Have you ever heard of the deva cut hairstyle before? If not, now is a good time to consider them. Most people with curly or wavy hair dread going to the salon to get a new haircut, and at the same time, they cannot cope with the many inconveniences that come with curly and wavy hair on their own. However, the deva cut will suit any woman with curly hair, you don't have to look for deva cut near me, read on to learn about this exquisite hairstyle.

deva cut

What is a deva cut?

The deva hair-cutting technique is a revolutionary method of styling curly hair, while most traditional hair-cutting techniques were created for straight hair. The advantage of the deva cut is that it can be tailored to your unique curving pattern. This curl-specific haircut requires special training to learn the technique.

What is a deva cut?

What makes this style special is that it is done on dry hair so that the stylist can clearly see how each lock of hair will fall down after the cut. Since hair grows longer and heavier when wet, the picture is not clear, which is a disaster for frizzy hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, you need a deva cut!

How much does deva cut cost?

How much does deva cut cost?

In the previous section, you learned what a deva cut is, and I'm sure you'll be curious about the price. In fact, deva cuts at most hairdressers cost between $60- $150. The final price will depend on the length of the hair, the style, and the expertise of your stylist. When you first undergo a deva cut, your stylist will likely introduce their methods and ask about the look you want. Between introduction, tailoring, and drying time, your deva cut should take about 50 to 75 minutes. Now that you're 100 percent familiar with the whole concept of the Deva cut, let's take a look at the best hairstyles for curls.

Deva cut with bangs

Cost-effective deva cut for 2023

1. Deva cut with bangs

Do you like the bangs hairstyle? When you make a deva cut, ask your stylist to cut the curls close to your face a little shorter, and then you can change your style every day, from bangs to bangs without, as long as you sweep your hair as you like. Bangs will help you create a range of new hairstyles you've been wanting to try. In addition, the deva cut with bangs can help correct the shape of your face and balance its lower and upper parts if needed.

2. Shoulder-length deva cut

Do you find long curly hair difficult to manage? Transforming long hair into stylish shoulder-length hair can give you a new, fresh look. Your curls will get livelier and look healthier, this hairstyle will add some volume to your hair and your hair will flatter your face perfectly. The shoulder-length deva cut will look best on a heart face shape.

3. Tapered short deva cut

Do you still think short hair is boring and there's no room for hairstyle experimentation? Of course, the answer is no. With a tapered short deva cut, you will change your mind and see the advantages it offers. This hairstyle looks very sexy and stylish, it is suitable for girls and women of any age, and you can do many different hairstyles with the long hair above. You can color the entire head or just the top hair for some fresh variation. If you want to achieve a more scruffy look, do collarbones, side cuts, or geometric patterns. The tapered short deva cut same as the pixie cut on straight hair, unlike it, the tapered short deva cut is on curly hair.

4. Deva cut and pintura highlights

Once you've got a perfect layered curl cut, why not enhance it by tinting it? The pintura highlight technique is designed to visually add dimension to the texture of curly hair. Your stylist will highlight curls with the best natural grasp light, and you can ask for low light to add some depth to your hair color. If you want to share your personality, the deva cut and pintura highlights will be your preference. You can do it with different colors for highlights.

5. Rounded deva cut

If you really like volume, ask your stylist to make the curls rounder around the edges. This will create a balanced, volumetric look. The rounded deva cut is best for people who have thin hair.


Deva сut hairstyle will completely help you get a beautiful, novel hairstyle and will make your curls look more gorgeous than before! Deva cut works best on fresh, dry curls, so wash, comb, and shape your hair before you are ready for this hairstyle and avoid any products containing sulfates, silicones, or heavy oils.