Are you looking for jerry curly human hair wig? Then you can click here to view detailed jerry curly hair information, it may be just right for you. This hair texture is loved by many people around the world due to a number of factors. For example, they can easily blend into your own natural curls, and you can easily change your hairstyle and color, this hair will give you the perfect curl effect. Let's take a look at how the Internet celebrity Kie Rashon evaluates this hair, and she will also give us a very detailed installation demonstration.

1. Introduction of Main Content of Videos From Influencers Kie Rashon

Hey y'all, welcome back to my channel. it's your girl Kie Rashon. Today's video is brought to you by the Nadula hair. They sent me another unit to review for you guys. I know I sound a little funky, but then I ain't stopping nothing now for this install, I'll be going step by step to show you guys how to get this wig from a to slate. We're gonna be talking about some things while I'm doing it, so make sure you stay tuned for this install if you want your hair to look like this.

2. So Big and Fluffy Nadula Curly Wigs with Convenient Design

This unit comes first from the Nadula hair, all the specs in my unit are right here on the screen, so if you want to check it out, you can. This should be a fairly easy install because it is a curly wig. Y'all know how I like my curly wigs, big and fluffy. It does come with the elastic band that's already attached to the wig, my wig has an elastic band. Your wig should have an elastic band. If it does not, make sure you contact Nadula and tell them to send you one, but Nadula goes ahead and triple-check and makes sure everybody gets the elastic band on this postie. My cap construction is really simple and easy. I'm pretty sure this is a 13x4 lace parting space, it does come with a slightly pre-plugged hairline.

Lace Frontal Wigs Curly Human Hair Wigs for Women

3. Do a Little Plucking

First, let me go ahead and cut this lace off the back because I don't need that to stay with the bars. I'm not gonna use any of my pressed powder, just let me put this wig on and see how she fits. The last band is adjustable, so I'm going to tighten it down just a little bit, because I don't want to use my wig grip, just only if I need to, I'm just going to put it on. I did get most of that smell out, but I may spray her down with a little bit of dry shampoo just to get out the rest. I'm gonna do a little plucking right at my temples just to make sure my hairline is going to sit the way I want her to sit. I just want to pull some of that length off. Even though curly hair is more forgiving, you can still put a bald spot in your curly frontal. So be careful with that if you don't feel like you have enough control for the pulling, go ahead and use your tweezers. Square tip tweezers are my faves, so that's what I use and I decide to do any type of tweezing on my wigs.

4. Use The Powder Tint The Lace

I think I'm gonna use some of my powder, where is it? I feel like the lace is already kind of tinted. I'm gonna go ahead and use my powder and put around the lace, just tint lace up, just a little bit, I'm gonna go really light though because I don't want it to get too dark. I will be putting my mousse around my hairline, some of this will come off, but it'll still be tinted enough that it'll look good.

5. Cut The Lace Off

Clip the hair back with the cloud clip. I'm gonna cut my lace in three. I only use this brush to cut my curls, these are very specific items that I use to get my curls together. I'm about to cut the lace off. Make sure you are checking the video for what products I'm using, make sure you are checking the video for my wig specs, make sure you are checking the video for what I'm doing to my wig, make sure you're checking the video to see how the wig look prior to me styling it. Okay, let me be very clear, how I style my wigs has nothing to do with the brand. okay, that's how I style the wigs. I'm just showing you what's possible for the wig that I received. However, if your wig out the pack does not look like mine, that's the issue with the brand, okay, meaning the density, the texture, the length, the curl pattern, the hairline, that is an issue with the brand, there's nothing to do with me.

6. Detangle And Co-Wash The Wig

I'm using my Yairobi wrap and shine foam lotion around the hairline, new bottle, make sure you are using that return policy or hitting up that customer support, so make sure you get a replacement or a return. All right, I want y'all to get the same wigs that I get, and I want these brands to stand by what they're sending me. So let's go ahead and wrap that.

Okay, I'm gonna do no defined middle part, the part in space is not bad. When I did that, it wasn't like super tight, so you know that's cool. This is 22 inches, it's a little bit longer than my normal look. It does look like it has some layers in it, are they uneven though? No, that's just straightened out. When I co-washed the unit, it pretty much detangled easily. I did have some shedding through with that, so you know be mindful of that when you go in to detangle and co-wash your wig that Ruby mousse all over the hair once again. There's the Moose, use my Felicia Leatherwood brush. This brush has separate legs. That's the brush that I'm using to detangle my wig and cut my curls. Do not use a paddle brush, okay? These are not the same, the curls are not going to come out the same. When I use this, Once your curls look like mine, you got to do exactly what I do, you can also use your fingers to kind of pull it together like that. If you want your ends to be clumped too, twirl them around your finger, okay? Do not tell me you did everything for the curly wig and you skipped this part because you didn't feel like you wanted to do it. If you didn't do everything, then the idea is to get it as close to looking like mine as you can by doing these steps. I don't do every single piece of hair, I do a little extra finger clumping around the wig just to give me that look. Okay, but you'll get both of them with the brush, take your hands crunch up the ends like this, and leave it alone. Okay, so both sides are defined now, this is how we are looking.

7. Diffusing The Hair

I'm hoping it gives me the look that I want again. There are no strong layers in this wig, I don't bring y'all along and show you guys the entire process of me diffusing my wig because it takes a minute. If you're trying to go through and blow dry your hair, you have to get a diffuser, you have to sit here and diffuse this wig. If you sit in the hair like this, it'll clump it and shrink it up just a little bit. You lift it a little bit, it'll give it a little bit of lift in there. I'm not going to use my pick at the end as well to fluff it up even more, so diffusing takes some time. If you want to see someone diffusing their hair, like walking you through the steps, search for it on YouTube. Okay, that's basically how I learned to sit here and put some music on and hum to myself and meditate.

curly lace frontal wig

When I go in and diffuse the rest or blow dry the rest, there are no layers in this wig, the way I wanted them to be, but it's okay. My roots are wavy, but they're not as curly as the rest of the wig, the curls are really pretty. I mean they were really pretty at the pack too, I expected them to stay getting warm outside. The big curly hair is about to be a staple and glueless. I can't be gluing everything down, I just can't do it. I can commit to a lot of things, but wearing a wig all day is not one of them. I'm gonna take my diffuser leave it on and I'm gonna diffuse a little bit more in the middle here and I'm using it on high and cool. See what we working with the front, not bad. Brush tools back, use my excess contour on my sides here, bring all the hair to the front, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. I'm gonna take off the diffuser and now I'm going to blow dry the hair on high and warm, just to dry down the rest and bush it up a little bit more.

8. Get The Beautiful Finished Look

Still glueless on my head, that elastic band on the back can be adjusted to tighten it down to your head even more which I probably will do later on. If I had to pick any texture outside of kinky curly to give you a textured look, Jerry curly is the vibe of a lot of hair very full. Let's go ahead and change out our earrings, real quick put on some hoopty hoops. okay, y'all here, we go with the finished look what I think. Okay, y'all tell me down below what you think about this one very simple easy breezy glueless wig. If you want your wig to look similar to mine, you have to follow my steps. That's all I got for you guys today.