Unlike the pursuit of simple and relaxed hair styles in 2023, the hair trends in 2024 tend to be more polished, exquisite and luxurious, through styling to make the hair look fuller, bouncy and sexy. The "Baroque Bob" is a prominent new hairstyle in 2024. Many celebrities have shown off this baroque bob haircut on the red carpet that exudes charm and sophistication. This sophisticated and versatile hairstyle combines elegance and playfulness The blend of styles makes it a favorite among trendsetters and fashion lovers. We’ve learnt the Baroque Bob haircuts' origins, benefits, and styling tips in blog- Does Baroque Bob Worth In 2024? Today, we'll continue to delve into what makes the Baroque Bob unique, who loves this style, why it's gaining popularity, and showcase some celebrities who have embraced the Baroque Bob haircut.

Baroque Bob

1. What Is A Baroque Bob?

The Baroque Bob is a variation of the classic bob haircut, which draws inspiration from the Baroque period hairstyle and timeless Hollywood icons haircuts such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. Baroque period hairstyles were opulence and intricate, placing heavy emphasis on detail work. The Baroque bob also has extremely detailed cuts and styling, looks elaborate, heavily styled, and gorgeously exaggerated. This style generally sits above the shoulders and has longer, looser layers and styled curly texture, which adds depth and dimension to the hair and allows for more variety in the look. What sets the Baroque Bob apart is its artistic, often incorporating soft curls, waves, or layers to create a bouncy, full, romantic and vintage-inspired look.

Baroque bob hairstyle

2.Main Features of Baroque Bob

Length: The Baroque Bob typically falls around chin length, but variations can include longer bobs that graze the shoulders.

Layers: This hairstyle incorporates layers to add volume and movement, giving it a dynamic and lively appearance.

Texture: Soft curls, waves, or tousled layers are key elements of the Baroque Bob, adding a touch of romance and playfulness to the overall look.

Styling: While the Baroque Bob can be styled in various ways, including sleek and polished or tousled and textured, it often embraces a natural and effortless vibe.

baroque bob hairstyles

3.Why the Baroque Bob is the 2024 New Hair Trend?

The Baroque Bob has gained popularity as the 2024 new hair trend for five compelling reasons:

Versatility: Its versatile length and styling options make it suitable for various face shapes and hair textures, allowing for personalized adaptations.

Elegance: The fusion of classic bob elements with Baroque-inspired details exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, making it a versatile choice for both casual and formal occasions.

Modern Appeal: The inclusion of soft waves, layered cuts, and angled silhouettes adds a modern twist to the traditional bob haircut, appealing to fashion-forward individuals.

baroque bob haircuts

Celebrity Endorsement: Many celebrities and influencers have embraced the Baroque Bob hairstyle, showcasing its versatility and allure on red carpets and social media platforms, further fueling its popularity.

Low Maintenance: Despite its stylish appearance, the Baroque Bob is relatively low maintenance, making it a practical yet fashionable choice for everyday wear.

4.Celebrities Who Love Baroque Bob

The Baroque Bob haircut has garnered many lovers among individuals who appreciate a blend of classic elegance and contemporary style, including celebrities who originally pioneered the baroque bob fashion:

Zendaya: Known for her bold and fashion-forward choices, Zendaya has embraced the Baroque Bob, adding her own flair to the hairstyle.

Baroque Bob haircut

Emma Stone: The award-winning actress has sported a Baroque Bob on several occasions, showcasing how versatile and chic this haircut can be.

Emma Stone

Margot Robbie: The Australian actress has been seen sporting a Baroque Bob with effortless waves, highlighting the hairstyle's romantic and feminine appeal.

Margot Robbie

Lucy Hale: The actress and singer has experimented with different variations of the Baroque Bob, showcasing its adaptability to different face shapes and personal styles.

Lucy Hale


The Baroque Bob haircuts’ timeless appeal, versatility, and endorsement by celebrities have contributed to its status as a 2024 new hair trend. Whether you're a trendsetter looking to make a fashion statement or someone who appreciates vintage-inspired aesthetics, the Baroque Bob offers a unique and sophisticated option for hair styling and offers endless possibilities for style and expression. Come on to try baroque bob- the coveted new hair trend of 2024, consult with your hairstylist to customize the length, layers, and styling techniques to suit your preferences and lifestyle.