Do you like a colored wig? For women who want to change their hair color but have not chosen to try it, the reddish brown lace front wig will make you love it. But many girls don’t know how to install the reddish brown lace front wig properly. In this blog, I will show you the most detailed reddish brown lace front wig tutorial.

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How to install reddish brown lace front wig?

I'm about to install the reddish brown lace front wig from nadula hair. I already posted this video on Instagram. The girls love the reddish brown lace front wig because of the color, the texture, and everything.

The wig is straight out of the package. It is a 13 by 4 lace frontal in 24 inches. Actually, it's super curly. I'm loving the jury curl type of look to it.

1. Do a light plucking

Do a light plucking

As you can see, the knots are already bleached for you. It is also pre-plugged, but I wanted the front to look a little bit more natural, especially since I want to do a free parting. I don't know if I want to do a middle part or a side part just yet, so I want to make sure that the front is it's really laid and sleeved. I'm just going to do a light plucking. Nothing serious and this is my technique of plucking taking my time because I don't want to get a bald spot in the front of the wig.

2. Use the hot comb to brush the hair back

Use the hot comb to brush the hair back

We're now in 2023, and you know we're trying to keep it together, so I will use the hot comb to brush that back and make sure it's laying for the gods. I will try out the center part but I'm going to change it later on once. I have installed the unit, but I want to show you how to make your wigs look flat, especially a curl unit, just to make the parting look a little bit neater. All you need to do is go in with a wax stick and a hot comb. If you want the wig will look super professional, you need to get a hot comb. It's about twenty dollars at your beauty supply store. The hot comb is truly a lifesaver. I would advise you with curly hair to pre-wash the hair before installing it.

3. Spray the glue under the lace

Spray the glue under the lace

The reddish brown lace front wig is easy to style, all I need is some water and some mousse. Now, for this part, we're going to go in with some foundation powder, just to make sure that it's blending effortlessly with my complexion and my makeup. I don't do the ball cap method. So this is just going to show you or rather I'm just going to show you my method of installing this unit. Pretty much it's the same as how I install all my units. I always spray the glue under the lace on top of it and use the dryer to blow it. So I'm just going to leave you guys to see the technique, and then we're going to move on to the next step.

4. Cut off the excess lace

Cut off the excess lace

Now, once everything is melted down. I'm just going to cut off the excess lace, and also touch up the areas that might be loose or not dried properly. I like to do the simple method because I don't wear my wigs to bed, and I don't wear wigs that often. Even though I know it seems like I wear wigs all the time. I am not trying to wear it for 24 hours. I like to take my wigs off, so I prefer a lighter method of installation that will still give me that super glue-down, super intact type of look. As I said I wanted to see this wig doing free part, side part, middle part, ponytail anything that I could do with this wig. It's just giving life it will be a little bit challenging for the parting, because it is a 13x4 lace front wig, and it means that it's 4 inches going back, so it's a little bit less lace piece as opposed to like a 13 by 6, but it's still going to give you that deep swoop if you needed to. So I'm just gonna show you guys how I do that. All you need to do is just do career parting, and then make sure you're using enough hair to cover the weft of the hair. And then I'm going to go back in with the hot comb to make sure it is giving that laid-back type of look, and then I did the extra melt with the lace with the elastic band rather, and you can get the elastic band on the website.

5. Create baby hair

Create baby hair

I'm going to go in with this flat iron, even in 2023, we still doing this okay. I love the little soup, especially with curly hair like this, it just gives it that extra oomph the extra look. All I did was spray a little bit of the lace spray onto my edge brush, and then just swoop them in. Then, I'm going to touch it up with some more water just to make sure that the curls are a little bit more defined and uniform, and that is basically it for the styling.

6. Decorate your wig

Decorate your wig

Now, for our final step, you know you want to get that blended, especially in pictures, you don't want it to look highlighted in your pictures like the last part, so I'm going to go in with a little bit of that powder to cover and disguise the lace, and this is the end look. Let me know what you guys think about this wig.


Up to here, you already know the detailed ways to install the reddish brown lace front wig, go to nadula hair to find the best reddish brown wig for you!