Do you love Harry Styles's long wavy hair? Well, you may not be astonished to know that these are quite controversial. There are chances that these are not real. According to some influencers and theories, Harry has gone completely bald and wears a wig to cover it.

Indeed, celebrities are always the center of attention and stay in the spotlight. Some people love it, while others like to make controversies. Similarly, some reports took over the internet with weird claims. This news is heartbreaking for some people, while others are shipping bald Harry.

If you are also curious, read on to know how these rumors started surfacing and how they are going. Here keep reading:

Who is Harry Styles?

He is an English songwriter and singer. Harry Styles is well-known for being a part of the popular English band "One Direction." He has a natural fondness for music. Harry connected himself with the music industry at a minor age.

Harry Styles made his debut when he gave trials to participate in a show. Above all, his natural spark and connection to music made him the favorite participant of the judges. Anyhow, he got the hype due to his association with One Direction. After his separation from the band, he never lost the spotlight due to his exceptional skills.

He made his career in music and is always known for it. Nowadays, he is taking over the internet due to other rumors, such as being bald, but there is no evidence of it being true.

Why do people think Harry Styles wears a wig?

Currently, it is one of the hot news on the internet that Harry Styles wear a wig. Now he trends on the internet, especially on TikTok, where fans keep posting different claims and evidence to back the rumor. If you want to touch the root, here is how it started.

· A Celebrity Gossip Account Claims

The conspiracy theories first surfaced when an unknown and unauthentic source reported on a celebrity gossip Instagram account named Deuxmoi that the voice artist is bald. They claimed that an A-list musician and occasional actor has a bad secret he has been hiding from fans. He has gone completely bald."

This account further claimed that his hairpiece is so real that only a good and expert eye can pick it and would be on a bad day. Anyhow, he never takes the hairpiece off. The source continues claiming that they buy without mentioning the name, but the audience believes that the anonymous is directed towards the Adorne You singer.

While discussing the post, you should keep in mind that Deuxmoi has previously made baseless and false accusations and rumors about many celebrities.

· TikTok's Evidence and Claims

The myths did not end. As the rumor surfaced, it got a massive spotlight and attention on TikTok. They made it a task for themselves to find evidence supporting the conspiracy theorist. These accusations debuted TikTok by a user named Abbi Henry. She posted a picture with the caption "Justice for Baldarry," which got around four million views. This caption is more of mockery instead of support.

She said of the theory that "I am not claiming that it is about Harry, but I am elaborating. He did say when he goes out in public at crowded spots; he never wants to be recognized and spotted. It is quite convenient to do. If he has gone bald, it would be really easy to do.

Following the post, many TikTokrs participated in the rumors by finding many videos and pictures of Harry. One user posted a picture of Harry mid-jump with the front hair largely lifted, mimicking the hairpiece. Another user added fuel to it by showing him lifting his hair off the back of his neck.

A video also surfaced, which includes late-night host Jimmy Kimmel questioning a One Direction member who is likely to go bald first, and they responded to Harry.

Harry styles hair

What is Harry Styles' Response?

Harry never stepped into the fire of rumors and theories to justify that he is not bald and, if he is, why he kept it secret. However, in a recent interview, the singer was asked about the surfacing rumor that he wears a wig and is secretly bald.

Many TikTokers kept making the videos, so Style finally responded to Rolling Stone that he knew about the bizarre theory. One of his friends sent the meme, and he was obsessed with it. He said that his friend never stopped sending the post about the people's efforts to prove him bald.

Afterward, Harry debunked the rumors and assured that his hairs and curls were natural and real. He further continued stating that "what is baldness? It follows generations. If your grandfather is bald, you will also get bald. Fortunately, my grandfather was bever bald, so fingers crossed."

What Do People Claim Harry Styles Wear?

Many magazines, social media influencers, and theorists claim that Harry Styles wears a toupee which is only detected by an expert eye in unfavorable conditions. Do you wonder what a toupee is?

A toupee is a small hairpiece that is sized according to the head. It is custom fitted and made for the wearer. This hair system aims to cover up balding areas on your scalps, such as receding hairline. These systems can be attached to the scalps with the help of skin-friendly adhesive or any double-sided tape.

This hair system was named for Harry Style, but the truth has been unveiled, and it is entirely different. The singer has confirmed that his hair is as natural as anyone else.


Some celebrities never get out of the spotlight due to their performance, while others keep charting due to the efforts of theorists and haters. Harry Styles is one of them who has faced a lot of criticism due to hair controversy for years. In a recent interview, he confirmed that his hair is natural and healthy. Regardless of these rumors, people keep posting pictures to back the rumor, which is surely baseless.