360 lace wig is an amazing invention that has brought a surprise to the wig lovers. It turns into fashionable products among celebrities and ordinary people these years. Especially for those who suffer from hair loss, alopecia, or medium or severe balding. The 360 lace frontal wigs will be highly recommended for them. Because by acquiring them you can decide where to inflate your hair and then hide the hairless area.

In this post, you will read:

What is a 360 lace wig?

Which is better 360 wig or full lace?

How long can you wear a 360 wig?

How do you wear a 360 wig without glue?

How can I make my 360 wig look natural?

What Is A 360 Lace Wig?

A 360 lace human hair wig is a kind of wig with a circle lace around the head. The human hair in this lace part is knotted into the lace hole by hand. Another part of the 360 lace front wigs is made of the high stretch machine-made wig cap, bonding with the lace edge. The 100% human hair is sewn onto the machine-made wig cap. The real human hair 360 lace wigs with baby hair also need women to cut the lace to create a beautiful hairline.

360 lace front wigs

Which is better 360 wig or full lace?

To know the difference between 360 frontal wig and full lace wig, we must know what is full lace first.

The 360 human hair wigs are 100% hand-tied with a cap, and a high-quality imported lace is placed on the top of the cap, the hair knotted into the lace hole by hand. It covers the entire head and must be installed slightly differently than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. It is best to wear a wig cap, especially when installing a full lace wig since it will be covering your entire head.

The differences between 360 wig and full lace wig:

1. The breathability is different

The high-quality lace used on the human hair wig has a strong ability to breathe. That is to say, the bigger the lace area, the stronger the breathability is. So the breathability of a full lace wig will be stronger than a 360 lace wig.

2. The sew-in procedure is different

If talking about the complexity of the 360 lace frontal wigs and the cheap full lace wigs with human hair, the full lace wig installation will be a little more complex than a 360 lace wig installation because of the lace area.

3. The cost is different

Regarding the cost, the cost of a full lace human hair wig will be a little higher than a 360 lace wig because of the lace area.

360 frontal wigs

How long can you wear a 360 wig?

Generally speaking, we can not give you the exact answer: how long will a 360 wig last? Because there are many kinds of lace closure, hair texture, production technology, and other influencing factors. For the same lace closure, hair color, hair length, hair, and hair quality, and all are the same. If there are two people buying them at the same time, the life of the lace closure will not be the same, depending on how you wear it and your hair care condition.

To be honest, the 360 frontal wigs can last for how long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it so that last longer. Usually, it can last at least 6 months, it will be longer if you treat it well. If you want to wear it for a longer time, try to buy the best 360 lace wigs with famous brands.

How do you wear a 360 wig without glue?

Most of the lace wigs should be installed with glue because the glue can make it tightly. But

As we know that glue is a chemical product and it will harmful to our health. And it may cause hair loss if you wear the wigs for a long time. So here we will share with you how to wear a 360 frontal lace wig without glue.

1. Clips

Most wigs come with clips or combs attached to the wig to provide you with a secure fit. These clips are positioned at 4 regions - the forehead, above each ear, and towards the back of your head.

These clips can also be easily re-positioned to the regions which you are comfortable with. Just simply cut and sew them back on.

To quickly wear your wig, simply attach these clips to your natural hair to get a secure fit. This is ideal when you have a wig that is perfectly sized for your head.

cheap 360 lace frontal wig

2. Wig Tape

Wig tape is a great alternative to using glue. These are easily removable and help your skin breathe.

This transparent tape can be safely applied by adding a bit of scalp protector at the regions you want to secure your wig.

Simply swipe your forehead skin with rubbing alcohol to clean the area. Apply the protector and then place your tape. To secure your wig simply remove the protective paper off the tape and wear your wig.

Gently press on the regions for 5-10 secs to make a secure, natural-looking fit for your wig.

3. Elastic bands

Many wigs come with elastic to easily wear them anytime you want but many others don't. If your wig doesn't come with an elastic band then you can sew on horizontally along the back of your wig. This is best suited for people who have accidentally bought wigs that are a few sizes bigger.

Through the elastic band, now you can wear and remove your wig anytime you want.

360 lace wig

How can I make my 360 wigs look natural?

As far as we know, when we check whether the wig looks natural or not, usually just keep your wig's natural hairline and the frontal hair looks natural enough. So grab a few hairs on your front use the tweezers pull out some hair to make this front hair a little less fluffy, then use the eyebrow razor along your natural hairline to razor the human hair 360 lace wigs' hairline and use the toothbrush to combing. In words, making frontal hair is very important for wearing a lace front wig naturally.

Then, make the baby's hair. For baby hair, this can according to your own requirements, someone likes baby hair because it is can make your face look smaller, if you just use a comb, along the natural hairline to comb a strand of hair and cut it to the length of the baby hair that you want. Besides, baby hair can hide the mark of lace cutting, making our wigs more natural so you can try this!


Above all is about the 360 lace wig that you may be interested in. You can get top-quality real human hair 360 full lace wigs and other lace wigs from us at affordable prices. Just feel free to contact us if you have any questions.