Do you want a hairstyle that is both full of bohemian style and goddess? Then you can rejoice because talented hairstylist Kailyn (aka Boho Babe) from Miami created this hairstyle. Check out this beautiful and unique passion twist, a protective hairstyle full of chic boho looks that is quite eye-catching, and this standout hairstyle has also rocked the fashion world. If you are looking for a beautiful protective hairstyle, you can go for the passion twists hairstyle. Read on to learn more about boho passion twists.

1. What Are Passion Twists?

When you combine a Senegalese-inspired twist with Goddess Locs, you are looking at what a passion twist looks like, and it is also called a passion twist because of the twisted nature of the braids. This protective style was created and popularized by hairstylist Kailyn Rogers (aka The Boho Babe), so it's also known as boho passion twists. Because her clients asked for an easy-to-manage hairstyle that looked natural, Kailyn began experimenting with creating a new hairstyle, and the Passion Twist was born and became popular. In January 2018, Kailyn first revealed her passionate twists to the world on Instagram and it went viral instantly. The hashtag #passiontwists has also become trendy on Instagram and garnered a ton of search results. Due to the overwhelming response, Rogers posted a YouTube tutorial explaining the basic steps to replicating the look, and of course, the video garnered a lot of attention, with more and more people adopting the passionate twist as their go-to protective style.

The Passion Twist is very similar to the Senegalese Double Strand Twist, the only difference being the texture of the hair used to create the twist, and the passion twists with curls. Hair for a passion twist has looser curls that can be wavy or corkscrew curls. Curly hair creates a looser, voluminous twist, while Senegalese twists tend to have a smoother, tighter look.

Boho Passion Twists

Because of the natural, fresh, long-lasting, and unique characteristics of passion twists, it is loved by many black women. Many celebrities have also worn this passionate twist hairstyle, such as Taraji P. Henson and Keke Palmer. Plus, top magazines Elle and Essence have reviewed it featuring innovative styles, further boosting its popularity. Passion Twist can be installed with real or synthetic hair. If you plan on using hot curlers, curling irons, etc., choose real human hair, but be careful to never heat synthetic hair.

2. How Long Do Passion Twists Last?

As with any hair and hairstyle, there is a time limit for how long it lasts, and like most protective styles, the passion twist hairstyle typically lasts six to eight weeks. How you care for your passion twists and how you install them can also have an impact on specific results. But given the health of your natural hair, you shouldn't install passion twists for too long.

boho twist

3. How to Install Passion Twists?

Installing passion twists is not difficult, first you need to prepare the tools needed to install passion twists: the clips, a tail comb, and wavy hair. You can also find guides on YouTube that will show you how to do it before weaving, and of course, you can make an appointment at a salon, but you need to pay extra. Below we look at the steps to install passion twists individually.

passion twist hairstye

Step 1: Wash and dry your natural hair first, preferably if your hair is slightly wavy or curly, human hair extensions can blend well with your natural hair.

Step 2: Install Passion Twists. Here are two ways, one is to install passion twists by crocheting them into cornrows or box braids, and the other is to add some wavy human hair to your natural hair. Start by dividing your hair into sections and securing it with clips. Now, braid your hair and twist your natural hair with extensions, you can decide how tight or loose the hair twist is. The shape of your passion twists can be slim or chunky, or a mix of both, depending on the unique style you want to create.

4. Why Are Passion Twists a Good Protective Style?

passion twists hairstyle

You want to have a hairstyle that combines the properties of nourishing hair and unique beauty. Passion twists are one such protective hairstyle that will do exactly what you need. Hair is often more prone to breakage and dryness during the colder months. Boho twist ensures your natural hair is protected, it's a great way to keep your hair healthy and moisturizes your scalp with ease.

5. Conclusion

Passion twist hairstyle can create many different styles, it saves time and effort, and it is also cheaper. You can choose the length of hair according to your needs, and you can complete a passion twist hairstyle in a short time. Nadula Hair specializes in high-quality human hair wigs and various hair extensions, available in a wide variety of styles and colors, choosing the right hair and hairstyle is sure to help you top the trend list.