In recent years, protective hairstyles have gained immense popularity, with a multitude of options available to those looking to experiment with their hair. Two styles that have captured the imagination of many are butterfly locs and faux locs. Both are stunning protective hairstyles, but they come with their own unique features, advantages, and considerations. In this article, we'll delve into the characteristics of each, comparing their benefits and drawbacks to help you decide which might be the better choice for you.

butterfly locs

1.What Are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are a relatively new addition to the world of protective hairstyles. This style was inspired by goddess locs, which are a variation of faux locs. Butterfly locs are characterized by their loose, textured, and wavy appearance. They have a more natural, bohemian vibe compared to traditional faux locs.

long butterfly locs

2.How to Install Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are typically created by wrapping sections of hair extensions around your natural hair, giving the impression of authentic locs. The installation process usually involves using crochet or latch hook methods, which ensures a secure and long-lasting style.

butterfly locs hairstyles

3.What Are Faux Locs?

Faux locs have been around for a longer period and have been a favorite among those looking to emulate the look of traditional locs without the long-term commitment. Faux locs are a hairstyle that blend synthetic hair extensions with your natural hair to create a loc look. Faux locs can either be applied with a braid-in or crochet method.They are typically characterized by their cylindrical, rope-like appearance and can be installed in various lengths and thicknesses.

Faux locs hairstyle

4.How to Install Faux Locs?

Faux locs are usually created using a combination of braiding or twisting your natural hair and then wrapping extensions around the braids or twists. This method provides a secure foundation, and the extensions are then tightly wrapped to achieve the desired loc look.

Faux locs

5.The Versatility of Butterfly Locs and Faux locs

One of the standout features of butterfly locs is their versatility. They can be styled in various ways, including updos, half-up half-down styles, or worn loose for a carefree look. The wavy texture gives a soft, romantic feel that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Similar to butterfly locs, faux locs offer a range of styling options. They can be worn up or down, in buns, ponytails, or even braided into more intricate designs. Faux locs are known for their versatility and adaptability to different occasions and settings.

butterfly loc

6.Regular Maintenance Butterfly Locs and Faux locs

Maintaining butterfly locs requires some care, but they are generally considered low-maintenance compared to other styles like braids or twists. Regular moisturizing and gentle cleansing will help to keep them looking fresh. They can last for several weeks to a few months, depending on how well they are cared for.

Faux locs require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh and neat. It's important to moisturize both your natural hair and the extensions to prevent dryness and frizz. With proper care, faux locs can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks.

butterfly locs hairstyle

7. Butterfly Locs vs. Faux Locs, Which Is Better?

There are some differences between Butterfly Locs and Faux locs, and you can determine your choice based on these differences, personal preferences and lifestyle:

1. Appearance: Butterfly locs have a looser, more natural texture, while faux locs have a more defined and structured appearance.

2. Installation Time: Butterfly locs can be quicker to install due to their looser style, whereas faux locs may take longer, especially if you opt for smaller, more intricate locs.

short butterfly locs

3. Versatility: Both styles offer a wide range of styling options, allowing you to experiment with different looks.

4. Comfort: Butterfly locs are generally considered lighter and less cumbersome compared to faux locs, which can be quite heavy, especially when installed tightly.

5. Maintenance: Butterfly locs are typically considered more low-maintenance compared to faux locs, which require more diligent care to prevent frizz and unraveling.


If you prefer a more natural, carefree look and value a lighter, quicker installation, butterfly locs might be the better choice. On the other hand, if you're after a more structured, defined look and don't mind the additional maintenance, faux locs could be the ideal option.

Whatever, both styles are stunning protective hairstyles that can enhance your natural beauty, so don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with your hair!