Micro braids are a versatile and protective hairstyle, which is very suitable for women who want to protect their hair, and there are many hairstyle styles to choose from, and you can also add your own creativity. In short, it is a A very popular and popular hairstyle. Micro braids are small, delicate braids that are tightly woven into the hair and can last for weeks or months. Let's talk about micro braid hairstyles today.

1. What Are Micro Braids?

For ordinary straight hair and curly hair, people often have a soft spot for braids, and they all show human wisdom and ingenuity in the development of braid hairstyles. Some sources claim that braids date back to 3500 BC, when they were used to communicate a person's marital status or tribal status. Over the centuries, braid hairstyles have come in many variations and varieties. Corn braids, crown braids, jumbo braids, crochet braids, box braids, and Senagalese twists, micro braids are just a few of the different types and styles of braids that are gorgeous and glamorous and have always been the center of attention.

So how much do you know about micro braids?

Micro braid hairstyles are a derivative of box braids, they are much smaller than box braids and are super tiny braids that often look similar to thick hair when tightly braided. Microbraids tend to be patient and usually take hours to install, sometimes even longer. The braiding time is also related to the length and thickness of your natural hair. Generally, the longer and thicker the hair, the longer the hair will take. longer. It's really worth the time, though, as it's a protective hairstyle that does a great job of protecting your natural hair. Even better it's also versatile, super thin braids are easy to style and you can style them just like you would with your natural hair, which also gives you the freedom to create many different micro braid styles. For example: Half up, half down hairstyle, ballerina bun or high ponytail, curling iron curls and more.

2. How To Do Micro Braids?

In the video above you can see the micro braid hairstyle braided in great detail. If you are interested in this hairstyle, you can follow the steps in the video to complete it. But before doing anything, preparations must be made first, so as to ensure smooth progress. Also before you do micro braids, you should have your braiding hair and tools ready.

Before braiding, your natural hair must be as healthy as possible with the least chance of damage. Treatment by a professional stylist is recommended to keep the hair as hydrated as possible and to treat the hair with a deep conditioner several times. Simply trims and removes split ends or frizzy ends. Then you need to prepare braiding hair, a rat tail comb, scissors, a spray bottle for water, hair gel.

Now you can start micro braiding. This process is simple but time-consuming, and you need to be mentally prepared. It is recommended to find a professional hair stylist to do the weaving, but you can also try it yourself if you have experience. With micro braids, the first difficulty is that the braids are very small, so you need to divide each strand of hair very small, which is why it takes a long time to braid a whole head of hair.

3. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Micro Braids?

Micro braids have many advantages, and they can also provide several benefits to your natural hair. For example, the protection and versatility we mentioned just now. In addition, this hairstyle can save you time after it is done, because it is a low-maintenance hairstyle that does not require you to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Regarding its protective nature, it means that this braid hairstyle can protect hair from temperature fluctuations and humidity, helping to maintain hair length. It also protects the scalp and helps keep hair full and moisturized. There are so many styles of this micro braid hairstyle that you can get creative. Micro braid hairstyles are lighter and are a top choice for brittle, thinning hair.

The biggest downside to microweaving is that it takes a long time to weave and get it done, which requires extreme patience. The length of time you braid it is also related to your hair thickness and length. The second downside is that it can be somewhat damaging to your natural hair, as braids can cause tension and stress on your hair, which in turn can lead to breakage or shedding. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the health of the hair and do deep care for the hair before braiding. Do not overfeed or tighten the braid, and pay attention to maintenance after braiding, especially when sleeping, try to avoid causing tension.

4. How Long Do Micro Braids Last?

They can usually last anywhere from four to eight weeks, also depending on your care, the better the care the longer they last. You can also decide how long to keep the micro braids on your hair according to your habits. However, we recommend trying not to keep them for more than eight weeks.