When we mention various fashion hairstyles, most of them are for long hair. We always think that short hair has many limitations. It seems that there are always fewer hairstyles for the girls with short hair. Then, what hairstyle will you do with short hair?

If you have not gotten some satisfactory ideas about the fashion hairstyles for short hair, what we will recommend for you today is a curly pixie cut hairstyle, which is a hairstyle specially created for short hair. If you are interested in it and already have a short hair wig, then you can try it out.

What Is Curly Pixie Cut?

A curly pixie cut is a hairstyle for women with short hair. The hair is cut into different layers to create a layered look. Then use a curling iron to roll the hair into small curls, and finally disorganize these curls to create a sense of mess and fullness. This hairstyle is very suitable for daily life. Different from the gentleness of long hair, a pixie cut makes people feel bolder and more confident, which is suitable for girls of all ages.  

How do You Make a Pixie Curly Cut Wig?

1. Prepare the tools you will need:

A short hair wig, a comb, a curling iron, heat protectant, hair styling spray.

2. Do some preparations

Firstly, take out your hair wig whose length is less than 6 inches. If you only have a long hair wig, you can cut it into a short one. Comb the hair to detangle it and make sure there is no knot. And then spray some heat protectant on the hair, which can make a protective barrier to protect the hair from heat damage. Some basic protection can extend the life of that hair, so this is an essential step that can not be ignored.

3. Heat the curling iron

First of all, for a pixie curly cut wig, you should prepare a thinner and smaller curling iron. Connect your curling iron to the power source and wait for the heat up. Then set a proper heat for your hair.

If your hair wig is made out of 100% human hair, you can set it to medium or high temperature; if it is synthetic hair, you should set the heat as low temperature to protect it from heat damage. Of course, the lower heat will make less damage to the hair, so you can adjust the heat according to the hair texture and your curling habits.

4. Start to curl the hair

Grab a small strand of your hair and wrap it around the curling iron until the root. If you want small curls, just grabbing a small strand is OK; if you like bigger curls, you need to grab more hair. Before the curler reaches the scalp, stop curling and pull out the curling iron. During the process, you have to be careful enough to avoid the iron burning you.

You can curl the front part of the wig hair first, and then curl the rest part. If you curl your hair wig after you put it on your head, you can use a mirror to help you see the hair when you curl the back part. There is a better idea for you to style the wig. Just prepare a mannequin head, put your wig on it, so that you can do any styles you like more conveniently.

5. Loosen and hold the Curls

When you finish curling, the curls are all very tight, which will look a little unnatural. You can use your fingers as a comb to loosen the curls. It will make the hair more fluffy and natural. Then spray some hair styling spray, which can help the curls be held for a longer time.

After you finish all the steps, you will get a beautiful curly pixie cut wig. If you worry that you cannot make it perfect, you can go to a salon and ask for a stylist.

Curly Pixie Cut Wig & Nadula

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Hairstyles for short hair can also be varied, and beauty should not be limited by the length of the hair. Today we mainly introduced how to make a curly pixie cut, including 5 steps. If you like it, you can follow the steps and try it. If you have some other questions, please feel free to contact our online service.