It is not simple to obtain a wig; simply go to Nadula.Select your favorite product and purchase it; nevertheless, for some wig users, knowing how to put it on is a challenge. Nadula, the leading brand in the hair market, educates clients on how to use various types of wigs. Today, we'll show you how to put on a curly headband wig. Before we move on to explain the way to put on the curly headband wigs we should explain a bit details of Headband wig:

Headband Wig

A headband wig is a wig created from a piece of material that resembles a headband. Instead of using clips or other fasteners, the wig can be moved around the head and secured with the headband. Best Headband Wigs are available in the same variety of designs as conventional wigs, except for the number of insert combs, headband softness, and headband detachability.

Nadula human hair wig is composed of 100 percent virgin human hair, which is gathered from a healthy young female donor and has not been chemically altered in any way. It provides you with the most natural-looking weaves. If you wear your wig with a bright scarf or headband, it will appear as if you are just embellishing your natural hair. On the market, the headband wig is a fashionable and popular haircut. The attached headband is a bright highlight, judging by the shape of the WIG.

Unlike a regular wig, Headbands For a style that can be dressed up or down, you can never go wrong with a headband! The headband's style and color can be suitably matched to the outfit and accessories. In general, there are combs and adjusters.

curly headband wig

Putting on a curly headband wig

 It is not difficult to wear a curly headband wig, it is just a matter of understanding. headband wig curly requires a careful handling and proper process to put it on. Here are some instructions for putting on the Human hair headband wig:

1. Brush hair back and use edge control. Brush the hair back around the hairline with a comb until there is no apparent part between your natural hair and the wig cap's brim, making the wig appear more natural and closer to the scalp

2. Put on the wig and secure it using Velcro. Putting on a wig with a human headband doesn't take long. You can wear it straight on your head, then modify it using any headband to keep your hair in place. Make sure the semi-wig is securely fastened to the hat on both sides and at the bottom.

3. Make the newborn hair as natural as possible. Baby hair draws attention to the face and makes it appear more lovely and bright; thus, you can comb out the pre-plucked hair with a little brush.

4. Put on the headband of your choice and go for a fashionable look.

5. A ponytail hairstyle, both fresh and dynamic, can be worn in hot weather or on the beach. Use a WIG holder instead if you want to keep your wig stable. Spray the wig with water if you want it to look extra fresh and Wavy.

If you're on a budget but yet want to seem attractive, go to and look for a headband.

You can watch the video for further information here:

How do you take care of a curly headband wig? 

If you take care of your curly wig with headband it will last longer. They usually last 6 to 12 months. If you treat it as if it were your hair and take proper care of it, it may last more than a year. It brings out the Queen in you when you find the ideal wig. When your lovely wig becomes a tangled mess, this confidence can swiftly evaporate into despair. We've prepared a few wig maintenance tips and tricks to guarantee your wig stays gorgeous and wearable for as long as possible.

  • When you're not wearing a headband wig, you can use a hair care essential oil to keep it hydrated and prevent it from becoming frizzy and losing its form. Then, to assist keep the wig in form and prevent tangles, lay it on the wig holder or the mannequin's head.
  • It is recommended that you remove the wig before taking a bath or sleeping to avoid it becoming frizzy and knotted due to random friction.
  • Avoid wearing wigs in the pool and avoid direct sunlight. The wig might be irreversibly damaged by strong UV light and chemicals in the water.
  • For wigs to last longer, it's also crucial to keep the hair clean and the scalp healthy. Because oil and scalp debris can seep through the wig. Maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Isn't it true that wearing a wig is more comfortable?

curly headband wig

Can you curl a headband wig?

Your wig, like your actual hair, will thank you for not using heat to style it! Heatless curling styles protect your wigs from heat damage while still allowing you to achieve the lovely curls you seek. Curling a wig without heat is also less expensive than purchasing curling tongs or straighteners. Brush out your wig lightly to remove any tangles or knots before curling it without heat. Some ladies prefer to style their wig on a wig stand so they can see it from all angles and make sure it's uniformly styled on all sides, while others prefer to do it while wearing it. It's entirely up to you as long as you're at ease.

Bendy Rollers:

Bendy rollers come in several sizes and are great for creating tight or loose curls. They're an affordable and reliable choice that a lot of people utilize! The more you use the bendy roller, the more you'll have to apply and the tighter the curls will be. If you want a voluminous style, larger bendy rollers are ideal, especially if you have fine hair.

Plait your hair:

One of the quickest, easiest, and cost-effective ways to curl a wig without heat is to plait your hair!

Headband wrap:

All you need for the headband wrap is a comfy headband that goes all the way around your head. Make sure the headband is soft enough to prevent the wig from getting kinked.

Doughnut bun wrap:

Longer wigs that can be easily put into a ponytail would look great with the doughnut bun wrap. Hair donuts are inexpensive and easy to find. The curls will be more voluminous if the hair doughnut is larger.