A question: what does a 14 inch wig look like? When new wig users trying to shop a wig from the internet, they will found that all the wigs are marked in length in inches and different prices with different lengths. The longer, the more expensive in general. The 8 inches ~ 30 inch length wigs can be found on the market and they do not need to be customized. So, 14 inch wig is a common length that you can get it easily.

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What Does A 14 Inch Wig Look Like?

As we know, 1 inch is roughly equivalent to 2.54cm, so 14 inch wig length is about 35 centimeters, belongs to a short wig or long bob wig. Under normal circumstances, it will up to the shoulder after it was put on. No matter what texture it is, 14 inch curly wig, 14 inch straight hair wig, or others, it will be a good choice if you want to get a short wig hairstyle.

wig length

12 Inch vs 14 Inch Wig

Some customers want to know buy 12 inch wig. What is the difference between them? 12 inch wig about 30 centimeters. 12 inch hair wig will be shorter than 14 inch wig, but it still can be close to your shoulder. In another word, this length touches your shoulders or reaches the top part of your back. 12 and 14 inch are two kinds of common length that belong to a medium-length style. They are the perfect choice for any girl who loves the shoulder-length haircut.

12 inch wig vs 14 inch wig

How To Measure A Wig?

Measure the wig length correctly will help you choose a proper length wig soon. Now, we will introduce how to measure wig length in the right way. First of all, you need to prepare a wig head and a wig. But for somebody, they do not have a wig head. You can just simply place the unit on a flat table to measure the hair length. Here is a related post about How to measure head for a wig?

1: Put the wig on the wig head or lay it flat on the table. If it is a wig with straight hair, just mesure it directly from top to bottom. But for curly or wavy wigs, straighten the hair gently as much as possible.

2: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the longest hair strand on the unit from top to bottom. Make sure you measure it from the crown of the hair till the end of the hair strand.

3: Note down this measurement. If you have a wig that does not have an asymmetrical cut, you can follow the steps above to measure the hair length of different sections on the unit. This will give you an accurate idea of how long the hair is in each section.

What Is A Good Length For A Wig?

For this question, A survey study was done by Nadula hair company. And according to the data of hot-selling wigs, we have known that what length is of wigs do women most commonly buy. Just see it below:

12-14 inch wig:  It is the perfect length for a chic bob or a short, messy cut. Long bob hairstyle is always the main part in our daily life. It's long enough to fall around your ears and look natural, but short enough to be easily washed and worn on the go. This is especially good for women who lead an active lifestyle.

18-20 inch wigThis length belongs to mid-length.If you're interested in a more mid-length style, then 18 inches is a convenient length, as it falls halfway down your back yet is still manageable. It can be easily pulled into a ponytail for a daytime look or left down for an elegant nighttime vibe.

24-26 inch wig: This is the longest length that many standard wigs come in (although you can always find them longer). Long wigs that cascade far down the backs will look elegant than other lengths. This will often reach down to your waist, or even past it, and is a sharp statement.

how to measure a wig length

How Do I Know What Inch Wig I Need?

This answer is according to a variety of reasons, the texture, the color, even the weather, your personal preference, and so on. But as you have read the post, I think you are willing to choose a short wig. As14 inch bob wig is suitable for all seasons and all hairstyles, we advise you to keep reading for further about 14 inch bob wig.

1. 14 Inch Water Wave Wig

14 inch water wave wig is welcomed by most customers in Nadula and other suppliers. The water wave styles have more big curls than deep curly and are easy to maintain, after you moistured your 14 inch water wave wig, you will look so fresh and cool in the morning.

14 inch water wave wig

2. 14 Inch Deep Curly Wig

It is similar to 14 inch jerry curl wig. As we know, curly is always fashionable among young girls in any country. Especially for the African Americans, because this texture looks like their natural hair, so it will be easily blended with natural hair. Click the picture to check the deep curly wig from Nadula. It has a big discount price every month.

14 inch deep curly wig

3. 14 Inch Body Wave Wig

Body wave wig 14 inch shows s” which looks like our body shape. A short body wave hairstyle is one of the most fashionable styles at any time. It is suitable for all ages from a young girl to old one. Why not try it at once?

fall color body wave wig

4. 14 Inch Straight Hair Wig

Straight short cut bob has become a lot of versions, middle part, side part, bevel cuts like left high right low or right high low, No matter which style, which color, straight short bob will lead the short hair trend at any seasons forever. Just click the picture to learn more about Nadula 14 inch blonde bob wig with a front lace base.

14 inch blonde bob wig