Dark roots have become one of the most controversial hair trends of 2022. Are you planning to change your hairstyle lately? Many celebrities are experimenting with dark roots, so if you want to take some styling inspiration from this next post, then you've come to the right place!

If you're unfamiliar with dark roots, that's okay. We've gone into detail about dark roots and recommended some of the most popular black root wigs for women!

What Is The Dark Roots Hairstyle?

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Dark roots, sometimes called shadow roots, is a coloring technique. It gives Hair a "vintage" look by creating depth at the roots and maintaining lightness at the mid-lengths and ends.

By using a slightly darker shade at the roots, you can get a subtle contrast, create the illusion of softness and regrowth or add some dimension and depth. You can't go wrong with dark roots if you prefer a slightly more lived-in look.

4 Reasons To Wear Dark Roots

1. Add Dimension

dark roots are very versatile in terms of style. The darker roots contrast with, the lighter strands, adding more dimension to your look. The color difference is entirely up to you and can be as vivid or mild as you like.

2. Create A Natural Look

Another benefit of wearing dark roots wigs is the natural touch that comes with a deeper root shade. The darker roots help create the illusion that the Hair is growing out of the scalp. Dark roots look seamless, natural, and beautiful for almost any facial shape or skin tone.

3. Create A Stylish Look

A more dramatic approach to rooted wigs is also excellent and encouraged. The dramatic contrast in contrasting colors can highlight your features and provide a more pleasing look. Contrasting colors create a bold, eye-catching look that pops!

4. Matching Color Options Galore

Dark roots can be paired with a lot of colors. Once you start digging deeper, you'll find that gold, red, brown, gray, and even rainbow colors are all great choices. No matter what color you can imagine, you can match it with dark roots.

6 Wonderful Dark Roots Wigs

1. 613 Blonde With Dark Roots Straight Bob Wig

613 Blonde With Dark Roots Straight Bob Wig

Girls who like to try new things or want to get noticed should choose a 613 blondes with darker roots. The stronger, darker roots in this hair color give it an interesting character, while the platinum white blonde finishes off skin tones by complementing the cooler undertones in the fall and winter months.

While one has to admit that this hairstyle is a bit challenging, it can work 100% on the right person. Suppose you have a thin face with pronounced cheekbones. In that case, this hairstyle will give you the overall look of a sophisticated international supermodel face and make you look different.

Shorter hairstyles are already cool. If solid blonde Hair can make it harder to match makeup or outfits, darker roots can help you neutralize the color. Even girls with darker skin tones can easily try dark eyebrows and earth-tone eye shadows without the dark roots standing out and echoing.

2. 613 Blonde With Dark Brown Roots Wig

 613 Blond With Dark Brown Roots Wig

Girls who prefer more blonde tones and want their dark roots to look sexy and pretty can certainly try this hairstyle. The overall hair color is 613 blonde with 3-4 inches of black roots near the roots. dark roots give a natural transition to the darker roots. The style of this wig is a lace front wig. The length of the wig is available in 20 inches and 24 inches.

3. Ginger With Dark Roots Body Wave Wig

Ginger With Dark Roots Body Wave Wig

Ginger wig is a very fantastic and stylish wig. In winter, a ginger wig looks warm and cozy. Because winter clothes are mainly black, brown, and tan, a wig of this color can brighten up your overall outfit and attract your beauty .

Wearing this wig will make you stand out among black and blonde Hair, and with some simple hairstyles, it will make you look sexy and attractive. the combination of Ginger, Dark Roots, and Body Wave makes the hairstyle look solid and textured. And it will make you look unique enough in the crowd. It blends ginger and black and will look fair on one's complexion.

4. Brown With Dark Roots Jerry Curly Wig

Brown With Dark Roots Jerry Curly Wig

This wig is classic and common. one of the great things about Jerry Curly is its versatility! Your Hair can be styled in so many different ways, and it looks great in a brimless beanie or draped over your favorite fall scarf.

This wig is very classic and common. one of the great things about Jerry Curly is that it is so versatile! Your Hair can be styled in so many different ways, and it looks great in a brimless beanie or draped over your favorite fall scarf.

5. Burgundy With Dark Roots Jerry Curly Wig

If you've always thought of yourself as someone who can't hold a redhead, then this Dark Roots style will change your mind. The combination of red Hair and dark Hair will not overwhelm your appearance; it will still express your attitude and character.


What's more, Dark roots are an affordable but very popular hair color trend. It is also popular with many celebrities such as Ashley Benson, Diane Kruger, Kristen Stewart, and many more. Click on the link and choose your product now!

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