What are the things that have caught the world's attention lately? Obviously! That is Coachella Music and Artist Festival! After a two-festival hiatus, Coachella 2022 has made its triumphant return. And the tickets for both weekends of this year's Coachella festival are sold out long ago, which shows how popular the festival is.

The Coachella festival is coming to an end. In addition to the performances of celebrities, the outfits for this music festival have also attracted many people's attention. You can even see many different Coachella 2022 inspos on TikTok. Today we've rounded up some popular Coachella 2022 inspirations from TikTok for us women of color. Not only for this music festival, but I believe these outfits can also give you some inspiration for your next event and daily wear.

What Is Coachella?

When we mention festival fashion, Coachella is often the first word that comes to mind. Coachella is a giant annual music festival in Indio, California. The festival has grown tremendously since its first year in 1999. As one of the most renowned music festivals in the world, thousands of music lovers and trend-setters have flocked to Greater Palm Springs for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival for the past 20 years.

Coachella Outfits Inspirations

Below we will show you some outfits for Coachella Festival from TikTok, let's take a look. Hope you can find the one that you like.

5 Outfits Shared By Gabidaiagi

@gabidaiagi Which look was your favorite?! Everything linked on my IG Reels ✨ #coachella #coachellaoutfit #MoveWithTommy ♬ ANOTHER ONE THANK YOU - kidzonmefypbelike

The first set is a purple outfit as a whole, which is very in line with the fiery atmosphere of the Coachella Music Festival; The second one is an all-white outfit with a necklace as embellishment, which highlights the charm of her complexion; The third black outfits with boots and a black hat are extremely hot, which shows the perfect body line; The fourth is the combination of black and white and red. Red always evokes enthusiasm and is fiery, perfect for music festivals in April; The last one is a silver outfit. The sequin skirts are very sparkly and glamorous.

In these outfits, you can find that Gabi Daiagi pays great attention to the color matching of clothes and shoes. Choosing boots of the same color as your outfits can make them complement each other better. A big highlight of her outfit is her hat. Hats not only serve as accessories to match your clothes, but they are also a really good fashion item, so you can try them out.

3 Outfits Shared By Tina Turntables

@tinaturntables Choosing fits for #coachellafest2022 #inspo ♬ House of the Rising Sun - sourwing_anti_cancer

Tina Turntables shared outfits of 3 different colors on TikTok. The first pink and silver outfit is so cute and youthful. And with the flower decorates on her hair, she looks like a beautiful and cute fairy. If you like cute style, then this will be suitable for you; The next rainbow outfit gives others a hot feeling, which will be very charming under the sunshine; The last one received the highest praise. The whole black outfit hits different and is so hot and cool. No matter the jacket or the hat, she definitely gets the amazing look.

Besides, we can also get some inspiration from her hair. If you have the same hair, you can make your hair into a high bun. Add some decoration or wear a hat is a good idea to make your hair wonderful.

3 Outfits Shared By Cydsimone

@cydsimone Which outfit was your favorite?! Coachella 2022 outfits #coachella2022outfits #coachellafashion #coachellaoutfit #coachellaoutfitinspo In My Mind (feat. Crystal Waters) - Never Dull

Cydsimone shared her three different outfits. The first one looks very cute, the pink bikini is very hot and cute with the pink fishnet. The second outfit is a long ombré dress from left to right that matched her skin color very well. The third is a combination of black and white. The white skirt can show off the left leg. These are not very complicated outfits, but something you can imitate in your daily life.

4 Outfits Shared By nebi.oliva

@nebi.oliva Coachella outfit inspo! @HANJAN Hangover Jelly#HANJANHerbs #Coachella2022 As It Was - Harry Styles

Neibi shared a total of four outfits. The first set is a silver outfit. The sequin top is very bright, like the scales of a mermaid princess. Silver trousers and glasses look really cool. The second is blue, which looks very suitable for hot summer and shows the perfect figure. The third outfit is also blue, and the shiny fringed top is very charming. The last one looks very simple. The beige top, bag and shoes match very well, and the green skirt plays an embellished role, which looks very comfortable and fashionable.


Today we pick four sharer’s Coachella 2022 outfits. We hope they can give you some inspirations for your next party or daily life. Everyone can be the fashion leader in life only if you find the style that is most suitable for you. We hope you can have a good time in the last day of Coachella. And let us look forward to the next Coachella Music Festival.