Hairstyles are the most key point for our look. For African-American hairstyles, and hair for that matter, are the most diverse ways that a person of African-American descent can style or design their locks. Since plenty of black people is born with hair that is comprised of small and tight curls, as compared to people belonging to other ethnicities, a lot of unique hairstyles made specifically for African-Americans are born.

Apart from this, plenty of these hairstyles takes their inspiration from African culture and history. Black hairstyles, along with curly human hair itself, are a part of black history, Beginning from tribal styles from Africans, right down to dreadlocks sported by Jamaicans, and of course, the afro haircut.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, straight hair became popular again with black people, encompassing a variety of both long hairstyles and short ones. A new product from the 80s, the Jheri curl, was a special chemical that had the ability to create wet and loose curls suited for both men and women. There are also many kinds of loose curls weave for women in the online shop.

Both genders like using dreadlocks, corkscrews, twists, braids, fades, and all sorts of hairstyles that took advantage of curly-haired textures. Even though economic depression was felt in plenty of black communities, the most successful ones were hair salons, especially found in urban communities. In fact, African-Americans who live in predominantly white suburbs frequently return to black neighborhoods to make trips to the salon.

Here we will share some curly hairstyles for black women:

Creative black curly hairstyles

Black women have awesome natural hair. They have deep black or brown color, they are very curly and the thickness of the hair is impressive. The following black curly hairstyles will give your hair a sexy shape. You can decorate your beautiful curly locks with a French braid on one side and leave the rest falling on your shoulders.

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Interesting Curly Hair On The Black Girl

Curly locks always look very sexy. You are lucky to have naturally curly hair. These interesting ideas for mixing curly hair on a black girl and stylish makeup will make you look very sexy and feminine. What can be more attractive than a woman with curly hair?

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Fabulous Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Discover a lot of fabulous curly hairstyles and black hair. Have a look at these models and you will understand that curly hair looks awesome for a casual day or a romantic date. You can leave them falling to your back or tight them on the top in a bun. Also, try to do a french braid on the top.Fresh ideas you can also find in the collection of curly human hair.

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             Hilarious African American Curly Hairstyles           

Afro-American women should be proud of their hair. If you use the following ideas of African American curly hairstyles, your curly hair will look very neat. You can try to make a bob hairstyle or let them grow naturally.

Burgundy Senegalese twist presented on the models is becoming more popular among girls with dark hair.

popular black hairstyles

Impressive Black Natural Curly Hairstyles

Most women who have natural curly hair prefer them to be long and tight into a bun. You should break this tendency and cut your hair. Have a look at these black natural curly hairstyles and you will be amazed at these ideas.

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Stylish Black Wavy Hairstyles

This season such black wavy hairstyles are very popular. Women want to look feminine and wavy hair will make you look very sensual and stylish. The waves look less aggressive compared to perm curly hair and you can play with the intensity of the waves.

If you prefer this hairstyle, wavy hair extensions are your best choice.

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 Gorgeous Short Curly Black Hair

Just look at this short curly black hair. This is a design for young women who are self-confident and very active. Such a hair design will give you a playful look, leaving all people amazed with your style. Just keep a nice shape and apply matching makeup and you will be the start!

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    Popular Natural Curly African American Hairstyles

If you have curly hair, you can try these natural curly African American hairstyles. The length till your shoulder looks very stylish and your hair will look very sexy. This is a perfect look for a date or any business meeting.

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Sexy Spiral Curls For Short Black Hair

If you have curly hair, but you want to give them a new shape, try the following spiral curls for short black hair. Such spiral curls are the latest trend in hair design. Experiment with the color, adding some highlight to make you look as bright as the star.

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 Extravagant Curly Hairstyles For Black Hair

Your curly hair is your secret weapon to attract men's glances. If you want to look stylish with your curls, try these interesting curly hairstyles for black hair. The way these models mix their hairstyles with a professional makeup and cute jewelry is really impressive.

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Cute African American Curly Hair

Curly hair always attracts people's glances. If you want to be in the middle of attention, you should try these cute African American curly hair. Such curls look very sexy. Black spirals look very feminine in combination with bright makeup and even piercing.

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Sexy Black Girl Curly Hairstyles

Are you having a party this night? Try these sexy black girl curly hairstyles, which look very sexy. You can make an accent on the length of your hair, or make braids on the top of your head and tight your curly hair in a bun. Both variants look awesome.

Trendy Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women

This season, short and curly hair is the biggest trend. If you want to look trendy, these short curly hairstyles for black women are what you need. Feel free to add a unique accent with black eyeglasses or earrings.

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Stylish Short Curly Black Hairstyles

Are you ready to make the biggest experiment with your hair? Check out these short curly black hairstyles. You should do something similar with your look. Short curly hair shaved on the sides will impress all people around for sure!


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Of course, you can make any hairstyle by installing human hair extensions. There is an article about the latest hairstyles trend for hair extensions in 2018. It will help you to learn more about the hair extensions if you would like to try them.