What is hair weave?

Hair weave, from its name, maybe derived its meaning, it is made of hair or synthetic fiber, weaved by hand or machine.It is used to change the appearance of person's hair by wearing hair weave.It not only can lengthen the hair but can add volume.The wearing method is often to sew in the hair weave to natural hair.First, the person needs to braid their entire real hair and then sew the hair weave into the braids with a needle from one ear to another.The hair weave can last for 6 to 8 weeks.It's firm because it is sewed into the braids.

 The advantage of hair weave is there is no glue and no chemicals are used when sewing it, so it is very healthy.Weaves also give women the versatility to change their hair color without having to dye it.The disadvantage is that it can cause a headache, soreness of the scalp.

What is hair extension?

The hair extension refers in particular to synthetic fiber or human hair being attached to the natural hair of a person with an adhesive, clips, micro links or tape to lengthen the hair and adds fullness.  It is often added strand by strand to person's own hair. So it is a time-consuming method which can length the hair.This application of hair extension is considered the most expensive due to the labor and time it consumes.

The advantages of extensions are that they help women with thinning hair and people who have short hair achieve a longer fuller head of hair.   Some disadvantages are if they have been glued on, it hurts to take them off and the glue can also damage your hair.

Sum up:

1.Hair weave is a style of hair extension, but hair extension does not only refers hair weave.

2.Hair weave is used to sew into the whole natural hair braids with a needle from one ear to another, do not need chemicals or glue.Hair extension is used strand by strand with adhesive, clips, micro links or tape to make hair longer or more volume.

The human hair market in Europe and America, also in Japan is very developed.The realistic human hair wig can satisfy people's need who need to change their hairstyle often. Wearing hair wig? Someone who first listens to this word will think of that only bald person need to wear hair wig.The fact is No.There are more and more people are changing their new appearance by wearing hair weave, hair extension or hair wig.Because hairstyle is so important to your appearance.There is a saying: Perfume is like a woman's clothes.But you can not make sure you are beautiful with beautiful clothes.However, a beautiful hairstyle can enhance your overall image.In addition, you can easy to make your new appearance at home, don't need to go to the salon every day. More and more people choose to wear human hair weaves and extensions.You don't need to be surprised that a girl has Bob today but a body wave tomorrow.

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