Nadula Hair a natural root-to-tip 100% remy human hair manufacturer, is dedicated to supplying natural, durable and luxurious hair to every charming lady in the world. To make your beautiful look in a natural way is our never-changing pursuit.  We provide top quality virgin human hair products including Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and Malaysian hair in body wave, jerry curl, silk straight, deep wave, natural wave, etc. to end consumers, distributors, vendors, salon and online store owners around the world. Here we will check what Youtubers say about Nadula hair under real light after wearing by themselves! Seeing is believing!

Jazz Nicole is a very famous Youtuber and she has more than 172K fans on her channel. She is one of the loyal fans of Nadula virgin hair extensions. Now let's see her review of Brazilian deep wave hair.

1. "This time I got the Brazilian deep wave once again."

Hey guys, it's jazz and today I'm going to be doing a review for Nadula hair Company. So if you guys have been watching my channel then you guys know that I love not do my hair and this time I got the Brazilian deep wave once again. That's the one that I had about a month ago. As well, that was the blonde kind of curly short wig that I did. I made it curly and I really wanted to show you guys this time around what the hair looks like. It is a natural state, so yeah, I got the Brazilian deep wave. I got long hair this time. They are an 18inch closure with three bundles. I got a 24inch long bundle and then two 26 inch long bundles.

I'll stand up right now. So you guys can see and also I did trim it. If you guys can see like the ends are kind of straight because I did give it a little bit of a trim. I don't know. I thought I wanted later lengths but then when I made the way guys, I want it a kind of blunt and a kind of fluffy, so that's what I've done to it. And I don't know if you guys can tell on camera as I'm looking in the viewfinder, it doesn't really look like how it looks in person.

2. "It is rich eggplant and I have never seen this color before. So when I saw this color I loved it."

But the hair is purple, so I don't know if you guys can see that at all. But it is a deep plum color. I'll turn around so maybe it is, but it is actually super deep plum, so yeah I dyed its part, and the color that I used is from my holy grail hair color brown adore. It is rich eggplant and I have never seen this color before. So when I saw this color I loved it.

Oh my God. I have to try this so I did have to bleach it in order for the color to show up because the hair comes in a natural or black color, so I had to bleach it one time. And what I used to bleach it is BW to bleach by Clairol..... So that's it about the color.

brazilian deep wavy hair

3. "The Brazilian deep wave hair itself is very soft very tangle free."

The hair itself as always it's very very soft very very tangle free, even for curly hair and manipulating the top to make it bigger. But if you want to know whether the texture looks like the true texture. This is what the true texture will look like, so that is what the deep wave looks like completely manipulated with no product or anything at all. so yeah that is what it looks like when you first get it that is the texture, that it is when you don't do anything to it, so they brush it out to get it big and just kind of like fluffy and whatnot and I really like it.

4. "I always like Nadula hair. I'm gonna bleach the knots on this closure and it just looked so natural."

 I always like Nadula hair. They have not yet to disappoint me. I love their closures because it looks so natural.I've got tweezers closure. I'm gonna bleach the knots on this closure and it just looked so natural. I don't have any concealers. I know I'm probably doing that. I don't have any concealer or anything on this closure, and I just think that the closures on all of my night and it look really really natural. and I really like that.

deep curls brazilian hair

Here is the real feedback from Jaza Nicole. Will you try the deep curly Brazilian hair now? Click here to shop for it now. Of course, you can choose the hair bundles with 360 closures to save money. Besides, do you know how to care for the deep curly human hair?

    Taking Care of Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave and Kinky Curly hair requires more maintenance than other types of hair but with the proper products and care your hair can last you a very long time. Taking care of deep wave hair is a process, it is not a wash and go type of hair. If you are looking for a wash and go please check out our straight or body wave hair as those require little to no maintenance.

brazilian hair reveiws


Q: What products should I use in my curly hair?

 A: After researching and testing many different products we have found that The best products (which are also affordable) are Cantu Complete Conditioning Co-Wash and Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream.

Q: How often should I wash my curly hair?

 A: We recommend washing your curly hair once a week, at this time use the Cantu Complete Conditioning Co-Wash, this co-wash acts as a shampoo and conditioner and will take all of the dirt and impurities right out of your hair, after you wash your hair with this product your curls will be refreshed!

Q: What should I do to my curly hair at night?

A: At night you should put your hair in 2-4 two strand twists with a hair tie at the end and wear a silk bonnet, this will prevent hair from breaking and keep your hair silky.

Q: What if my curly hair looks frizzy between washes?

 A: Use a drop or two of any Anti-Frizz serum onto your hair, be careful not to use too much so that your hair doesn't appear greasy!

Q: After I wash my curly hair what should I do to it?

A: If you need to wash your hair and go we suggest you use a blow-dryer on medium heat with a diffuser If you have time we recommend putting your hair in 2-4 two strand twists and letting your hair air dry. With both, you will get great results but air drying is always healthier for your hair!

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