Wigs have become more and more popular in recent years, especially among African American girls. All aspects of wigs have attracted people's attention, and one of the most important ones is the installation process. Some people will consider going to the salon to find a professional hairstylist to install, which will cost a high installation fee. And some people choose to install it themselves. This may move you to ask the question, how long do wig installs last? Especially for wig newbies, these questions are of great concern to them. We will answer you all the answers in this blog.

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Is There Any Difference Between Kinds Of Wigs?

What are the hair productions we often use? Generally, they are divided into, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs and hair weaves. And wigs have different constructions, including lace wig, glueless V part wigs and headband wigs. For the different wigs, they will take different times to install. The hair weaves are the most difficult to install, lace wigs are inferior one, and the glueless wigs are the easiest.

How Long Does a Wig Last?

Aside from the factor of daily condition, the lifespan of a wig varies depending on the material in which it is made. You have the option to choose between different hair products materials, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

Human hair wigs tend to be more endurable, and they will not only give you the most natural look of your hair, but will also suit your kinds of styling requirements. Heat tools, bleaching and dyeing are all allowed. And human hair wigs tend to have fewer tangles and are easier to care for. Human hair lasts up to one year if properly maintained.

And synthetic wigs are made of artificial fibers, which are cheaper and of much lower quality than human hair wigs. After a few weeks of wearing, they will become very messy and tangled, so you have to get a new one because its lifespan is exhausted.

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How Long Does a Wig Install Last?

We mentioned above that human hair wigs are divided into different types, lace wigs and glueless wigs. Glueless wigs refers to the wigs that do not need any glue during the installation process. It is very easy to install and remove, so you can remove it at any time, we won't explain it here.

For common lace front or lace closure wigs, you can remove your lace wig and wash it after about six weeks. Of course, six weeks is just a reference time. You can adjust the wearing time according to your actual situation. For example, the wearing time in summer is often shorter than that in winter. But we do not recommend that you wear the same lace wig all the time, it will shorten the life of your wig.

How Long Will It Take To Install a Wig?

The installation time of different wigs is also different, such as your proficiency in installing wigs, as well as a series of uncontrollable factors will affect your installation time.

Generally speaking, a lace front wig doesn't take you a long time to install. You can install lace frontal wigs in an average of an hour, or an hour and thirty minutes. And most people can handle the installation process by themselves.

Glueless wigs often take less time, like V part wigs and headband wigs, maybe only 10 minutes are enough if you have finished braiding your natural hair, this is also the least time consuming wig installation, perfect for hot summer days.

And hair weaves take the longest as you need to sew them into your natural hair or glue them to the wig cap, which takes about 2 to 4 hours. But the price of hair weaves is also lower, if you have mastered the sewing method proficiently, you can try it.

How To Install A Lace Wig?

Lace wigs are the wigs that most people tend to choose, so here we mainly introduce how to install a lace wig. You can check this video and learn the installation and styling process.


Today, we mainly talk about the relevant topics of wig installation. I hope this blog will help you to have a basic understanding of the lasting time of the wig, the installation time, and how long it can be kept after wearing it.

When trying to choose a wig, for a more natural appearance and more comfort, we recommend that you choose a human hair wig. You can decide which one you should choose. Also, Nadula offers a variety of different styles and different types of 100% human hair wigs, you are welcome to purchase.