Have you ever seen a wig with a sunny vibe? It looks full of sunshine and will make your face look radiant and invigorated, perfect for darker skin tones. It creates a sun-kissed golden and harmonious glow that falls on your face for a stunning look. People won't be able to help but stare at you for a long time and won't want to leave their eyes.

It is brown highlight kinky straight lace front wig, the special wig with a sunny vibe. If you are interested in this summer blonde highlight human hair wig, please read on. In this article, some information and reviews of this wig will be introduced, and you will see a video expert teach you how to install and style the perfect hairstyle.

The Information Of Brown Highlight Kinky Straight Wig With a Sunny Vibe

blonde highlight lace wig

  • Product Name:Nadula Kinky Straight Highlight Wig With Baby Hair Upgraded Pre-plucked Natural Hairline
  • Hair Length: 14-24 Inch
  • Cap Size: Average Size (Head circumference: 54cm-58cm )
  • Cap Type: Swiss brown lace
  • Lace Size: 13x4 lace
  • Density: 150%
  • Items / Pkg: 1pcs/pack
  • Hair Texture: Kinky Straight
  • Hair Color: blonde highlight
  • Hair Quality: 100% virgin hair, tangle free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.
  • Characteristics: Virgin hair acts naturally, shed free and comprises of thick & strong strands,not easy to break.
  • Processing Time: Ship the order within 24 hours after order confirmation, except for weekends and holidays.
  • Delivery Time: USPS overnight 2-3 business days; USPS 3-7 business days; DHL/UPS 5-10 business days
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, ZIP Quadpay, Visa, Discover, etc.

Above is some information about summer brown blonde highlight kinky straight lace front wig. Not only is the hair quality high, but the sunny blonde color is very beautiful and elegant. It is a good choice for summer wigs, but it is also suitable for other seasons.

How To Install And Style The Blonde Highlight Lace Front Wig?

Hey guys.Today I will show you a special wig for you. This is a brown highlight kinky straight wig from nadula hair, it already came with the adjustable band. Next, I'm going to install it, let's go. The first thing I'm about to do is to put a wig cap on. The next thing I'm about to do is to apply some foundation to the lace. This is what our lace looks like without the powder foundation, I just gonna play a little bit of foundation, then cut the lace off at the back and then just put the wig on. This is what the lace looks like now that we added the foundation, and this is what it looks like now that we put it on, I really love this color, I feel like it matches my skin, so good.

put on the wig

So let's go ahead and install our unit. Today I will be using the lace glue to install the unit, so before I glue the unit, I cut it into three just to make it easier when I'm gluing. I'll just go section by section. I'm just going to apply the glue to the lace underneath, but I need to remove the makeup that I have on in that area before I apply the glue, so I'm going to remove the makeup. After it, I'm just going to apply the glue to fix the lace and tie the band, let this dry, let it sit for around 10 to 15 minutes, take it off and then style the unit.

tie the band

It is a kinky straight unit, but I feel like I want to do something a little bit extra out of the norm. Before it, I'm just going to take the band off and cut the excess lace off. All right guys, this is what it's looking like, so in order to give it that really melted look, I'm just going to go ahead and apply the glue to the end of my right tail comb and then just press it in tie it down one more time, it will give it that really nice melt, so this is what it's looking like now, let's go ahead and do it, then I'll show you guys the before and after, okay, so this is what it looks like after I use the glue and press it again. I'm just gonna go ahead and install and style the unit, in the video you can see how I do it, guys, this is the final look. I love how this turned out.

perfect final look

The Real Wearing Review

I love it, it is super super pretty, it is super super soft overall, it was super easy to install. I love the fact that I could straighten it that easily, because normally with the kinky unit, it takes a really long time to straighten it or curl it, so I love how easy that was, it lays really really good, I managed to keep it super super natural at the roots and it it is super pretty. This is the final look. If you are gonna get this unit, then go ahead and click here.