bangs are the most difficult to style. Diamond face shape and side parting is the perfect match, as this style softens the appearance and creates width in the chin and hairline. Side-swept bangs are a style that works best on diamond faces. If you prefer your short hairstyle to be fuller, consider this style of curly and wavy hair that extends beyond the narrowest part of your face. This will give you plenty of size and width where you need it most.

2. Vintage French bob

The French bob is a timeless hairstyle. It is suitable for all ages and allows you to look classy with very little effort. A vintage French bob still looks good if you have wavy hair, but it does work best for women with straight hair. The vintage French bob wonderfully accentuates the diamond face shape by drawing attention to the top of the face and the eye area. This French retro style is a great choice for people who like to stroke their hair.

3. Jaw-Length Pixie hairstyles for diamond face shape

Girls with Pixie cut short bangs to cover their hairline and expand their eye area. Short hairstyles look great on both young and mature women and help to highlight the biggest aspects of the face. Jaw-Length Pixie hairstyles will hide the small forehead of the diamond face and emphasize the larger cheekbones. Stylists are true experts in getting thick straight hair in such great shape.

4. Jaw-length choppy bob for fine hair

Are you a diamond face shape cute girl with fine hair? To breathe energy into thin hair, why don't you try a jaw-length choppy bob? This will make your hair feel thicker and denser. You can also add bangs to your jaw-length choppy bob to soften it and give it a light touch. To give tiny hair an edgy texture, try a razored bob with fluffy layers and bangs.

5. Short with layers cut and bangs for diamond face shape

If you frequent the barber shop, you know that layers are one of the most effective ways that hairdressers use to shape features and create the right amount of embellishment on a diamond face shape. For an attractive look, add embellishments to shape your face and subtly tease the ends. Experiment with your diamond face shape with soft curls and loose bangs to draw attention to your eyes. With the shorts with layers cut and bangs for a diamond face shape, you will get an unbelievable result.


When it comes to choosing a stylish hairstyle, the shape of your face is one of the most fundamental aspects to consider. A diamond face is an angular face shape, and for the most flattering look, girls with diamond faces should aim to soften their sharp corners and balance out their cheekbones. So jaw-length bob haircuts are the best choice for black women with diamond face shapes.