When the countdown to homecoming begins, it's time to start thinking about homecoming hairstyles. Whether you're part of a homecoming court dance or just want to dance at the ball, it's crucial to find cute homecoming hairstyles that suit your personal style and complement your gown. Choosing a homecoming hairstyle can be nerve-wracking, especially when you're not sure what kind of homecoming hairstyle to wear or what would look best on your gown. Read on, here's everything you need to know.

Ways to choose homecoming hairstyle

Ways to choose homecoming hairstyle

Homecoming is a great opportunity to not only show off your campus spirit but also dress to impress. Here's how to choose a hairstyle for back-to-school season.

1. Choose your homecoming hairstyle based on your natural hair type

Ways to choose homecoming hairstyle

If you really want your hair to last all night, then consider a homecoming style that enhances your natural hair. Most people's natural hair is indeed the best looking, but you can certainly style your hair and add accessories to it!

2. Choose your homecoming hairstyle according to the weather

Ways to choose homecoming hairstyle

While most girls love silky hairstyles, they won't work if it's wet.
Try to plan ahead and choose a homecoming hairstyle that will last all night depending on the weather. For some of these hairstyles, hairspray is definitely your friend!

3. Choose your homecoming hairstyle based on your personal style

Ways to choose homecoming hairstyle

Homecoming is the perfect balance of formality and leisure. When dressing for the occasion, you want to look beautiful but not exaggerated. When it comes to hair design, go for a simple yet stylish hairstyle! Basically, go for something more formal than your everyday look, but less formal than your prom style. Homecoming hair should be flexible and versatile, so it's easy to move around without looking too casual.

homecoming hairstyle

What are the best homecoming hairstyles for 2023?

Homecoming is usually one of the most important moments in many people's lives, and it's where you meet your buddies from graduation. Homecoming itself isn't usually an occasion to shine, but everyone wants to look their best anyway, especially when it comes to styling. best homecoming hairstyles for 2023
For women, the highlight of the look is, of course, the hair. Even if you're wearing your best designer dress and heels, getting your homecoming haircut right or wrong can affect how you look. There are so many hairstyles to choose from, and making a decision, especially making the right one, can be a chore when you're at a loss to choose from. Keep reading and I'll guide you through a few of the best homecoming hairstyles for the back-to-school season in 2023.

best homecoming hairstyles for 2023

1. Homecoming short hairstyle

Short hair is not only super stylish and low maintenance but also surprisingly versatile. There are plenty of gorgeous and glamorous homecoming styles for short hair to choose from, including mini braids or streamlines. However, one of the easiest and coolest hairstyles is texture styling

2. Homecoming curly hairstyle

Women with naturally curly hair may want to consider wearing a popular '90s look for homecoming: loose curly curls. This hairstyle looks a little moist, so keep the curls hydrated and set with a curling cream to make sure the curls are fluffy.

3. Homecoming half up half down hairstyle

The hairstyle of half up half down has the delicate feeling of coiled hair already, the relaxed and beautiful feeling of loose hairstyle again. From buns to braids, there are a variety of options. For Homecoming, though, the half up half down knot is a classic and easy choice. Perfect for thick, wavy hair, you simply twist the top half of your hair into a loose, low knot instead of simply tying it back. It also shows off the highlights of your hair.

4. Homecoming braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyles have been trending because of their beauty, complex appearance, and protective effect on the hair of African hostages. For your homecoming, try using cornrows in a bun for a cool 90s/modern vibe. The bun adds fun and youthful appeal to the hairstyle, while cornrows add a stylish and polished touch. Since this is an updo, you can wear it with bright jewelry and bold eye makeup.

5. Homecoming ponytail hairstyle

Ponytails are one of the most beautiful and simple hairstyles. The ponytail is perhaps the most versatile hairstyle option that can transform you from a homecoming contest to a dance floor sensation in an instant. You can add volume and length to your ponytail with clip-on extensions to make your everyday ponytail look more dignified for special occasions.


Homecoming is a special occasion, so choosing the perfect homecoming hairstyle can be a challenge. Luckily, homecoming hairstyles are amazing and stylish in variety! Whether you have long or short hair, curly or half-curly hair, curly or straight hair, homecoming hairstyles have something for everyone.