Eddie Munson is a character on the CW show Riverdale. The actor who plays him, Ross Butler, has been accused of wearing wigs on the show and in real life. While this may seem like an innocuous accusation, the truth could be much more scandalous: some fans think that Eddie Munson is a woman disguised as a man (or vice versa).

Here’s what we know about Eddie Munson's hair:

It's dark brown with hints of red and gold.

It's thick and curly.

It looks pretty good! But some fans think otherwise.

'Riverdale' fans are convinced his hair is not real.

It's no secret that celebrities' hair is often a central topic for debate among fans. But for "Riverdale" star Camila Mendes, it seems her character's boyfriend's hair has become a source of controversy in recent months.

The reason? Fans are convinced that actor Charles Melton wears a wig on the show.

It all started when photos from the Season 2 premiere were released online, and some began to question whether or not he was wearing a wig because his hair looked different than what they remembered seeing in Season 1. Fans also noticed that his style changed throughout different scenes and episodes, which led to even more speculation about whether or not Melton was wearing one at all times off-set and when filming scenes together with Mendes' Veronica Lodge (who also happens to be blond).

Here's what the actor has to say about it:

Eddie Munson, who plays Eddie on The Middle, has denied the rumors that he wears a wig.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he was asked if the long hair was his real hair. He replied: "No it's not. I've never worn a wig in my life."

He added: "It's my own hair and I'm very proud of it." This might be true because no one has ever seen Eddie Munson without wig.

We’ll have to wait until next season to know for sure.

If the show is renewed for a second season, we'll have to wait until next fall to know for sure.

Eddie Munson No Wig

Some fans think he actually wears a wig.

The wig theory is a popular fan theory that suggests Eddie Munson, the character portrayed by actor Reg E. Cathey on the Netflix series House of Cards, wears a wig. This theory is not confirmed by anyone involved with the show's production, including Cathey himself.

Here's what the actor himself has said about it:

The actor himself has weighed in on the debate, and he made several comments that should be noted:

  • "Yes, I wear a wig." - "I wear it because I'm bald." - "I've been wearing a wig since I was 14 years old."
  • "No, I don't wear a wig." - "No, I have never worn one. But if you're asking me if they're planning on making me wear one for some reason later in the show... maybe?"
  • He's not sure: “I mean, it depends on what kind of day I’m having when they call me into makeup. Sometimes they say ‘come in with your hair down today’ and sometimes they tell me to come with my hair up; who knows?”

Not everyone is on board with the wig theory, but some eagle-eyed fans are pretty sure they've spotted an anomaly in the background of one scene, which further supports that he might be wearing wigs, and that would explain A LOT.

Eddie Munson is a character on Riverdale, and he's played by Charles Melton. He attends Riverdale High School and is a member of the football team.

In the Archie comics, Eddie Munsons are also known to be wig wearers. In fact, there are multiple Eddie Munsons throughout Archie's history! The first appearance of an "Eddie Munson" was in 1941 as part of a one-off gag strip where Betty Cooper mistakes him for Veronica Lodge because she'd mistaken his hat for Veronica's blonde ponytail when she couldn't see her face clearly due to it being covered by a large hat or umbrella (depending on which version you read).

Later that same year, another version appeared in another one-off gag strip where Mr. Lodge makes everyone at school wear wigs so no one can tell who anyone else is anymore after all the kids start getting picked on for their hairstyles; being different from each other's."

Eddie Munson Wig


The most important thing to take away from this whole thing is that Eddie Munson is a talented actor and that he should be judged based on his work, not whether or not he wears wigs.

Whether or not he does wear them is really beside the point at this point because we've all got our own ideas about it—but I think we can all agree that even if it turns out he actually doesn't, there will still be plenty of reasons to love Archie Andrews and Riverdale. However, we hope this piece answers your question of "Is Eddie Munson hair a wig?"