The life expectancy of the hair depends not only on how good the product is but also on how well you will maintain it. When it comes to "Nadula," its products are made up of 100% virgin hair without going through chemical processing, which makes it very clear that their life expectancy is high. In comparison, synthetic hair comes to you by way of heavy manufacturing and chemical processing.

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In this article, I will list the maximum life span of Nadula wigs and how you can maintain them with care. So, continue your reading to get an idea of how to deal with your hair delicately! 

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How Long Does Nadula Human Wig Last?

The answer can be different according to the personal experience of the users however, on average, it has been seen that the life span of a natural wig is between 6 months -1 year or even more in some cases. This longevity is actually dependent on many factors, which will be mentioned in the article below.

Why Do Nadula Human Wigs Last Longer Than Synthetic Wigs?

1. Quality

The quality of hair taken while making the wig decides how strong the resulting product will be. Nadula uses natural hair compared to synthetic hair, which makes all the difference. The natural hair is smooth and without any fuss.

2. Processing

Other products come to you by chemical processing, and that's why you feel the pungent smell at the beginning of a new wig sue. In contrast, Nadula products do not undergo any chemical manufacturing instead, they use steam processing for the purpose of delicacy and softness.

3. Treatment

This is on the user's behalf regarding how she uses the product. As a wig is not able to absorb oil and nutrients so, it needs more care. Some users do not have the proper knowledge about usage, which also reduces life expectancy.

How To Make Your Human Wig Last Longer?

Human hair wigs offer more longevity than any other hair product. The reason is they have not gone through chemical processing, and their cuticles are still intact. However, users can make an effort on their own behalf and add extra life to their wigs. So, let's learn how you can take care of your natural hair wig.

1. Wash delicately

Always remember that your hair wig is not like normal hair, as they do not get any oils from the scalp. Also, you cannot wash them like normal hair. Wash smoothly and give extra attention to expand the lifetime of the wig. Always read the guide given with the product to know precisely about your hair, so they receive the care they need.

2. Be careful while styling

Most people use styling products e.g. straighteners and curlers, which operate at high temperatures and are not suitable for your lovely hair wig. Try to use styling products with low temperatures and avoid their frequent use. Always use heat protection spray at the start of styling and avoid any sort of chemical use at the roots for the health of your hair.

3. Wear with care

Just like delicate washing, smooth wearing is also necessary. For instance, lace front wigs are very delicate, so you should wear them carefully without exerting any extra pressure. Avoid pulling or tugging the wig, as you can not feel the exact force you are using.

4. Wig rotation

It would be great to have more than one wig to use these in rotation. In this way, there would be no need to wash the hair more frequently, and you can try as many hairstyles as you like.

5. Be careful while blow dry

It has been noticed that users who overuse hair dryers complain about hair shedding and knots at the end. Be careful at the start; the hair dryer is unsuitable for the wig's appearance and health.

What do customers have to say about Nadula's hair long life?

Nadula customers are very satisfied with the lifetime of our wigs. As Nadula's products are chemical-free, which gives them an extra life span. The average lifetime of Nadula wigs described by its users is three years which can be exceeded by extra care and attention.


The life expectancy of the wig depends on many variables that are less on the company's behalf and more on the user's behalf. Nadula does its best to make its products long-lasting. Rest depends on the user and how carefully she uses the wig. There are a few precautions, like using low-heat products, avoiding frequent washing, wearing and keeping with care to avoid any knots in the wigs, and much more. Little care will make your hair serve you for a more extended period of time.