Yaki straight hair looks a lot like natural African-American hair that has been relaxed. Yaki straight hair is for naturals who are all for maintaining a natural look for their hair extensions and wigs. It is very popular among African-American women.

Do you love the look of natural-looking hair with volume? If you have curly or kinky hair, then a Yaki straight wig may just be what you’re looking for.

Today in this article, we will share with you detailed information about this beautiful realistic wig and the Nadula hair reviews from our real honest customers. Let’s you know how about the yaki straight human hair wig. Follow the reading to determine whether this yaki wig is worth buying.

yaki straight bob wig

The Features Of Nadula Pre-Everything Yaki Straight Wig

  • Bye Bye Knots Wig 2.0™: From easy wear to smart wear.
  • Pre-bleached Invisible Knots Light Yaki Style Wig.
  • 7x5 Upgrade Larger Lace Closure Promises Versatile Styling Choices.
  • Light Yaki Straight New Bomb Look, Refresh Your Fashion Look.
  • Deep Side Part And 3D Cap Free Install Ungrade Wig Natural Hairline.
  • Gives the Appearance of Thicker, Fuller, More Realistic Hair.
  • It resembles natural African-American hair that has been freshly flat-ironed and smoothened.
  • Multiple Clips & Adjustable Elastic Band For a Secure Fit.
  • Note: 10inch To 26inch Comes In Free Style In Default.

The Detailed About Nadula Yaki Straight Wig

  • Product Name:  Nadula Yaki Straight Pre-Everything Lace Wig
  • Hair Length: 10-26 Inch
  • Cap Size:  Average Size (Head circumference:22inches-23inches )
  • Cap Type:  Byebye knots wigs, Swiss lace
  • Lace Size: 7x5 Lace
  • Density: 150%, 180%
  • Hair Quality: 100% virgin hair, tangle-free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.
  • Characteristics: 7x5 Upgrade Pre-bleached Larger Lace Closure, Invisible Wig Knots is Beginner's Favorite
  • Processing Time: 24 Hours
  • Delivery Time:  USPS Overnight 1-2 business days; USPS 2-5 business days; DHL/UPS 3-7 business days.

Nadula Yaki Straight Wig Customer Reviews

Now, you can see the real reviews from our real honest customers.

The Real Reviews From YouTube Influencer (Installation And Reviews)

The Product Information in the Video: 7x5 Bye Bye Knots Yaki Straight Closure Wig

Hey y'all in today's video I will be reviewing a wig that I received from Nadula Hair. This is their Yaki straight 24 inch 150% density unit. As far as this is a 7x5 bye bye knots lace closure wig. The wig already comes pre-plucked, pre- bleached and pre-cut prior to filming.

How To Install The Pre-Everything Yaki Straight Wig?

I did apply my lace tint to the lace to give the lace more of a natural tone to lay my lace down. I'm applying a layer of my bold hold active on top of that glue. I'm going in with my Ean firm hold sensitive spray and applying a thin layer of that sprays for that extra. Although the lace is already pre-cut. It still went in with my thin small scissors and cut off any extra lace that was not needed.

I feel like the side tabs on closures are a little bit more difficult to glue down. So I'm going back in with my bold hold active glue and just relaying the tabs back.

Now I'm going in with my ores WG grip spray and just applying a thin layer of that spray on top of the lace. So that the lace can get an extra hold and it'll also take away that white cast on the lace as well.

I decided to do a middle part style on this wig and as you can see, the parting space run so deep and I love that because it gives the wig more of an natural look.

Now I'm going in with my blow dryer on the hottest heat setting and I'm going in with my brush as well and I'm going over the top of this wig to flatten this wig and give it that nice natural. Sleek type of look what we want to go for a nice flatten store.

So I'm going in with my hot comb on the hotest heat setting and flattening the top of this wig with my hot comb. Since I'll be curling this wig. I'm going in with my razor comb.

I'm adding layers to the wig adding layers to your hair is the most important step. When it comes to curling your hair because the layers will add so much definition volume and longevity to your curls.

yaki straight deep part wig

Now it's time to start styling the wig. So I'm going in with my cheese silk infusion serum and applying a generous amount of that serum until the hair. I'm spraying my Sebastian hairspray to the hair so that the curls can last longer. This is another important step.

When it comes to combing your curls out make sure that the comb is a wide tube comb, if not, then you can definitely risk messing up the curls and just ruining the curl pattern overall.

Now this step is optional, but I love that volume in the front of my hair. So I'm taking my hot comb and just combing the hair more towards. The Parting space and just pushing the hair upwards at this point. I'm just teasing the hair a little bit and seeing how I want the curls to and frame my face. So here is the final look of this unit and I honestly loved the outcome of this wig.

The Real Reviews From YouTube Influencer Monae Bee

The quality of this wig is definitely up. There it was nice and soft especially for a Yaki straight wig and my favorite thing is the actual texture itself. The Yaki texture just always gives a natural blowout and anything that looks natural and close to my hair type.

This yaki straight human hair wig is always a win for me for the initial install. I decided to go with no baby hairs but then for this part right here. I added a little bit of baby hair just to see how the style look.

With and without baby hairs and honestly, I like it either way. I feel like the style still gives off this night classic natural type of look. And lastly I really appreciated how easy it was to install. This pre-everything yaki straight wig was pretty much pre-customized all.

The Real Reviews From Real Customers

The Reviews Of Nadula 7x5 Bye Bye Knots 2.0™ Natural Looking Yaki Bob Glueless Straight Wig

yaki hair bob wig

Customers’ comments

Thanks for reaching out. It's a beautiful wig. I will start wearing the wig(s) I ordered from you. I got another one after I saw how nice my first one was. When I start wearing them, I'll take pictures and leave a review. I'll also send them to you. -@M***n

Absolutely loved the wig! The quality is outstanding and it looks incredibly natural. Everything I thought it would be and the lace comes melted! Great lace and great hair! I didn't have to use any glue, no makeup and you see it looks super natural. -@A***a

I love this hair so much! The wig was pre plucked and all I did was bleach the knots. The density is full and the hair is just beautiful. -@H***s

The Reviews Of Nadula Kinky Straight And Yaki Straight 13x4 Pre Everything Wig

yaki straight pre-everything wig

Customers’ comments

Accurate length, texture & density. Preplucked, bleached knots. This unit was poppin straight out of the box. It’s a Yaki - so it’s not as rough or poufy as the kinky straight, but it’s still a nice natural, blow out texture. Five stars. Highly recommended. -@K***i

True length, soft hair, nice & full. Beginner friendly like someone like me. People came up to me & said they didn't realize how long my hair is. I just giggled and said thank you. -@S***e

I purchased the Bye-Bye Knots Yaki Wave unit! I took this unit to my stylist for customization, my stylist did not have to bleach the knots nor pluck the hairline! This unit is exactly as described on the Nadula site! There are so many things that I love about this unit! I love that the Bye-Bye Knots units have invisible pre-bleached knots, the hairline is pre-plucked, the lace is pre-cut, I am so happy with this unit and can't wait to purchase another Bye-Bye Knots unit! I definitely give this baby a 10! -@M***e

The Reviews Of Nadula 6x4.75 and 13x4 Light Yaki Bob Straight Wig With Bleach Knots

pre-cut bob wig

Customers’ comments

This is my first time purchasing this wig and I definitely love it. It was bleached, prefect bob length and no smell. I still def be purchasing again. -@C***e

This wig is so awesome. Parted and plucked to perfection. and also they cut the lace and bleached the lace, I only slide my wig behind my hairline and I love it. -@A***a

I was so excited to receive my second nadula wig. The 14-inch yaki wig was simply beautiful and oh so soft. The style is cute and I love the fact its throw on and go. -@L***a


I think you have learned more about Nadula Yaki straight wig. We hope that this article has helped you make a decision about buying this yaki wig. All of our customer reviews are 5 stars. Because our Yaki straight pre-everything front wig has a lot of benefits:

  • Natural Look:  the fresh silk press style gives us a natural & realistic look.
  • Versatile Style:  can be styled in various ways to match your mood and outfit.
  • Easy to Wear: pre-cut lace makes it easy to wear and remove.
  • Premium Quality:  made with high-quality human hair, they are soft, smooth, and durable.
  • Comfortable Fit:  the wig cap is comfortable, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.
  • All occasions:  workdays, vacations, gym days, or social events.

After reading this article, do you think Nadula yaki straight wigs are worth buying? Grab this chance to get the best quality pre-everything lace front wig to achieve your unique beauty and natural look. It is your absolute go-to forever.