The countdown to Halloween is coming. Are you looking forward to Halloween? Ready for your Halloween costume and Halloween wig? It's really exciting to think about. But some people may feel flustered. During the week of Halloween, your friends text you at the last minute to invite you to a costume party. For those who have no time to shop, you can only rely on your creativity, and transform existing costumes and wigs, just like Halloween magic.

A unique signature hairstyle will be a big reason to stand out from the crowd, your friends will instantly see you in the crowd, and people around you will be amazed by your look. Your costume will also be more distinctive with the glamour hairstyle. So how to choose a surprising Halloween wig, many people will choose cosplay hairstyles or colorful wigs, now let's follow this post to see those very Halloween-inspired hair colors and styles.

1. Classic Character Cosplay

Halloween is the only holiday where you can dress freely and no one says. Before Halloween, everyone will dress up as they like. Some people are looking for beauty, some people are looking for personality, and some people are looking for horror. These different costumes make Halloween extra interesting.

When it comes to Halloween, many people choose very classic cosplay. Such as Harley Quinn, Elsa, Kucera, Marilyn Monroe, etc., as a tribute to an idol or character, and thus set off a burst of fashion trends in the world of hairstyles.

2. Rainbow Color Wigs

The prevalence of colored hairstyles for Harley Quinn hair is that colored wigs are more popular, and more rainbow-colored wigs and combinations of various colors have appeared one after another. The multi-colored wig design makes you look fresh, very dynamic, and has a lot of personality, it is a very distinctive wig, very suitable for Halloween style, people can feel your confidence, bold, flamboyant, and dazzling at a glance.

3.Split dyed Hair Wigs

Disney's villain Kuila's hairstyle belongs to split dyed hair, In addition to black and white color matching, it can also be white and blue, black and orange color matching, different colors will show different beautiful effects, split dyed hairstyles are also one of the must-have classic looks for Halloween.

4. Money Piece Highlights

This hairstyle has generated heated discussions, and this playful hair color has been one of the most popular hairstyles in recent years, and until now, the craze has not subsided. Not only can it be used perfectly as a Halloween or party hairstyle, but it can also be used in everyday life. This hairstyle is popular all over the world. Originally popular in the 90s, this hairstyle features accent highlights in the bangs and defines your face. Most hair stylists will choose bright bangs with black hair at the back for a clear contrast, such as red, platinum, green, or pink. If you like bold styling, you can try it.

5. Skunk Stripe Hair

Skunk stripe hairstyle has become social media's major influence on how quickly people adopt new trends. The color of the skunk-striped hair highlights is bolder, brighter, and even more exaggerated than the money piece highlights. Combining two contrasting colors, sometimes as stripes on the sides of the face, sometimes as separated halves and halves, and sometimes as top and bottom layers, the style is very varied. The skunk stripe hairstyle is usually in striking colors such as red, platinum, Gold, orange, etc. This style can make you look very playful and individual.

6. Sheer Color Wig

Some single-color hair is also very attractive, such as charming pink or fresh green wigs, bright red or yellow wig, slightly warm orange wig, and romantic blue or purple wig, although it is made in only one color, also makes this wig attractive due to the extremely unique color. It is also a very eye-catching style for Halloween or parties.

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7. Changeable 613 hair wig

Finally, for Halloween, there is a very suitable hair color, it is 613 blonde human hair wigs. Although 613 hair has been dyed blonde, this color is classic, bold and individual, it is a timeless classic hair color. If you want to try other colors, you can just dye it to any color you want without bleaching. So it has infinite possible colors and can be used on many occasions.


As an annual festival, Christmas has a very long tradition and profound meaning. At this festival, you can relax, make bolder attempts, and show your charm. Are you ready for Halloween? If you have any new ideas for Halloween, please let us know in the comments section.