Different people own different hair style and texture.Some people may have black straight hair,some may have curly wavy hair,some may have thinner and others may have thicker hair.So when choosing hair extensions ,price is not the only factor to consider,the texture and types of hair should be put in the first place. Here Nadula Virgin Hair are some suggestions for you.

Chinese hair

The origins of hair determine the texture. The virgin Chinese hair is more health and is naturally straight, thicker and stronger than others. Good match for all types in general, and it’s especially good for those who want straight hair . And Chinese hair is often easily available on the market.if your hair is thick,Chinese hair may be a good choice which will match your own hair well.

indian hiar

If your hair is naturally wavy and curly, brazilian curly hair and Indian hair will be the better choice, theses virgin hair is thick, soft and naturally wavy. And they are more widely available, Brazilian and Indian hair both can blend excellently with African American locks. Therefore, it is upon you to be careful and choose the only hair. Ask your Hair Stylist to advise you choosing the type of hair that is best for your hair.

malaysian hai

Curly malaysian hair is softer and silkier. ,The curls of it can maintain well. And you do not need any product to keep the curls. This hair is naturally straight and black. Virgin Peruvian hair is often thick, straight or slightly wavy , it has a full volume

Peruvian hair

If your hair is curly or wavy, any texture such as Indian, or Brazilian would be the best choice for you. Virgin human hair can match any texture of hair.If you prefer straight hair, and flat iron your hair often, virgin human hair hair may be best for you.