Speaking of hair weave, people are familiar with it especially for whom usually wear it.Now we will talk about something about DIY curly human hair weave and help other people to know and use it.

What is hair weave?

According to the production process, hair weave can be divided into two kinds in accordance with the production process: Hand-made hair weave and Machine made hair weave.Hand-made is too expensive and need several days to finish one piece, so the market share is not very high. Machine made hair weave is finished by three head machine which has three head and a glue box, the human hair is rowed up by the machine and sticks firmly by the glue box, then a hair weave is finished.The hair weave will be cut short because it is too long to process.According to raw material, it can be divided into two kinds also: Real human hair or Synthetic hair.Of course, real human hair weave is well known and popular with people who usually wear because it has the unique ability to transform your entire appearance in a way that's natural looking, affordable and fun.

So you will ask: What's the best type of human hair weave that I can wear straight one day and curly the next? Nadula hair is designed to help you find a new-to-you look confidence.We only supply our customers 100% virgin human hair that can be dyed, permed, and use heat styling tools on it just like your own hair.For example, Brazilian body wave hair, Indian loose wave hair, Unlike synthetic hair which has a very shiny and over perfect look, human hair weave looks more realistic. Curling it is just as simple as curling your own hair.

Like One day you can curl it and it would look really good, then the next day you can straighten it and it will still look good.Wow, that sounds cool and perfect. I could hardly wait to introduce the DIY steps to curl human hair weave now.

Steps to curl human hair weave

1.Preheat the curlers in advance. The iron should not be very hot for that will irreversibly damage the hair.

2.Put a small amount of the hair cream into your palm, and touch your hair from the root to the end to prevent heat damage.

3.Use a rat-tail or small comb to gently comb through the hair to remove tangles and knots.

4.Put the curly hair iron through a portion of the hair while keeping it tight and away from your scalp, and do it once or twice.

5.Leave the end of the portion where the iron is clamped to the hair and roll it up until the entire hair wraps around the iron, then roll the curlers in a clockwise direction.

6.For spiral curl, keep the iron in the vertical rather than horizontal direction. Besides, do not let the hot iron too close to your scalp or stay on your hair for a long time.

7.Keep the hair volume around the iron while gently loosening it until the iron releases the hair section.

That's all for it, can you DIY with this method?