The cost cost of hair extensions is typically in the range of $85-$2800+. The reason why there is such a wide range in the middle is because there are many types of hair extensions. There are tape-in, fusion/keratin, weave extensions, microchain/bead extensions, clip-in extensions, etc. They cost $700-$2,800 if you want to keep them in place for a longer period of time (more than a year), and $85-$600 if you're just using them for a short period of time or for styling.

If you are new to hair extensions and don't know much about them, we suggest you choose tape-in hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions, which cost $200-$500, more expensive than these are braided hair extensions, which cost $450-$800, and microchain/bead extensions, which cost $800-$1200. ...... Of course this is only a one time cost, and different types of extensions last for different amounts of time. Of course, if you want to keep your hair extensions looking good all the time, you have to maintain them on a regular basis, and maintenance costs money.

How much are hair extensions

How much are hair extensions professional

Professional hair extensions here generally refer to wigs that need to be made in a salon, and hair extensions that cannot be completed by oneself. Hair extensions such as adhesive, clip-in extensions and stitch-bonded hair extensions all fall into this category. Stitch-bonded hair extensions can also be called "permanent hair extensions" because they are the most durable type of hair extensions.

How much are Bonded (glued) /clip-in hair extensions

Bonded (tack-on) and clip-in extensions, since the extensions come in strand-by-strand extensions, cost about the same range, usually costing another $100-$300 to the salon based on the density of your extensions. Of course, this is if you have purchased hair extensions yourself and gone to a salon to have a professional hair extension technician install them for you. The biggest difference between these two types of hair extensions is that bonded (adhesive) hair extensions last no more than one to two weeks, and clip-in extensions last the shortest and are usually worn all day and removed while sleeping.

How much are weft/tied hair extensions

Stitch-bonded hair extensions are the most durable. This method of hair extensions also comes in two varieties. Some people choose to put their hair up, then wear a protective hair cap, use hair curtains or hair products, and bond and braid them to the hair cap. If maintained properly, it can usually last for about 3 months.

How much are permanent hair extensions

Another method is to braid your own hair according to the direction of the hairstyle, and then sew the twist-style hair extensions to your own braids with a curved or straight blunt needle and thread. Because it is sutured directly to your own original hair, this method is more durable and can usually last for more than 3 months, so many people call it "permanent hair extensions." 

permanent hair extensions

How much are beaded weft hair extensions

These two methods are basically a hair extension for the entire scalp, so the cost is slightly more expensive. If you purchase the hair extensions yourself and then go to a hairstylist's store, you will usually have to pay another $200-600. Of course, if you want to add some micro chains/beads to your braided hair extensions, it will cost about $100-200 more.

how much are human hair extensions

As mentioned above, the cost of hair extensions in the salon is of course mentioned after purchasing the wig hair extension products yourself and then going to the salon. Many people choose to do this because they have more products to choose from instead of just the ones recommended by hairstylists.

This involves the products you want to buy. There are many places to buy hair extensions. You can use Google Maps to search for specialty stores near you, or go to Walmart, where they can also be purchased. Of course, you can also choose to buy online, such as Amazon, or some websites that specialize in buying wigs. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you choose to buy it, but you should pay special attention to the material of the product. If you have enough budget, it is recommended to buy human hair material, which can be permed and dyed twice and has a longer lifespan.

how much are human hair extensions

Generally speaking, human hair extensions cost between $35-$300, depending on the length and density of the product you purchase. Generally, the longer the length, the greater the density, and the higher the price.


To summarize, the cost of hair extensions will depend specifically on the type/texture of extensions you get, the length of your hair, and the quality of the extensions. If you choose to buy hair extensions yourself first and then go to the salon, you will need to pay the salon about $100-600; if you go directly to the salon to make a wig, you will need to pay about $450-1,500. For permanent hair extensions, you’ll pay between $700 and $2,800.