Human hair wigs are an important accessory for women to change their appearance. For example, the lace frontal wig human hair, U Part Wig human hair, and V Part Wig human hair are necessary for women. Not only for women with hair loss but also for women who want a stylish and beautiful hairstyle and color without changing and damaging their natural hair. So wigs have always been popular.

With the frequent use of wigs, more and more people want to know if wearing a wig will damage their hair. This post will tell you the answer and share some tips on how to protect your natural hair when wearing a wig.

1. Do Human Hair Wigs Damage Your Natural Hair?

Wearing wigs is a great option to change your appearance without permanently changing your natural hair. Why do so many people wear wigs if wigs are harmful to natural hair? It turns out that more and more people like to wear human hair wigs, and human hair wigs are not the reason for their natural hair damage, which is the best answer to this question. But if you are not careful, hair damage is also risky when wearing a wig. It depends on how the wig is worn. Wearing a human hair wig will only damage your hair if professional methods have not installed the wig or if the wig you choose does not fit your head.

2. Five Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair When Wearing a Wig

In addition to the fact that an incorrect way of wearing a wig can damage the natural hair, whether a wig can damage your natural hair also depends on many factors that affect your hair health, including diet and daily maintenance. Here are five tips for wearing wigs and ensuring they don't damage your natural hair.

2.1 Choose The Right Wig Cap Structure

It is important to know that the type of wig cap structure you choose will affect your hair and may also bring bad wearing results. For example, when it's hot, your natural hair may also become damp, and scratching from the extra heat can cause long-term scalp irritation, thus damaging your natural hair. In this case, it is best to choose a capless wig.

2.2 Make Sure The Wig Is Clean

We always recommend not washing your wig for longevity, but some seasons require you to do so. In Summer, it can get very hot under your wig, especially if you're wearing a human hair wig. When sweat accumulates, it can even feel like you're carrying extra weight on your head. Therefore, when wearing a wig in hot weather, please keep it clean.

2.3 Avoid Causing Tension On The Scalp

To keep your natural hair healthy and give your wig a seamless look, you may decide to braid it. However, if your braids are too tight, some problems can arise. Tight braids will tug at your hairline, which can cause unnecessary tension on your scalp. This will not only cause hair breakage and loss, but it will lead to a terrible wig-wearing experience.

2.4 Wash And Condition Hair Properly

Wearing a wig will make you very hot. If your hair is greasy, you can scrub your scalp with a mild shampoo and then use a moisturizing conditioner. You can also use a mild moisturizing and heat-protective hair spray before drying. If your hair is dry, you can use weekly moisturizing hair care products to avoid drying. Regardless of your hair type, washing your hair is essential. Use a shampoo without sulfate or paraben Zate to make sure your scalp does not have the harmful chemicals that cause your hair to break.

2.5 Give Your Hair a Break

For many people, wearing a wig is a lifestyle. Wigs are available in many types, colors, and styles. They are easier to maintain compared to many natural hairstyles. Giving your hair a rest is crucial. If you don't want your hair to rest, at least do not sleep with a wig because it can pull and cause it to break.


Most high-quality wigs are designed to allow enough airflow through your hair and cap to make you feel as comfortable as possible when wearing them. And with five tips, you can wear a wig daily as long as you maintain it properly. But some unsafe or inappropriate wigs can also cause some natural damage or hair loss, so it's also very important to choose a high-quality and reassuring wig.