After you have hair extensions, you may want to try many different styles. With the right extensions, you can upgrade your blow-out routine and even add some hair to that quick messy bun before you run out of the house. If you have a straight hair extension, maybe you would like to curl it. You can style your hair extensions with curlers, straighteners, bobby pins, and so on. In this article, I will introduce you to how to curl hair extensions.

Can I Curl My Hair Extensions?

How to curl hair extensions?

If you're familiar with hair styling, curling hair extensions can be just as easy. In addition, if you're wearing clip-on extensions, do remember that it's easier to style them when you're actually wearing them. Be gentle when handling your hair, whether it's your natural strand or the added human strand. Normally, this process is pretty straightforward.

How to curl hair extensions?

1. Pay attention to using heat protection when using styling tools at hair extensions

As standard practice, if you apply heat to hair extensions or your natural hair, you should always use a heat protection spray. These products are designed to protect the surface of your hair from the extreme heat applied directly to your hair, which is especially important when it comes to hair extensions so that your extensions last as long as possible.

2. Comb your hair extensions

Take one of your extensions and gently comb them to make sure there are no knots. In addition, the curling process only works well on dry hair. So you have to work on dry hair. If your hair is wet, it may result in dry, brittle strands that break easily.

3. Separate extensions before curling

Since we will be pinning extensions throughout the curling process, you will need to start at the bottom and segment each piece of hair. Use large section clips to keep your hair in place. Then take a section of hair, starting at the ends, and spin it around the roller. You can roll it to the top of the extension, or just part of it.

4. Cool and clip your curls

Once you've heated it for the appropriate amount of time, release the curls from the roller, but keep the curls in your hands.
Use clips or a hair grip to clip the hair around the roller, giving it time to stay in place, and spray each curl with hairspray. Letting go of curls at this point can cause them to fall out quickly, as the shape of the curls hasn't had time to fully set and the weight of the length of the hair can pull the curls out in a wave.

5. Repeat with each filling until all of the hair is in place

Now that you have your first curl, you can move on to curling the rest of your hair before placing it where it won't tangle. Let it sit for at least a few hours, preferably overnight, but as long as the spray is completely dry, you can remove the roller early.

6. Brush and style your curls

Carefully untie the hair from the roller. Don't pull too rough, or you'll mess up the curls and leave frizz. Once all the curls have been removed, gently brush your curls to complete the look. Once you're happy with the curls, use hairspray to hold them in place. Your finished look will be beautiful soft curls that last all night and won't fall straight off when you're done.

What are the best hair extensions?

In recent years, you can rely on hair extensions for versatile binding, bindings for age-old stitching, and clips that you can easily install yourself. Maybe you were born with a full head of thick, long hair, or maybe you weren't. Either way, hair extensions can help you change your hairstyle in an instant, and you can use them to style your hair, use more permanent methods in your daily routine, or even add color to prevent color damage to your hair. Here are some of the hottest hair extensions you have to try. 

1. Straight Virgin Hair WeaveStraight Virgin Hair Weave

2. Long Virgin Indian Human Hair ExtensionsLong Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions

3. 33B Dark Ginger Straight Hair Bundles33B Dark Ginger Straight Hair Bundles

4. Straight Ombre Hair Weave Straight Ombre Hair Weave

5. Kinky Curly Human Hair Extensions

Kinky Curly Human Hair Extensions


Nowadays, there are different ways to curl your hair extensions without resorting to hot styling tools. If you want to learn more about the heat-free curling technique, you can read our blog about it.