“What does a yellow wig look like? Am I suitable for a yellow wig?” Do you also have many questions about yellow wigs? In the following content, we will comprehensively introduce yellow wigs and recommend some fashionable hairstyles to you.

yellow wig

1.What’s A Yellow Wig?

Yellow is a hue between green and orange and is a secondary color composed of red and green of equal intensity. A survey shows that yellow is a color that people usually associate with entertainment, humor, happiness, and freedom. Many women choose yellow wigs because they can make people feel energetic and happy. It's brighter than orange wigs and warmer than blonde hair, making it a unique wig color.

yellow bob wig

2.Who Wears A Yellow Wig?

Many girls have begun to try bright and bold wig colors, and the hairstyles appearing on the pedestrian streets vary from type to color. Yellow wigs are also very common among celebrities, and they are also helping to promote the fashion trend of yellow wigs.

Yellow Blonde Bob Wig

Cardi B has worn bright yellow wigs and also shown us pinky yellow & green wigs. As for how to call this wig color, it all depends on you. This is a gentle tennis color wig, and it is also the first time that Cardi B has worn a wig of this color.

To welcome the new year, Kylie Jenner chose to wear a bright yellow wig with a charming dress and a bag of the same color for a public appearance.

The picture of the yellow wig that Nicki Minaj posted on Twitter made countless girls excited. When paired with warm-colored clothes and accessories, the whole picture looks very harmonious and warm.

Hayley Williams boldly tried a unique combination of warm yellow and blue-green hair color during Paramore's self-titled album tour, showing an unexpected stage effect.

3.Should I Do A Yellow Wig or A Blonde Wig?

Before deciding whether to use a blonde wig or a yellow wig, you first need to think about what occasion your wig will be used for. Stage performance? Rave party? Cosplay party?

yellow vs blonde hair

If the stage performance you are about to bring and the party you are attending is very exciting, then no bright color is too bright, so a bright yellow wig with highlights will make you stand out and shine.

If you want to play a character seriously, then you need to pay extra attention to whether his hair color is more focused on blonde or yellow and try to avoid unnatural yellow wigs.

If you only use it for daily wear, then you need to choose according to your preference and skin color. Dark-toned yellow wigs and cool-toned blonde wigs are suitable for any skin tone.

4.What Yellow Wigs Are Worth Trying?

Although yellow wigs sound very simple, after highlighting, balayaging, and other techniques, you will be faced with a lot of options. Below we will recommend a few yellow wig hairstyles worth trying.

1.Black and Yellow Wig

Black and Yellow Wig

Black softens the strong visual impact of yellow to a great extent. Even dark-skinned women will love this black and yellow wig.

2.Yellow Curly Wig

Yellow Curly Wig

The combination of yellow and jerry curls will make you look cute and energetic. The yellow jerry curly wig is one of the holiday hairstyles that many girls will choose.

3.Yellow Blonde Bob Wig

Yellow Blonde Bob hair

The combination of egg yellow and 613 blonde color makes the entire wig look gentle and comfortable. You can also choose a blunt cut or a fluffy cut bob, which will definitely become a popular hairstyle in summer.

4.Blue and Yellow Wig

Blue and Yellow hair

If you are a senior fan of Disney princesses, then you will definitely not refuse this blue and yellow wig. The gradient color makes you feel like you are in the ocean and swimming with the mermaid princess.

5.Green and Yellow Wig

Green and Yellow Wig

Because yellow is a color between green and red, it won’t look out of place even if they are combined together. Green and yellow wigs are very suitable for spring and summer and can make you stand out.

6.Red and Yellow Wig

Red and Yellow Wig

The collision of red and yellow must be the boldest, and the yellow appearing in the middle of the wig will make you sparkle in the sun.

7.Crdi B Yellow Wig

Crdi B Yellow Wig

Cardi B once tried long straight and finger-wave yellow wigs. Each look set off a wave of fashionable yellow wigs. If you also want to achieve a cool look, then Cardi B has set the example for you.

8.Yellow Mullet Wig

Yellow Mullet hair

The mullet hairstyle never goes out of style at any age! Yellow mullet wig is suitable for any woman and man, you can enjoy the fluffy and free feeling.

9.Yellow Pigtail Wig

Yellow Pigtail hairstyle

Pigtail and yellow concentrate all the playful and energetic elements, which is also one of the most popular wig styles for young girls.