I think nothing is more important than having the perfect hairstyle for the right occasion. No matter if you're attending a high-end event or with your significant other for a friend's wedding, you want to make sure you're the best in the room!

For many American-African girls, they can also have beautiful hairstyles by install hair extensions. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is the best one to make any hairstyles for its soft, long lasting and good textures characteristics.

Now we will show some classic hairstyles of Brazilian hair weave for you. And you will never struggle with hairstyle questions when you are going on some important occasions.

1.The Flirty First Date

Let's talk about hair that is sleek and straight. Every girl's first date is significant in their life.Virgin Brazilian straight hair is known for it's medium to the high luster and worry-free benefit when it comes to matters of tangling and shedding.Brazilian straight hair weave bundles offer the added perk that all wefts are machine reinforced and cuticles are aligned facing toward the same direction.

For most, straight hair is a dominant, feminine style that when adequately straightened exhibits high gloss and movement.Of course, Brazilian straight lace closure is necessary when installing virgin Brazilian straight hair bundles.

For the first date, vibes are flowing and so should your sleek, straight Brazilian hair. So you must try to have your best Brazilian straight hair to flatter you more.

2.The Wedding Date

Weddings are the best because they are a great opportunity to be fun and glamorous all at the same time. The first rule of the art of being the perfect date is being social, and nothing is a better conversation starter than, "I love your hair!" One way to achieve such glory is by rocking the long flowing side fishtail braid.

It's important to, first, have the right products at hand to get the look and secondly, have the right hair. Virgin Brazilian loose wave hair is the right product to braid.The Loose wave Brazilian hair gives a beautiful natural wave pattern. It will hold nicely giving the right amount of frizz. It is voluminous and soft.

These beautifully defined waves will give you a more bouncy look. It is extremely versatile and gives extra edge and volume to your hair. Loose wave hair braid is more fashion than straight hair braid. An important reminder is you need to buy the high-quality loose wavy Brazilian hair which is never been treated with harmful chemicals when producing it.

3.The Elegant Gala

It's always a great time to dress your best for any high-end event and what's better than a gala?

A swept over style would be a good compliment to such an elegant atmosphere leaving a red carpet impression. An easy hairstyle swept over body wave hair is the perfect look accentuating all types of sexy for the evening. A convenient way to get this look is by using virgin Brazilian body wave hair neatly combed out. This will still give volume and body.

Lastly, sweep all of the hair to your best side opposite of the side part. Keep your swept Brazilian body hair weaves in place by tucking several bobby pins in your hair along the nape of your neck. Once you have done you'll be paparazzi ready! Be sure to grab a soft firm hold spray to keep those waves flowing all night long.

 4.Birthday Party

One of the most important days in a girls life is her birthday! It's the ideal time to celebrate living your best life. Birthdays are a great opportunity to look your best especially when it comes to hair. Picking the right hairstyle for your big day is major.

The most important key is to stand out since it's your special day. A girl can never go wrong with voluminous curls that are full of body and relentless in staying curly. The bigger, the better girl!

The ideal type of hair to use to get this look is the long Brazilian curly weave hair. This hair gives a wild wave pattern with gorgeous soft coils to help in retaining that voluptuous curl.Curly Brazilian weave hair is typically soft, relatively thick and very durable.Due to the natural density, the hair has it is also less likely to frizz which is a big plus.


We know that choosing the perfect hairstyle for the designated occasion is crucial to the ultimate slay. I hope these hairstyles provide more inspiration for you to be your most confident self-rocking the style of your choice. Choose the right style that allows you to break conventional boundaries and be the light in any room.

Be comfortable with whatever look you choose and remember to be empowered when you rock it!